Human Connection
Ayurah Wellness at Aleenta Resorts

In the age of social distancing, we are expediently encouraged by cutting edge technology to substitute real human connection with digital ones.  Thanks to technology, we are able to cope with the recent lockdown that effort us to be less alone when we cannot travel to see loved ones.  But this is not a sustainable solution.  Human are social creatures and we are miserable when alone, no matter how many FaceTime we use throughout the day.

Social and human connection improves not just our psychological well being but also our physical health. Research shows that lack of social connection is a greater detriment to our health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. On the other side, strong human connection leads to a 50% longevity, strengthen our immune system, and promotes our body’s resistance to inflammation which then allows us to recover from disease faster. People who feel more connected to others are less prone to anxiety and depression, have higher self esteem, more empathic to others, more cooperative and trusting and, as a consequence are more liked and generates a positive feedback loop of social, emotional and physical well being. Unfortunately the opposite is also true, where antisocial behaviour leads to declines in physical and psychological health and further isolation.

Recognising the importance of Human Connection, Aleenta provides a perfect backdrop for you to get together with your loved ones with ample rooms for everyone to have their own privacy. With our large suites and villas, you would hardly notice the other guests in house as everyone also have their own private pools and options for room service and private dinners can be arranged at will.

At Aleenta, you are amongst like-minded individual who cares about well-being and celebrates rewarding lifestyle.