Sleep, Rest & Recovery
Ayurah Wellness at Aleenta Resorts

Sleep, Rest is one of the most important aspects of healthy living. Sleep allows our body to cleanse itself of excess toxin, promote regeneration and growth. As we age, with sufficient rest and exercise, our growth hormones are continually created by our body to allow us to stay younger longer. 

Rest allows us to recover. A period of rest allows our body to grow stronger after exercise. Over exercising is counter productive. Your body needs a rest.

At Aleenta, we take sleep, rest and recovery seriously. Therefore, we practice sleep hygiene throughout the resort.  Our rooms are designed with optimal sleep in mind. Aleenta mattresses are exclusively made to the highest standard with hypoallergenic material and individually wrapped coils and natural fabric for ventilation. Our linens are of 400 count softest cotton with satin finish. The essential oil turn down scents promote rest and relaxation.  Breathing exercise is at your fingertip to calm yourself down for a good night rest.