Meet Bryan Hoare: Ayurah Wellness Practitioners Series

Meet Bryan Hoare: Ayurah Wellness Practitioners Series - Ayurah Spa & Wellness Centre Phuket

Mind & Body Coaching with Bryan Hoare

Bryan is a world-class coach and counsellor with nearly thirty years experience in health and wellness, helping individuals of all ages – from children to centenarians. He has helped thousands of people develop their potential, supporting recovery from cardiovascular disease, obesity, persistent pain, stress, and depression; as well as guiding people to reach peak athletic performance and develop mental focus – including Olympic and world champion athletes.

Private Sessions

Please connect with the spa and wellness team at [email protected] or +66 (0) 76 580 333 to book any of the following private sessions:

  • Fitness Coaching / Personal Training

Unique and inspirational training programs, with or without equipment. Helping you get fit, lose body-fat and build your potential through physical activity and movement. You will learn important facts about exercise, healthy eating, the benefits of sleep, breathing well, and how to bring healthy habits into your busy life.

  • Learn to Swim / Advanced Ocean Swimming

We swim because we love the water! If you want to learn to swim, it is possible to learn in less than one-hour. This program will help you swim better, with more efficiency and greater confidence in the swimming pool, ocean and in other wild-swimming environments. This program is available for children and adults.

  • Recovery from Pain and Improving Functional Movement

Musculoskeletal pain does not have to be limiting factor in our lives and affect how we function. The focus of this program is to understand pain, why it exists, and how you can live a better life with less pain and improved physical movement capabilities.

    Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychology

Learn to accept the ‘unsatisfactoriness’ in life, to understand that life is isn’t always easy, and to live in the moment. The Buddha is known as the first person to practice psychotherapy – this program is suitable for people of all faiths. Helping you to release stress and live a more joyful life. Learn about the breath, and why it is so important to breathe with awareness.

  • Therapeutic Dialogue

Conversations that will help you get the most from your life and to delve into some areas where you might want to find a new perspective. This is not clinical counselling – but open dialogue can help you see things differently, find greater meaning, more gratitude and deeper satisfaction in your life.

6500 Baht++ for 60 minutes

Complimentary Classes

Join Bryan for two complimentary classes each week, meeting at the beach in front of the pool / restaurant. Come with bare feet and be prepared to get wet in the sea or pool. We will exercise on the beach, in and out of the sea. These programs will be safe for non-swimmers, we will not go beyond standing depth in the sea.

Every Wednesday 8:00am – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Stretch and Mobility – High intensity interval training to get stronger, burn calories and build aerobic fitness. Followed by stretch and mobility exercises to increase range-of-motion, flexibility and recover from a tough workout.

Every Tuesday 5:00pm – Mindful Movement, Meditation and Flow Training – Move with awareness, build balance, coordination, and support the ‘mind-body connection’ to release tension and stress


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