Celebrating the community,
culture and environment that make our resort special

From the moment we began building Aleenta, our guiding principles have been to respect the environment and to cultivate practices that have a positive impact on our planet as well as the communities who host our hotels and our guests.


We strive to lessen our carbon footprint by blending traditional practices with modern technologies so that we can provide memorable experiences that our guests can feel good about.

The following highlights illustrate our commitment to being a leader in sustainable, ethical and community focused hospitality.


  • We began removing single-use plastics in our guest rooms and dining outlets long before it was trendy!
    • we provide guests with bathroom amenities in refillable ceramic dispensers; avoiding more than a million plastic bottles along the way.
    • glass water bottles in the villas ensure less waste (more than a million plastic bottles avoided) and better water quality to keep our guests hydrated.
    • smoothies, juices & cocktails are sipped through gorgeous glass straws (paper on request).
    • the complimentary footwear provided in villas are made from cotton and are professionally washed; ensuring they are reused not refuse!


  • Guest amenities (soap, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and spa products) are 100% natural and made exclusively for Aleenta by a local supplier using locally sourced essential oils and with ZERO chemical perfumes, parabens or animal testing.
    • for guests who would like to take something home, the locally-made celadon containers used in the rooms, and the amenities themselves, are available for purchase in our refill boutique, Galleria. Guests who have their own bottle(s) can buy as much or as little as desired, from organic shampoo to body wash to mosquito repellant.


  • While reducing waste generation is our first priority, minimising what is sent to landfill, or incinerated, is equally important. We take great pride in our efforts to:
    • compost food and organic waste into nutrient rich fertiliser for our gardens.
    • sort plastics, paper and metals for recycling.
    • sort glass and wood for reuse and / or recycling.
    • donate aluminium cans to the Prostheses Foundation (Chiang Mai) which produces artificial limbs. They have given new life to over 20-thousand amputees … for free!


  • The resort’s low rise design was carefully planned to protect the local ecosystem and preserve the mountain views; all contours, soil, trees and natural water resources were kept either in their original form or utilised with minimal change.


  • We use responsibly sourced natural materials, such as engineered woods, that help us prevent deforestation, reduce waste generated (the engineered woods last about 5x longer than pure hardwoods), and improve interior air quality by avoiding products that off-gas dangerous VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) commonly found in synthetic materials and the finishing treatments often used on pure hardwoods.
  • To minimise the impact of water usage on our neighbouring communities:
    • every villa has its own water treatment system; utilising microorganisms and enzymes rather than harsh chemicals to treat the water.
    • floating aerators oxidate the water in storage ponds, promoting good bacterial growth.
    • we maintain healthy water gardens by using a variety of aquatic plants that absorb carbon dioxide and oxygenate the water; keeping it clear, with less algae, and allowing our fish to thrive.
    • treated water is analysed monthly by a professional laboratory to ensure quality and safety.
      • water released back into the environment meets or exceeds government standards
      • the government reviews waste water treatment as part of our annual license renewal
    • to conserve freshwater supplies:
      • grey-water is used for watering gardens and landscape
      • water remaining in drinking bottles is used for potted plants
      • we have moderate flow fixtures and are working towards either adapting them to be low flow or replacing them with low flow


  • To reduce our use of carbon based electricity we:
    • designed the buildings to maximise natural daylight usage.
    • coated all those glass windows and doors with Solar Guard film (St.Gorbain ©), thereby reducing 60% heat transmission, 99.9% of UV  and keeping the rooms cooler without the need to constantly use air-conditioning. 
    • utilise a water heating system that ensures guests can enjoy hot water while minimising heat loss and electricity usage by:
      • using copper pipes rather than steel or PVC
      • insulating all the water heaters
      • capturing heat from air conditioning systems to help heat the water
    • installed solar panels to power resort operations and have budgeted for additional solar panels to be installed within five-years.

Between the solar panels and the heat exchange system we have reduced consumption of fossil based electricity by about 25%.

  • We have embedded ourselves into the local community by:
    • hiring locals and giving them the opportunity to make their community proud
      • our Thai Boxing teacher is a local Muay Thai Chaiya Champion
      • several of our managers began in entry level positions and are now in executive roles
    • adopting Khao Pilai School
      • as smaller schools in Thailand do not receive an operating budget from the government, we ensure this school can operate; providing the children with a safe educational environment
      • we built a new playground and library
      • arrange outing days that allow students to gain new experiences and environmental awareness
    • organising regular beach cleanups throughout the year.
    • supporting local marine research and conservation via our charitable foundation, Pure Blue, which sponsors two turtle sanctuaries; Koh Kloi and Thai Mueang.


  • As a small, luxury hotel, we focus on ensuring our guests are provided with genuine and ethical opportunities to experiences the exceptional range of activities that surround us.
    • complimentary wellness programs such as yoga, tai chi and meditation blend local expertise with stunning mountain and ocean backdrops.
    • we offer guests a ‘taste’ of the local flavour with interactive learning experiences such as cooking classes, extracting aloe vera and folding pandan leaves.
    • our ‘Anti-Animal Exploitation Policy’ means we do not sell tickets, accept commissions or in anyway promote tours and shows that exploit animals (i.e. elephant rides, tiger or dolphin shows).
    • we do promote rewarding and immersive experiences such as releasing rescued or newly hatched sea turtles into the sea … it’s Turtle-ly worth it!


  • No holiday is complete without nourishing and delicious food!
    • we grow as much as we can on our organic farm (herbs and vegetables).
    • when we shop, our preference is organic and to buy locally in order to support local suppliers.
    • our menu showcases unique ingredients only available from our local area.
    • for guests who are vegan or simply trying to reduce their meat consumption, we have a diverse menu of healthy and ethical options that will calm the conscience and tantalise the tastebuds!


最好的减压按摩! 我做过的最好的减压按摩!去看了 K. Aor,希望她能帮助我缓解肩膀的慢性僵硬和酸痛……她知道该怎么做。她的深层组织按摩非常棒,在减少肌肉紧张方面发挥了如此大的作用。我的肩膀终于又放松了! K. Aor 非常专业且知识渊博——她甚至建议在家中进行一系列简单的伸展运动,以保持我的肩膀柔软。我迫不及待地想和 K. Aor 进行下一次按摩!下次,我会在入住的第一天安排我的按摩,这样我就可以在 Ayurah 水疗中心进行更多的按摩治疗!
完美的私人泳池别墅度假 如果您正在寻找私人泳池别墅度假,超豪华泳池别墅拥有 141 平方米的面积、一张沙发床和一个大型私人游泳池,是一个超值的选择。在我看来,它非常适合情侣长期住宿和浪漫之旅。度假村非常重视健康和水疗,从其广泛的按摩、瑜伽和普拉提计划到健康餐饮选择,这一点显而易见。我参加过瑜伽和全身按摩,我绝对建议您在这里时至少这样做一次。普吉岛 Aleenta 的单点早餐有很多健康的选择,包括桦木麦片、鲑鱼和鳄梨荷包蛋、藜麦和奇亚籽的超级碗,以及各种煎蛋和传统早餐选择。我认为早餐很丰盛,如果你还饿的话,你总是可以得到更多。如果您想欣赏海滩和海景,主泳池是您的最佳去处。如果您想降温,主泳池设有日光浴平台和阴凉区。在游泳池中,您还可以品尝饮料和鸡尾酒。您的假期将在您着陆后不久开始,因为度假村距离普吉岛机场仅 25 分钟路程。
完美的假期 很棒的位置。很棒的食物。他们确保我们每顿饭都吃到纯耆那教的食物。他们为我们提供了所有可能的多样性。我们住在海滨别墅。它们又大又漂亮。离主餐厅和公共游泳池和海滩不远。只是几段楼梯。厨师 Ake 确保他准备了正宗的泰国红咖喱和绿咖喱、炒饭、辣面和比萨饼、玉米片和意大利面。接待人员 - Nusri 和 Noo 也非常了解耆那教的食物,并且非常乐于助人。位置很棒,但热情好客让它更高了一个档次。特别提到餐厅工作人员。他们是如此甜蜜和乐于助人,总是面带微笑。每当我们在阳光下,即使没有问,他们也会给我们冷冰水。需要记住的一点:没有越野车。豪华泳池别墅完全位于海滩的另一边。它们是非常漂亮的房间,但离海滩很远。酒店离芭东很远,离芭东20分钟。这个地方没有夜生活。因此,请确保您只想度过一个轻松的海滩假期。提示:不要错过酒店海滩上的日落。在晴朗的日子里,这是不真实的。
幸福安宁 这是我们第五次回到这里,Aleenta 一如既往地给人留下深刻印象和惊喜。这一次,我们选择了马路对面的豪华别墅(704别墅),这是一个较新的开发项目,远离我们通常住的面向海滩的套房和泳池别墅。豪华别墅宽敞,简单但优雅,干净整洁,带有私人游泳池和许多周围的绿色植物,提供足够的隐私。很简单,舒适、美味的食物、放松的按摩、美丽而安静的金色沙滩、孤独、幸福和安宁,我们一直在寻找的食谱都在这里。服务一如既往的到位,没有什么是太多的,我们一直都知道,为客户付出额外的努力一直是 Aleenta 的代名词。感谢前台经理(请原谅我忽略了你的名字),他总是很开朗,随时为我们提供计划下一站旅行所需的所有信息和支持。同样在接近午夜的一个晚上,我们别墅的饮料用完了,一名工作人员再次打开酒吧并补充我们的酒精供应,即使他正式下班。非常感谢。显然,在我们进行按摩时,间歇性的 Wi-Fi 断开和水疗中心的供水突然中断会给我们带来一些小不便。但如果您是普吉岛的常客,我们现在应该知道,这些都是与整个岛屿相关的特殊特征。综上所述,我们相信用不了多久我们就会再次踏上Aleenta。
Wunderschöner 鲁赫波尔 Wir dürften zwei Wochen in dieser schönen Anlage verbringen: Hier dreht sich alles um das Thema Wasser。 Beinahe jedes Zimmer, Suite oder Villa verfügt über einen eigenen Pool - auch der Hauptpool ist wunderschön。 Wir wiren in den the sea view lofts über 2 Etagen untergebracht und - nachdem in der Regenzeit natürlich das Hotel nicht voll ist - hatten wir den riesigen, ich glaube über 30 m langen, Pool mit direktem Zugang für zwei Wochen nur für uns alleine Das Essen im Hotel Restaurant ist senseell auch das servierte Frühstück mit den à la carte Gerichten。 Alle Mitarbeiter waren sehr zuvorkommend freundlich und haben uns eine besondere Zeit beschert。 Wir hatten Riesenglück:在 zwei Wochen hatten wir eine Woche strahlenden Sonnenschein、zwei Tage Regenwetter und ansonsten war es einfach nur wolkig und das zur absoluten Regenzeit。 Ideal um ruhige Zeit zu verringen, bei Ausflügen sind ganz wenige Menschen, es ist nicht viel los und dennoch ist die Infrastruktur perfekt。 Der Strand ist menschenleer und wunderschön... ich glaube wir haben den perfekten Zeitpunkt gewählt ...PS: Wer die Gelegenheit nutzen möchte um sich einen perfekten Maßanzug nähen zu lassen der ist auch hier bestens beraten - die Empfehlung des Hotels war ein Volltreffer wundermdenschöne Blusen, perfekte und Anzüge zu einem sehr guten Preis
天堂的完美假期 完美一切。食物,位置和员工服务,我们爱上了这里的天堂,下次我们会回来,强烈推荐安静和放松的地方。我们感谢他们愿意为我们提供最好的服务!
远离城市的惊人之旅! 2022 年 7 月末和我的搭档来到这里,却没有意识到普吉岛的季风季节!对我们来说幸运的是,除了 1-2 晚外几乎没有下雨🙂我们在 Aleenta 的住宿非常棒 - 从司机到前台,到餐厅工作人员,再到酒店经理 Noo,服务都无可挑剔。机场接送轻而易举,车很大,他们甚至在车上提供了冷毛巾和冷水。入住很顺利,他们有一个应用程序,您可以使用它来请求冰桶和家政服务。该应用程序有点错误,但我很欣赏这个想法并且它很有用。房间很完美——小游泳池、休息区、大浴室和超柔软的床。房间有点过时,可能需要进行一些装修,但它仍然是一次很棒的住宿 - 我喜欢他们在我们进入房间之前为我们点燃柠檬草(?)蜡烛!早餐很棒,每个人都很友好 - 另外,试试他们的晚餐!食物很棒。总的来说,这是一次非常舒适的住宿,我们喜欢远离城市的喧嚣。需要注意的一点是,该地区缺乏小型超市和 7-11 等便利设施,只有一般的食物选择,您唯一能得到的食物来自度假村餐厅或该地区的 1 家咖啡馆。我们步行约 1 小时到最近的 7-11。如果您正在寻找购物、夜生活或探险,这可能不适合您,但如果您正在寻找一个度假胜地并与您的亲人共度美好时光,这将是一个完美的选择🙂 (PS:旅行结束后,我们认为最适合在普吉市/芭东住两晚,然后在这里休息和放松两晚。)
浪漫情侣度假的绝佳选择 这篇评论是关于入住豪华泳池别墅的。 1) 到达机场接送已预先安排,司机在普吉岛机场用我们的名片迎接我们。从机场到度假村大约需要30分钟。一旦我们到达度假村,我们就会受到工作人员的欢迎,并完成了无缝的登记入住过程。 2) 超豪华泳池别墅 别墅面积恰到好处,140 平方米,为情侣提供充足的空间,私人泳池也很大。棕榈树和郁郁葱葱的绿色植物无疑增添了热带风情的假期,我们可以轻松地在别墅度过大部分时间,享受室内用餐和品酒。此外,您实际上可以直接从卧室走进游泳池。如果您喜欢裸照日光浴,别墅还提供完全的隐私。 3) 早餐 大型连锁酒店的自助早餐选择范围可能更大,但我们发现 Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa 的单点早餐菜单有很多选择,您可以根据需要订购任意数量的菜肴。这是一种不同类型的体验,因此完全取决于您的喜好。对于这次旅行,我们的目标是享受更私密的住宿,并在我们的别墅享用了非常美味的浮动早餐。 4) 水疗和瑜伽 度假村有一个专门的水疗中心,我可以推荐芳香油的信息,它非常放松,可以与我们在泰国的其他顶级水疗体验相媲美。为了进行一些锻炼和灵活性锻炼,我们预订了同样棒的瑜伽课程。 5) 海滨区、主泳池和餐厅 度假村还设有主大泳池,您可以在此享用鸡尾酒并欣赏日落。餐厅毗邻主泳池,还可在海滩上安排浪漫的烛光晚餐。总而言之,我认为入住 Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa 非常值得,我认为它特别适合正在寻找提供私人泳池别墅的私人度假的情侣,我一定会再来度假。
雷安娜 C
雷安娜 C
在普吉岛 Aleenta 放松身心! 我们在 Aleenta 度过了美好的 6 天!服务无可挑剔,工作人员都很友好😉 我们得到了 Noo 的协助,他在我们逗留期间非常乐于助人和热情,并且耐心和详细地向我们解释了各种旅行! Aleenta 还提供往返各个景点的交通服务,非常舒适。 Wan 给了我们很好的建议,告诉我们在普吉岛夜市吃什么,做什么!餐厅和家政人员也非常愉快和乐于助人。强烈推荐这个度假胜地,享受轻松的假期!谢谢Aleenta!雷安和瓦伦西亚
2020年以来的第一次旅行! 在 Aleenta 度过了愉快的时光,别墅宽敞且设备齐全。工作人员很友好,乐于助人和热情。我们得到了很好的照顾,玩得很开心,非常享受我们在这里的 6 天!他们提供清洁且非常愉快的旅游和交通服务!这里的服务很棒,我们一定会回来的!强烈推荐! xx,瓦伦西亚和雷安妮