Aleenta 리트리트 치앙마이

Boutique Holistic Wellness Retreats & Spa in Chiang Mai

Aleenta 리트리트 치앙마이

Aleenta Retreat Chiang Mai is a new 5 Star Luxury Property by AKARYN Hotel Group.  It’s nestled under the foothill amongst shaded woods and just a stone throw from the city.  The Resort – Retreat offers spacious selection of suites and 1 and 2 bedroom pool villas and a spectacular 4 bedroom golden teak wood residence with period furnishing and private pool.  Highlights include an expansive open air restaurant enveloping the reflection pool and courtyard, upstairs tea room and piano bar, spa and wellness center, library and art gallery in reclaimed golden teak wood period structures.  Aleenta Retreat Chiang Mai features the Ayurah Wellness which offers world class holistic wellness retreats, mindfulness meditation, and tailor made programs as well as wellness cuisine and vegetarian options. 


Aleenta is a founding member of the Pure Blue Foundation and has been single used plastic free since 2018.

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Aleenta Retreat

189 소이 반 마이 랑 모 18,
수텝, 무앙 치앙마이 지구,
치앙마이 50200

전화: +66 (0)52 090 333

이자형: [email protected]

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전화: +66 (0) 2-514-8124

이자형: 예약

Whatsapp: +66 (0)62 245 2857
라인: @alenta.resorts


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