Phuket Wellness Retreats

Ayurah 健康静修会

Holistic Wellness Retreats
near Phuket, Phang Nga

Indulge your senses and experience Ayurah, where a philosophy of ″Sustainable Path to Happiness″ informs the treatments and services offered.

Guests are encouraged to adopt healthy cuisine that goes along with an active lifestyle; pampered with therapeutic spa programs that include not just body treatments but also comprehensive facial treatments that includes oxygen masks from world renown beauty product lines.

Complimentary wellness classes are available for all staying guests (view schedule).


Body programs are offered through personal trainer and tailor-made exercise programs while Minds are relaxed and balance through programs including meditation, yoga and tai-chi


在您的 Ayurah 健康静修期间,花时间呼吸、移动和调解哈达瑜伽,该瑜伽以其温和的姿势而闻名,并在您重新调整思想、身体和情绪时立即减轻您的整个生命的压力;连接你的内在自我和你周围的世界。在 Aleenta Phuket 度假体验的一部分是,旅程与您的个性产生共鸣。

抵达后,您坐下来进行个人咨询,探索您自己的需求,以及如何在 Ayurah 健康静修期间真正放松身心。  除了正在进行的鼓舞人心的静修计划外,我们还在泰国为个人和团体创建了量身定制的健康静修。


Resort Wellness Retreats



Mind Balance Wellness Retreat 是一个独特定制的整体 5、14 或 21 晚静修套餐,包括瑜伽冥想、疗愈水疗静修



5、14 或 21 晚排毒全面净化静修是一项独特的量身定制的治疗,从整体上解决肾上腺疲劳的症状和根本原因


Ayurah 全包式完全沉浸式瑜伽静修会

Aleenta 中的 5、14 或 21 晚全包 Ayurah 瑜伽静修会是一个独特定制的整体静修套餐,结合了运动


呼吸活力 - 呼吸恢复和免疫增强



呼吸活力 - 提升运动表现




Aleenta Phuket 与 Ayurah Wellness 合作推出另一项卓越的改变生活的计划,以减少您对重度药物依赖的方式来解决糖尿病前后的问题。


在 Ayurah 健康专家的悉心指导下,通过健康、自我探究和个人转变,学会无条件地爱自己。





Cannabidiol (CBD) - Pain Management &Stress Relief Retreat

Personalised packages are available for stays of 3, 5 or 7 nights. Care will be tailored to focus on pain management, stress relief and sleep enhancement.

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Special Retreat

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Ayurah Spa & Wellness Centre 是一个拥有焕发活力的水疗室、治疗后放松室和 Vichy 淋浴间的避世疗养中心,客人可以在此享受水平水疗按摩。期待尖端的抗衰老水疗疗法、抗衰老水疗护理以及包括氧气疗法在内的先进技术,不仅可以治愈时差,还可以让整个身体焕然一新。



Ayurah SPA 和健康中心华欣

放纵您的感官并体验 Ayurah,其中“可持续幸福之路”的理念为所提供的治疗和服务提供信息。


33 Moo 5, Khok Kloi,
Takua Thung, 攀牙
82140 泰国

电话:+66 (0) 76 580 339


Wellness & Spa Practitioners

Our resident Master Healer, Khun Lak, is an holistic doctor with an Alternative Medicine License and over 18 years of experience in the spa, wellness and hospitality sectors. She specialises in traditional Thai medicine and oriental healing massage therapies, holistic Tibetan and crystal sound healing, as well as the “four elements” and chakra balancing. She combines healthy eating and natural herbs with body work, including bone setting, Thai massage, acupressure and passive stretching. Her main focus is on the pathways of movement in the body, such as tendons, ligaments, nerves and circulatory vessels. Khun Lak provides holistic healing therapy during the retreats. At the start of each session, Khun Lak recommends an “Ayurah Wellness Assessment”, which allows her to prescribe the best treatments and activities for each guest’s specific requirements. This includes: Bioimpedance Analysis Blood Pressure Check up Blood Sugar Check up Skin Analysis Thai Element Analysis Chakra Analysis Contact: [email protected]
Kanchalika Meesuk
John Bennett is a former University Professor at Thammasat University in Sports Science and worked with Exeter University in the UK, where he used to lecture in Nutrition and Exercise. John now specializes in ‘The Science of Health & Wellness’, helping the average person lead a healthier lifestyle through a scientific approach to Nutrition + Exercise. Combined with his coaching qualifications and 40 years’ experience in the industry, John has coached complete Newbies to Elite athletes; and helped clients aged 16-80 to be more active, healthier and lose significant body fat. John was a professional cyclist in the 1980’s, now 58, he recently cycled 3417km solo around Phuket in 21 days raising 500,000 Bahts for poverty in Phuket, proving age doesn’t matter. The key to that success was correct Nutrition, using scientific techniques, which ‘take away the guess work’, and staying in his ‘Focus Bubble’, a psychological technique to stay on track for health, fitness and nutrition goals.
John Bennett
Bryan is a world-class coach and counselor with nearly thirty years experience in health and wellness, helping individuals of all ages - from children to centenarians. He has helped thousands of people develop their potential, supporting recovery from cardiovascular disease, obesity, persistent pain, stress, and depression; as well as guiding people to reach peak athletic performance and develop mental focus - including Olympic and world champion athletes.
Bryan Hoare
Master Wellness Coach & Therapist