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Роскошное место босиком


Aleenta Resorts & Spas are intimate, private and award-winning boutique resort hotels with suites, pool villas and lavish beachfront retreats united by their celebration of life’s finer things: wining and dining that exemplifies the essence of ‘Epicurean’, spa experiences informed by a philosophy of wellness that works, dream weddings delivered with great attention to detail. Aleenta Resorts & Spas are located on Thailand’s most beautiful and unspoiled ‘private beaches’, where chic contemporary design and unobtrusive yet intuitive service complement warm and friendly Thai hospitality.

In February 2023, Aleenta will be launching another new resort – Aleenta Retreat Chiang Mai, offering an intimate 44 rooms, swimming pool and lounge area, restaurant, spa and wellness centre and tailor-made holistic health and wellness programmes.

Пятизвездочные курорты, услуги и удобства

Роскошь и стиль являются синонимами курортов-бутик-отелей Aleenta. Таиланд — это страна тайн, страна улыбок и страна, полная культуры и истории, и, что наиболее важно, огромного количества кулинарных впечатлений, занятий и впечатлений, и, конечно же, моментов, которыми можно поделиться с любимым человеком!

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Bhubing Palace - Aleenta Retreat Chiang Mai

Bhubing Palace

In northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is steeped in history and rich in culture and traditions. The numerous temples, structures and buildings throughout the region are …

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California to Thailand: A Journey of Exploration and Adventure

If you’re a California traveller looking for your next adventure, Thailand should be at the top of your list. This beautiful country offers a rich …

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Wat Suan Dok in Chiang Mai - Aleenta Retreat Chiang Mai

Wat Suan Dok

A visitor to Chiang Mai is undoubtedly spoiled for choice of things to do and sights to see. The area is alive with culture and …

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Journey to Self-Discovery An 8 Day Yoga Retreat with Essence of Ashram - Yogi Aayush Sharma - Ayurah Spa & Wellness Centre

Journey to Self-Discovery: An 8 Day Yoga Retreat with Essence of Ashram

Welcome to Ayurah Wellness and the new Essence of Ashram Yoga Retreat, where you will discover the perfect balance of luxurious accommodations and wellness-focused activities …

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Harmonise Your Inner Being: Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation - Ayurah Spa & Wellness Centre - Aleenta Hua Hin

Harmonise Your Inner Being: Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation

Meditation has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its proven benefits for mental, emotional, and physical health. It is a powerful tool to …

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Ashram Yoga: A Journey of Self-Discovery - Ayurah Spa & Wellness Centre - Aleenta Hotels & Resorts

Ashram Yoga: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Ashram yoga is based on the traditional teachings of yoga practised in an ashram or spiritual community. The word “ashram” comes from Sanskrit and means …

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