Our Favourite Beaches in Phuket

Our Favourite Beaches in Phuket - Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa

The island of Phuket beams like a bride on the southern coast of Thailand. She is adored by the sun and embraced by the Andaman Sea. She is caressed by verdant mountains and dressed in tropical forest. Waterfalls sing sweetly, coral smiles, and limestone formations kiss the sky. Beaches abound, each an enchanting wonderland.

Welcome to a tour of the pristine pearls of Phuket.

Favourite Beaches

Our favourite beaches in Phuket, Phang Nga and local attractions near the beach.

Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao is located on the northwest coast. Her beach is the longest in Phuket. She is one of the lesser-known beaches. There may be times when you have her company all to yourself. Though a secret, she has many treasures to offer. Highlights of Mai Khao.

Sarasin Bridge

Location – Northern end of Phuket Island
Hours – Open Daily

This bridge was the first to link Phuket with the mainland of Phang Nga Province. It is a pedestrian bridge designed like a bridal veil. The crowning glory of the bridge is a white watchtower, accessed by a six-sided staircase. The walking path is marked by red squares, creating a bold design. The bridge offers glorious views of the sea, particularly when bathed in the vivid colours of sunset. Globe lights along its length lend romantic evening ambiance. Food stalls are present on the Phuket side of the bridge. On the Phang Nga side, there is a street market. Around the corner is Thanoon Seafood restaurant. It sits serenely on the beach, offering sweeping views of the bridge and sea. It offers delicious Thai cuisine and both indoor and outdoor seating.

Turtle Village Shops

Location – 889 Moo 3, Turtle Village, Mai Khao
Telephone – +66 (0) 76-314-898
Hours – 10am-9pm

Turtle Village is a two-story mall, offering an eclectic selection of gifts, clothing, and souvenirs. Among the stores are a grocery, ice cream shop, cafe, and restaurants. The shopping centre has an attractive layout, with whitewashed buildings surrounding a central terrace. Ornamental trees and an elephant statue grace the grounds. With 20 shops, a supermarket, and five restaurants, this mall has plenty to offer the avid shopper.

Wat Mai Khao

Location – Mai Khao Village
Hours – Open Daily

This magnificent temple compound includes a chapel, monastery hall, and monk dormitory. The grounds are gorgeously landscaped, and the temple is embraced by a lovely lake. The temple facade is gilded in gold and red, with ornate carvings around each window. The monastery hall houses an elaborate altar, surrounded by brilliant pillars. Vibrant paintings and statues adorn the walls. Votive candles in a prism case shine like jewels. Behind the wat is a shady park that is home to colourful birds. In honour of this sacred space, visitors should wear clothing covering their arms and legs.

Bang Tao Beach

Bangtao is the second longest beach on the west coast of Phuket. She has three sections, an upscale central area, a popular southern side, and a tranquil northern end. Bangtao has a host of exciting attractions, all with easy access.

Phuket International Horse Club

Location – Entrance to Laguna Phuket Resort on Lagoon Road
Telephone – 081-7970710 and 076-324199
Hours – 8am-6:30pm Daily

Enjoy the beach astride a sleek horse to the music of rhythmic waves and the kiss of a gentle breeze. This established equestrian centre offers riding lessons and tours. The riding school is run by professional instructors who match a horse to a student’s ability. Lessons are conducted in two-hour sessions in the morning and afternoon, totalling four hours per day. Here are the types of tours available:

1-Hour and 1.5-Hour Beach Rides – These are recommended for first-time riders and beginners. They are preceded by riding instruction and safety tips. The tour leads through forest, lagoons, and along the beach.

2-Hour Beach Rides – These are designed for skilled intermediate and advanced riders. The tour features the beauty of Laguna and Layan beaches.

Sunset Ride – This is a romantic tour along the beach at sunset.

Pony Rides for Children – Small and medium ponies are provided for children, along with attentive staff members. Walking and trotting rides are offered.

All riders are provided with safety helmets. An experienced rider must demonstrate the ability to control a horse before commencing a tour. Guests are requested to wear long pants and closed shoes.

Canal Village

Location – Within Laguna Phuket Resort Complex
Hours – Vary by store, usually 10am-10pm

Canal Village is a charming waterside mall with 40 retail outlets. Included in the complex are a bakery, mini-mart, boutiques, and jewellers. A silk factory outlet sells scarves, bags, ties, and shirts and offers tailoring services. A sports shop features brand-name shoes and accessories. There’s a store devoted entirely to sunglasses. You can also browse a gift and art gallery. An excellent medical centre spares the task of finding a physician. At the water’s edge, there is a delightful restaurant, Albatross Cafe & Pub.

Albatross Cafe

Location – Canal Village No. 49
Telephone – 66+ (0) 76 27 0958
Hours – 9:15am-11:45pm Daily

This quaint eatery on the canal offers indoor and outdoor seating. A varied menu includes pasta, noodles, seafood, and vegetarian options. Relish your meal while enjoying views of the lagoon. An evening meal is enhanced by lovely light reflected on the water. The atmosphere is quiet, relaxing, and enchanting. Staff is friendly and accommodating. Prices are very reasonable.

Cherng Thalay Shrine

Location – 345-347 Sri Soonthorn Road, Thalang District
Hours – 7am-5pm Daily

This temple complex was originally built by Chinese immigrants who came to the area to mine for tin. Seeking good luck and blessings, they established a shrine where they could gather to worship. The compound consists of five stunning buildings dressed in red and gold. Three of the structures are used for religious services, one is the monk’s dormitory, and one is a meditation hall. All contain large, colourful murals and paintings portraying Buddhist themes. Each evening, the complex is bathed in street lights, giving it ethereal beauty.

Karon Beach

Karon on the southern coast is quiet and peaceful. Her beach is the second largest in Phuket. She invites visitors with a pedestrian path running along her length. Her sand is white and powdery soft. Her water is calm and clear. Here are the highlights of sweet Karon Beach.

Kata Thai Cooking Class

Location – 5 Ket Kwan Road, Karon
Telephone – +66 (0)76-284510 and +66 (0) 81-7875895
Hours – 8:30am-7pm, Monday through Saturday; Closed Sunday.

Learn home-style Thai cooking in the friendly atmosphere of this school. Cooking Classes are taught in English, providing hands-on instruction in simple cooking techniques. Two classes are offered daily, at 11am and 4pm, lasting approximately 2-3 hours each. Dinner classes on Monday and Thursday include a local market tour. Each class features three dishes. Make your choice from a daily menu that is viewable online. Meals are prepared using fresh ingredients, free of food colours and preservatives. A Carving Class is also offered, teaching the art of Thai fruit and vegetable carving. You’ll leave this school prepared to impress with your cooking finesse.

Phuket Scuba Club

Location – 53 Moo 4, at the southern end of Karon Beach
Telephone – +66 (0) 76 501241

This exemplary dive centre is situated directly on Karon Beach. Diving sites are only five minutes from the base location. A wide variety of local dives, half-day trips, and full-day programmes are offered. Following are two diving highlights:

Karon Rock Dive – This is a tour of Karon Rock, located approximately 2 km from the beach. A configuration of boulders and rocks creates intriguing windows. Divers will be able to see colourful reefs and tropical fish, including stonefish, snappers, and fusiliers. Divers can also mingle with spadefish, a species of social fish. Maximum dive depth on this tour is 20 metres.

House Reef Dive – This is a trip to local granite and coral formations. Divers will be treated to seeing parrotfish, wrasse, dragonfish, and lionfish. Maximum depth on this tour is 9 metres.

A full complement of diving courses is also offered, including Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water, Master Scuba Diver, and Divemaster.

The centre offers after-dive entertainment as well, including upbeat music, free Internet, refreshing beverages, and superb cuisine.

Phuket Scuba Club is a member of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, known as “PADI.” This is the world’s leading scuba diver training organization. Instructors are fully trained and certified in specialized diving skills.

Karon Viewpoint

Location – Rob Ko Road, Karon
Hours – Open Daily

This lofty location gives panoramic views of the sparkling Andaman Sea and three Phuket beaches. Smiling upon the horizon are Kata Noi, Kata, and Karon. A large hilltop gazebo provides shaded seating. Several brick-lined pathways offer picturesque walking. Beverages and snacks are available. Parking spaces are plentiful. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the breath-taking vistas! Karon Viewpoint is one of the most photographed landmarks in Phuket.

Natai Beach
near Phuket

Crowning the northwest coast of Phuket is Natai Beach. She is a magical haven. Gazing upon her aqua sea bathes you in tranquillity. The curve of her beach creates an enchanting smile. Waves whisper, sparkle, and wink. Aleenta Phuket Resort is blessed to be caressed by this stretch of exquisite beach. From our resort, you can explore the following Phuket treasures.

Ao Phang Nga National Park

Location – By Car – Highway No. 4 south for 5 km, then turn left onto the road to Tha Dan
Telephone – +66 (0) 7-641-1136
Hours – 8am-4pm

This park is famed for its striking limestone formations. It encompasses 40 islands with picturesque cliffs, caves, and forests. Many tour operators offer sightseeing services. The Phang Nga Speed Boat + Canoe Tour is a day trip featuring the following highlights:

James Bond Island
Sea Kayaking
Sea Gypsy Village
Sea Cave Exploring

The tour begins at 8am, with pick-up at our resort. The speed boat departs from Royal Phuket Marina for Panak Island. There you will explore a magical sea cave and learn how limestone islands are formed. The cruise continues to Koh Hong, with a canoe exploration of its islands. You’ll see James Bond Island, the film location of “The Man With the Golden Gun” movie. Next is a stint through a labyrinth of mangrove. Then it’s time for a sumptuous lunch at Sea Gypsy Village, a floating town built on water stilts. The tour proceeds to Khai Nai for snorkelling, swimming, and sunbathing. Chairs and a beach umbrella are offered free. The cruise concludes at Royal Phuket Marina for transport back to our resort. The cost of the tour includes all transportation fees, on-board refreshments, lunch, guided kayaking, life vests, and snorkelling equipment. An English-speaking guide is your host.

Wat Tham Cave Temple

Location – Phetkasem Road, Lam Kaen, Phang Nga
Hours – 8am-4pm

Wat Tham is a limestone cave temple. Built within the mountainside, it comprises a series of four immense caves. Among the hanging stalactites are a reclining golden Buddha, small shrines, and domed mausoleums, known as chedis. Every artifact has captivating beauty. Light reflected from the statues yields a dramatic atmosphere.

Raman Waterfall National Forest

Location – Highway No. 4 toward Tambon Krasom
Telephone – (0) 7535 6134 and (0) 7635-6780
Hours – 9am-4:30pm

Eight tiers comprise this gushing cascade. The second, fifth, and sixth tiers flow into emerald basins, perfect for swimming. A 2 km trail leads through the forest, over bridges, and down terraced steps, enabling easy walking. The park is home to delightful birds, monkeys, deer, and squirrels. The forest features ferns, banana, and bamboo trees. Bathroom facilities are available. The falls flow copiously year-round. To access the park by car, take Highway No. 4 to Milestone No. 874. Then turn left onto a dirt road and drive for about 6 km to the entrance.

Phuket’s beaches line the coast like a lustrous string of pearls. The most exquisite among them is Natai. Aleenta Phuket Resort dwells like a queen upon this pristine beach. Welcome to Aleenta Phuket, where we treat our guests like royalty.


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