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Beautiful Weddings in Thailand - Aleenta Resorts - Aleenta Hua Hin Resort & Spa

There are many lovely locations for your destination wedding. One of the most breathtaking locations is Thailand with sweet tropical flowers, gracious hosts and delicious food. You can exchange your vows on a stunning beach, in a mountain retreat, a private villa, a botanical garden or a jungle lodge. Your choice is certain to provide you with your ideal wedding. You can have a blessing ceremony performed by monks incorporating a beautiful and ancient blessing or any wedding tradition you desire.

Thailand is filled with magnificent and inexpensive flowers. Imagine having your wedding surrounded by thousands of lush trees and or on a beach strewn with gorgeous petals. The delicious, fresh and vibrant food will delight your guests. Thai food is inspiring, colourful and zesty. If you prefer, there is an international chef at all of the best resorts serving western food. There is also a reason Thailand is referred to as the Land of Smiles.

You will find Thai people both thoughtful and gracious. You can have a Thai wedding planner to help with your wedding plans without spending a fortune. You will discover Thai wedding planners are far less expensive than those in your home country. You can have a low-cost wedding next to bamboo bungalows or an opulent affair at an extraordinary resort. Many of the resorts have won awards for the most spectacular weddings you can imagine.

You can light a sky lantern and watch as it floats away. The Buddhist belief is this will bring you luck by carrying all of your misfortunes into the skies. This is just one of many Thai customs you can incorporate into your wedding for a unique Asian flair. Your guests will enjoy a sensational holiday while you enjoy your honeymoon. Your guests can relax on the beach, snorkel, get a massage, taking Thai cooking lessons or go trekking through the jungle. While your guests are exploring Thailand, you will be making unforgettable memories of your romantic honeymoon.

Thailand The Perfect Location

The rainy season in Thailand is June through November, but it does not rain every day. Most of the time the rain stops within an hour or two. If you want to get married during this period of time, consider Koh Samui. This island is generally dry with most of the rain in November. You can plan an incredible indoor wedding at this time in Phuket, Phang Nga, Trang or Krabi for an amazing price. You can even enjoy a city wedding with a beach vacation in Bangkok.

There are exceptional private wedding venues in Bangkok including some of the best rooftop bars in the world. The official dry season in Thailand is from December through May. If you enjoy the heat, April is the hottest month of the year. With November being the exception, the west coast is not as dry as the east coast. Consider a month other than November is you want to say your vows in Koh Samui or any of the nearby islands.

The Legal Requirements for a Thai Wedding

Many countries permit marriage in Thailand. You should understand the requirements to make certain your wedding in Thailand is legal. The requirements for each country are different. Thailand’s requirements for foreigners marrying each other or a Thai citizen are the same. You will need to follow these steps:

Obtaining an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry: Foreign citizens can secure this document from their embassy or the Bangkok consulate. This legal document says you are legally able to marry according to the country. Foreigners must have their passport. Thai citizens must provide a National Identification Card and House Registration Document to the consulate.

Translating the document for Affirmation of Freedom to Marry: Once you have obtained the document from the embassy in your country, it will probably be in your native language. You must have this document translated into Thai. You can use one of the Thai services.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Thai government must legalise your translated Affirmation document. You will need to take your document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Your Marriage Registration with the Amphur: This is the official office for marriage registration. This is what ensures your marriage is legally binding. Once your documents have been submitted to the Amphur, you will receive a Thai marriage certificate. You can hire a translator so the document is translated into the native language of your country.

Certifying Your Marriage: After your marriage has been registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will need to return so your translated document can be filed. This is an official record of your marriage.

Reporting Your Marriage: Your marriage must be reported to your home country. Foreigners take the documents to their embassy. Thai residents take their documents to the consulate. This is the last step for finalising your marriage in Thailand.

United States Citizens Getting Married in Thailand

When two American citizens are marrying each other, a citizen from a different country or a Thai citizen, specific steps must be followed. Marriages of United States citizens in Thailand are usually recognised by the United States government. United States embassy personnel are unable to perform marriages. The following steps must be taken.

Visiting the United States Embassy located in Bangkok: A notarised marriage certificate must be obtained through the American Citizen Services unit. You need to schedule an appointment and pay the fee for a notarised document.

The Professional Translation Service: Your affidavit needs to be translated into the Thai language through a translation service.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: You marriage document must be legalised by the Bangkok Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You will be charged a small fee.

The Amphur: All foreigners marrying in Thailand must have their marriage registered with the Amphur. This is where you need to bring your translated documents so your marriage can be registered. You will then receive your marriage certificate. You may be required to show documents proving your identity such as a passport. You also need to show documents proving any prior marriages were terminated legally. Your marriage certificate will be in Thai. You will need to have it translated into your native language by a translation service.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: You will need to present your translated marriage certificate to the Bangkok Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Your marriage will be certified as legal in Thailand by the Ministry officials. You will not be able to do this through the embassy. You can find out the specific requirements for your registration at your home state’s Attorney General. A copy of your registered marriage certificate may be required for your marriage to be validated within the United States.

United Kingdom Citizens Getting Married in Thailand

The United Kingdom will recognise your marriage in Thailand if you follow the requirements and rules of both the United Kingdom and Thai governments. A Thai religious ceremony is not legally binding. The British Embassy does not have the legal authorisation to perform a marriage ceremony. You marriage will not be recognised as legal by the British government unless it has been legally recognised by the Thai government. To complete your marriage process, you need to adhere to the following steps.

The Affirmation of Freedom to Marry: You will need an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry. You can obtain this at the British Embassy located in Thailand. You will need to present your passport and documentation proving any previous marriages have been terminated. You must show the original documents because any copies are not acceptable. You can download your affirmation document from the internet. You will need to complete this document before you arrive. A small fee will be charged.

The Translation Service: Your Affirmation must be translated into Thai at a private translation service. The embassy does not offer this service. You will find numerous translators in Bangkok.

Authenticating Your Affirmation: You will need to have your Affirmation authenticated. Once your document has been translated into Thai, you need to visit the office of the British Consulate to receive an official signature and certification. Your document will not be accepted by the Thai registrars unless you follow the correct steps for authentication.

The Amphur: You need to take your authenticated and translated document to the Amphur. This is the Thai registrar. Your marriage will be officially registered by the Amphur. Your will then receive your marriage certificate in Thai. You may need to have this document translated. Only use a translation bureau offering a sworn translation. If you intend to use your marriage certificate within the UK, this is required.

The Consular Section: You need to visit the Consular Section to present your translated marriage certificate. This is where the government of the United Kingdom will record your marriage certificate. This is not a legal requirement. It is important for statistical purposes. You will be unable to obtain a copy of your marriage certificate in the future if you do not visit the Consular Section.

Marriage to a Foreign National: Marrying a foreign national will not automatically provide you with citizenship to the United Kingdom. In order to move to the United Kingdom, legal requirements including a visa must be met. You need to start early when requesting your relocation visa because the process can require as long as three months to reach completion.

Australian Citizens Getting Married in Thailand

If you want your marriage to be legal in Australia, you must follow specific steps. The Australian Embassy will help you understand the process necessary for your marriage in Thailand. The embassy will not be able to help you plan your marriage in any way. In order to make certain your marriage is legally binding in Australia and Thailand, you must follow all of the steps required. The Australian government has recognised foreign marriages for its citizens since 1995. You will need to take the following steps.

The Australian Embassy: You need to visit the Bangkok Australian Embassy for the Pro-forma Statutory Declaration. You can complete this form at the consular office in Chiang Mai or the Phuket office for the Australian Consulate-General. Once you complete the form, you will need to pay a fee. A Single Status Certificate is not acceptable. If you have been married in the past, you will need proof your marriages have officially ended such as a death certificate or divorce documentation.

Some of the Thai registration offices will require your passport to be certified at the Embassy. You will need to pay the fee. You should determine which registration office you will be using to see if this is required. If certification is necessary, you can have your passport certified when you are completing your Statutory Declaration.

Translating Your Statutory Declaration Document: This document must be translated into Thai using a private translator service. This step may require between one and two business days so it is best to plan ahead.

The Thai Department of Consular Affairs: Once your document has been translated, you will need to visit the Thai Department of Consular Affairs for authentication. You will need to pay a fee to the Thai government. You will need to allow another two or three business days for this process. This service is available in numerous cities including Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

The Amphur: After receiving your document authentication, you need to go to an Amphur or a District Office so your marriage can be registered. This step will ensure your marriage is legally binding in Thailand. The Amphur will provide you with your marriage certificate. Translation services are not offered by the Amphur so you will need to have a translator with your for the process to be completed. You may need to make an appointment with the Amphur.

Relocating to Australia: If you intend to move to Australia after your marriage, a visa will be required for your spouse. You can visit the Consular Services Section for assistance. Several weeks may be necessary for the completion of your visa. Make certain you plan ahead.

Thailand Wedding Destinations

Two amazing Thailand wedding destinations.

The Intimate Aleenta Phuket Wedding

Aleenta Phuket Resort and Spa offers the ideal venue for special occasions and intimate weddings with your closest friends and family. This is one of the most gorgeous beaches in the country. The wedding planner helps ensure you have your dream wedding by making arrangements for your ceremony, wedding dress, flowers, photographers, music and makeup artists. Your wedding is customized for your specific desires. If you want a wedding in paradise, come to Phuket, Thailand.

The wedding coordinators are knowledgeable and friendly. Their main focus is providing you with the perfect wedding. Aleenta Phuket is just 25 minutes from the airport and one of the easiest resorts to reach once you have landed. This is a five-star resort with a private and beautiful setting. All of the suites, beachfront residences and pool villas have been beautifully designed. The staff will be delighted to arrange wonderful activities such as windsurfing, diving, biking, tai chi, yoga and golf.

This is the perfect location for romance. Enjoy a candlelit dinner on the beach, a delectable breakfast or simply relax in your luxurious suite. The resort villas are a personal and intimate location for your wedding. You can be at Natai Beach with just a few steps. You can have an intimate villa wedding with two guests or invite 200 friends and family members. You can say your vows beneath a glorious sunset as the soft breezes caress your face.

Weddings in Phang Nga Phuket - Aleenta Phuket Resort

If you choose an intimate ceremony for two, this will include:

  • A Western-style wedding with flowers, a sound system and white chairs
  • Personal wedding planner
  • A master of ceremony
  • A bouquet for the bride and corsage for the groom
  • A romantic dinner for the bride and groom including a bottle of sparkling wine
  • A honeymoon set up right in your room
  • Breakfast in your room the next morning

You can also choose a Western wedding package for a maximum of forty people. This includes:

  • Your ceremony venue with a flower arch and decorated altar
  • A welcome drink upon your arrival
  • A master of ceremony
  • Professional makeup and hair styling for the bride
  • A professional photographer for four hours
  • A flower stand or case along the aisle
  • A bouquet for the bride and a corsage for the groom
  • Four buttonholes or corsages for your VIP guests
  • Two baskets filled with fresh flower petals
  • All your guests receive fresh floral petal cones
  • A one hour massage for both the bride and groom
  • A two-tier wedding cake

The Love of Siam wedding package is for a maximum of thirty guests. This includes:

  • Five Thai Buddhist monks conduct the prayers and blessing ceremony
  • Your venue is decorated in green and white flowers
  • Khan-Mak drum procession
  • Thai neck garland for the bride and groom
  • Four buttonholes or corsages for VIP guests
  • Thai water blessing ceremony
  • Professional makeup and hair styling for the bride
  • One-hour massage for both the bride and groom
  • Professional photographer for four hours.

View additional wedding info:

A Beach Wedding at Aleenta Hua Hin

Hua Hin Beach Resort & Spa is ideal for a beach wedding in Thailand. Your personal wedding planner will handle all of the details to ensure you have the wedding of your dreams. There are customised wedding packages for an intimate wedding for two, small gatherings and parties for large crowds. A private villa wedding is intimate with breathtaking views of the sea. a private terrace for entertaining and dining, sun and sala loungers and a large lawn.

You may be surprised how much you receive for your money at Aleenta Hua Hin Pranburi. Your ceremony, florists, dinner reception, hairstylists, photographers and everything else you ever dreamed of is less expensive in Thailand with exceptional quality. The resort is upscale, on the beach, offers incredible facilities and the scenery is spectacular. You can exchange your vows beneath a white gazebo as the soft breeze from the sea caresses you.

You will find the staff knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated. This is your chance for an ideal wedding while providing your guests with a fantastic vacation. You can spend time kitesurfing, experiencing a culinary journey, biking or practising yoga. Choose your ideal setting from private beachfront villas, pool villas and unique suites for ultimate romance. The Ayurah spa is open to the breezes of the sea so you can look absolutely beautiful when you exchange your vows.

Choose from spa treatments including an aromatherapy massage, in-room bath, manicure and pedicure. Spend time together in your suite, have a delicious breakfast and revel in the exceptional hospitality and service. You can choose your perfect wedding package.

Weddings in Pranburi Hua Hin - Aleenta Hua Hin Resort

The intimate Western package is for six guests. This includes:

  • Master of ceremony
  • Altar with linen
  • Makeup and hairstyling for the bride
  • A bouquet for the bride and corsage for the groom
  • Dinner on the beach with a Thai table

The Western wedding package is for a maximum of fifty guests. This includes:

  • Ceremony altar with linen and flowers
  • Master of ceremony
  • A groom corsage and bridal bouquet of local Thai flowers
  • Makeup and hair styling for the bride
  • Reception with candles, flowers and lights
  • Sound system with two speakers for your ceremony and reception
  • Thai buffet dinner for a maximum of fifty guests on the beach
  • Post-ceremony juice and soft drinks for three hours
  • Photographer for two hours

You can also select a package for thirty guests. This includes:

  • Thai wedding ceremony with flowers in a private villa
  • Buddhist master of ceremonies
  • Flower and backdrop setup
  • Long Khan Mak drum procession
  • Traditional water blessing
  • Garlands for the bride and groom
  • Thai food buffet
  • Wedding cake
  • Herbal and soft drinks for dinner and the morning ceremony

View additional wedding info:

You can have an exotic and unforgettable wedding in Thailand. You must remember the Thailand government and the government for your country have a specific marriage process. You must follow all of the correct steps for your marriage to be legal and binding. If you intend to take your spouse to your home country, they will need a visa. Just follow the steps, allow enough time and you will have the wedding of your dreams in Thailand.


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