Wedding FAQs at Aleenta Resorts

Wedding FAQs at Aleenta Resorts - Aleenta Resorts & Spas

Aleenta Resorts offer the perfect beach wedding locations for an intimate wedding, on some of the most beautiful beaches of Thailand. Aleenta Resorts Frequently Asked Questions on Organising your Thailand Wedding at one of our resorts in Thailand

Wedding FAQs

How much notice would you recommend to plan a wedding at an Aleenta resort?

A minimum of one week, a maximum of two years; it all depends on the size of your wedding. We recommend sending out a “save the date” card to guests one year in advance so all your loved ones can attend.

Thailand has a wonderful tropical climate – what should we, and our guests, wear during all the seasons?

Our beautiful weather means that light clothes, made out of linen for example, are preferable. Don’t worry about bringing any socks to Thailand! And if the bride wishes to wear high heels on her wedding day, we provide a wooden walkway so she may walk down the aisle on the beach easily.

What is the best time of year to hold a reception on the beach, and will it be private enough?

The best time for weddings on the beach in Thailand, is between January and April, as the weather is wonderful. We are very fortunate that Aleenta resorts are located on exclusive remote beaches and all Aleenta weddings are private thanks to our secluded locations.

What sort of special additions do the resorts offer to the couple – ie free night’s accommodation on wedding night, airport transfers, welcome cocktails etc?

We believe in surprises. Our wedding couples never leave empty handed.

Who organises the food and beverage at the resort?

We work very closely with our Food and Beverage Manager and Executive Chef. Any special dietary requirements or any adjustments to menus can easily be made.

Can you organise the music/bands for the evening party?

Yes, the surrounding areas are full of talented musicians and DJs who all love playing at Aleenta Phuket Resort

What about the wedding cake, photographers and flowers – can you recommend any suppliers? What flowers are available locally?

Aleenta works with the best suppliers of wedding cakes, photographers and florists in the areas we’re located in. There are many beautiful, romantic flowers available throughout the year with white orchids being very popular.

What do you offer in terms of decorations?

We have two different styles for western ceremonies; the altar, a four-posted construction on a stage, or a heart-shaped archway. We aim to tailor-make all decorations to our guests’ tastes and this extends to the wedding banquet as well.

What’s required to be married in Thailand in terms of legal documents – and is the marriage legal back in our country. Do we get documentation?

Almost all of our weddings at Aleenta are not legally binding so the couple needs to obtain the legal paperwork from their embassy in Bangkok prior the wedding. We work with a reputable agent in Bangkok so that together we can guide the couple in gathering all the necessary documents.

Can you arrange any special tours/activities for our guests?

Our Guest Relations Managers are happy to provide any tours or activities you and your guests require, whether it’s Thai cooking classes at the resorts to elephant trekking, golf, diving or shopping expeditions. It goes without saying that we can also extend this assistance to all honeymoon arrangements as well, whether the couple want to extend their stay in our resort or go away somewhere locally or within Thailand. Just ask us.

Aleenta Resorts offer personal wedding planners to help you plan the perfect day; from arranging the ceremony, flower decorations, wedding dress, finding the right music to entertain your guests, to photographers and makeup artists.



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