Things to Do in Khao Lak

Things to Do in Khao Lak - Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand and Khao Lak is on your itinerary, we have compiled some of the best things to do on your once-in-a-lifetime getaway to The Land of Smiles.

Things to Do In Khao Lak

Thailand is known for its natural beauty. What are some ways that you can make the most of this dazzling scenery?

1. Visit a Beach

Thailand is known for its beaches, and Khao Lak has plenty of beautiful coastlines. One of the most well-known beaches in Khao Lak is Nang Thong Beach. With its crystal-clear water, beautiful sand, and scenic palm trees, Nang Thong is the perfect place to relax and work on your tan. There are plenty of other beaches in the area as well, including Bang Niang, Koh Phayam, Koh Tachai, Pakarang Cape, Pakweeb, and the Similan and Surin Islands. Each of these beaches offers beautiful scenery that will make your Instagram a hit!

If you’re looking for a beach that also offers great opportunities to explore and get the perfect photo, Bang Niang Beach is a wonderful option. The structures along the beach resemble ancient ruins just waiting to be explored.

2. Chong Fah Waterfall

Who doesn’t love a good waterfall? In Khao Lak, the Chong Fah Waterfall is a site not to be missed. Water pours down the rocks through lush, green vegetation into a lagoon-like pool that is perfect for a relaxing swim. You won’t want to leave this idyllic spot.

The area is also home to various other waterfalls, including Lampi, Sai Rung, and Ton Prai. Each of these spots will astound you with its exotic beauty.

3. Khao Lak-Lum Ru National Park

If you’re dying to encounter some of Thailand’s exotic wildlife, consider exploring the Khao Lak-Lum Ru Park jungle. Within the boundaries of this park, you’ll find a true tropical forest, complete with a tree canopy, waterfalls, and rivers. You may also encounter many animals here, including tigers, osprey, and cobras.

Other spectacular national parks in the area include Lamru National park, Phang Nga Bay, and Thai Muang National Park. Each park offers its own unique jungle experience.

Khao Sok is another of Thailand’s beautiful national parks. The highlight of this particular piece of the jungle is its beautiful blue lake where visitors can rent a kayak and paddle around to take in the lush scenery the park offers.

4. Meet Some Monkeys

Another way to get a closer look at the wildlife of Thailand is with an excursion to Phang Nga Bay. This scenic area is famous for its spectacular limestone cliffs, green water, secret caves, and hidden lagoons just waiting to be explored. There are also tons of monkeys that call this area home, and they would love to meet you!

5. Horse Riding

If you’ve ever been interested in learning to ride a horse, consider booking a lesson at the Khaolak Horse Club. Here, an experienced teacher will train you to ride one of the club’s beautiful horses on a scenic beachfront trail. The club also offers horseback tours through the mountains for more experienced riders looking to explore the unique landscape of Khao Lak.

6. Surfing

Riding the waves on one of Thailand’s beautiful beaches is a big part of life in Khao Lak. If you want to give surfing a try, head over to Khuk Khuk Beach. This piece of coastline is well-known for its perfect waves, so it’s the ideal spot to hang ten and experience the essence of beach life.

7. Snorkelling

The beauty of Khao Lak isn’t only on the land; there is a ton of natural beauty even underwater. The best way to experience this is with a snorkelling adventure. With an experienced guide, you’ll be sure to have a thrilling and safe look at the underwater beauty off the coast of Khao Lak. You may never want to come back to the land!

8. Zip-line Tours

There’s no better way to see the scenery than from above. If you feel like flying high, consider a zip line tour at Khao Lak National Park. This unique experience is educational as well as exhilarating. If you want an exciting way to explore the jungle, these tours may be right for you. You can even ride a bicycle across a line!

9. Thai Cooking Lessons

If you love the food in Thailand, you may want to take some Thai cooking skills home with you. Consider checking out the Pakinnaka Thai Cooking School. Here, you can learn all about the spices used in the country as you get step-by-step instructions on cooking traditional Thai dishes. This is an essential experience for any foodie!

History and Culture in Khao Lak

Archaeologists in Thailand have unearthed artefacts from as much as 40,000 years ago; this should give you an idea of how much history and culture the country has to offer.

1. Wat Tham Temple

Wat Tham Suea, also known as the Tiger Cave Temple, is a beautiful example of Thai architecture. This beautiful building is the home and place of worship for numerous monks. In addition, the complex features a labyrinth of underground caves where archaeologists have unearthed stone tools, pottery remains, and a mold for making Buddha footprints.

If you enjoy exploring the beauty and history of Thailand’s temples, you can also visit Wat Suwan Kuha, also known as the Cave Temple, Wat Maha That Wachiramongkol, and Wat Bang Riang. Each of these beautiful temples will inspire you with their architecture and deep history.

2. Street Shopping

Haggling with street vendors is a huge part of Thai culture. If you want to get the true experience of life in Khao Lak, take a stroll through Ban Niang Market and take in the sights, sounds, and smells of a busy local marketplace. You can find anything from prepared foods, produce, and flowers to artisan crafts in this bustling centre of Thai life and culture.

3. 813 Tsunami Memorial Park

In 2004, Khao Lak made the worldwide news when a tsunami ravaged the area; waves caused destruction as far as one kilometre inland. At 813 Tsunami Memorial Park, visitors can pay their respects and learn more about what occurred during this tragic event. The memorial is centred around Police Boat 813, a ship that was flung two kilometres inland during the tsunami.

4. Floating Village

The village of Koh Panyi is a fishing village famous for being built on stilts in the water. The entire population of this village consists of 360 families descended from seafaring Muslim families from Java. This unique village is truly a piece of history.

5. Nightlife

The fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down! Khao Lak offers a variety of nightlife options to keep the party going. One popular attraction is the Moo Moo Cabaret show. This fabulous show is highly entertaining and features gorgeous costuming. Other great night spots include Mr. Chay’s Bar, Khaolak Monkey Bar, and Ayisha Fine Art Fine Wine.

Khao Lak with Children

If you’re travelling to Khao Lak with the whole family, there are plenty of things that will be tons of fun for kids and kids at heart. What are some things to do in the area that are child-friendly?

1. Visit “Turtle Heaven”

There are lots of people in Thailand working to save endangered species. At the Phang Nga Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center, you can spend the day learning about local wildlife and conservation efforts. This research center is known as “Turtle Heaven” because of its extensive efforts to breed and protect turtles before sending them out into the wild. They also have massive tanks displaying different species of fish, including the clownfish (so your kids can see a real-life Nemo!).

If you can’t get enough of turtles, the Thai Muang Turtle Sanctuary is another fantastic location where you can see a variety of turtle species and learn about conservation efforts.

2. Ride an elephant

Elephants are one of Thailand’s most beautiful creatures. You and your family can get up-close and personal with one of these magnificent animals by booking an amazing elephant ride. These specially-trained elephants will give you a once-in-a-lifetime ride! Khao Lak also offers tours that allow you to bathe in a scenic lagoon alongside these astounding creatures.

3. Play some Putt-Putt

What kid doesn’t love a round of mini golf? At Khao Lak mini golf you can play 18 holes of golf surrounded by beautiful scenery mimicking the ancient ruins of old Thailand. Your kids will feel like Indiana Jones as they putt around this beautiful course.

4. Cool off with Dinosaurs

Weather in Khao Lak can get hot, so when you need a break from the heat, there’s no better place to take your family than Dinosea World Park. This one-of-a-kind park offers a variety of water-based attractions set among towering dinosaurs and lush foliage. There are special areas with inflatable structures for young visitors, plenty of places for photos, and onsite food options, so you can easily spend an entire day frolicking with the dinos!


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