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Located in the Phang Nga Province, Khao Lak is 40 kilometres of peaceful, family-friendly coastline that is home to many luxury hotels and beautiful beaches. As one of the most stunning destinations in Thailand, it’s no surprise that more and more tourists are visiting this stretch of beaches each year. When visiting Khao Lak, you might have trouble deciding which beach to spend your vacation at. Here is a guide to help you pick the perfect beach for your stay in Khao Lak, Thailand.

Beaches in Khao Lak

1. Sunset Beach

If you are dreaming of a quiet getaway, Sunset Beach is where serenity meets beauty. This pretty little beach is located at the southern end of Nang Thong Beach. It is separated from the hustle and bustle of bars and restaurants, but Khao Lak Center is nearby in case you need anything. The hotels near Sunset Beach are perched on the mountainside, including the Sunset Resort, a lovely four-star hotel.

2. Bang Niang Beach

A close competitor to Nang Thong Beach, Bang Niang offers the perfect mixture of nightlife, peace, accommodations, and culinary experiences. The Andaman sea washes its perfect teal waves over the white sands of this rapidly developing beach. The sea is perfectly clear and calm from December to June, making it a hot destination if you want to go snorkelling or swimming. Bang Niang has transformed from a backpacking destination with a strong local vibe into a semi-bustling centre for shopping and dining experiences.

3. Nang Thong Beach

Nang Thong Beach is the busiest and most popular beach in all of Khao Lak. This tourist hub is a must-visit spot for anyone coming to Khao Lak. Anything you could want or need can be found on Nang Thong Beach. While Nang Thong is the hottest place to be in Khao Lak, there is still plenty of room on its golden beaches for sunbathing. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to leave your resort for a day at the beach. Casuarina and coconut trees dot the coast with a backdrop of majestic Thai mountains. The glittering blue sea is a swimmer’s dream! If you aren’t down for a trip to the beach, Nang Thong offers many bars, pubs, shops, and eateries.

4. Khao Lak South Beach

At the southernmost point of Khao Lak Lamru National Park lies 2 kilometres of shaded sand commonly known as South Beach. Khao Lak Beach is the shortest beach in the area. It is also one of the most serene and peaceful beaches you can visit. South Beach presents you with a few eateries, bars, and accommodations without the traffic and noise of some of the other beaches. While you won’t be bombarded with choices at South Beach, you can easily rent a car if you wish to go explore other areas. Great for snorkelling and abundant with shade, Khao Lak is the perfect beach if you value peace and quiet above nightlife and activity.

5. Pakarang Cape

From June to November, this beautiful, rocky beach is known to be a surfer’s paradise. Broken coral and shells scattered about the beach make Pakarang not so great for sunbathing, but it is still a must-see destination. Pakarang juts out into the Andaman Sea and is named Pakarang because of the abundant coral that lies scattered all over the white sand. With hardly any trees on the beach, be sure to wear a hat and lots of sunscreen if you plan on spending a few hours here. If you are longing for a few hours of isolation and peace, beach-combing for coral at Pakarang Cape can provide that. After your trip to the cape, you can follow the road back to civilisation and grab a bite at one of the local eateries.

6. Khuk Khak Beach

Khuk Khak Beach is 5 kilometres of mostly undeveloped beach apart from the occasional market or massage hut. If you take a stroll along this tranquil stretch, you will likely run into more local fisherman than fellow tourists. Khuk Khak’s desolate tranquillity sets it apart from the other beaches of Khao Lak. Pine trees encompass this one-resort beach, making it a serene escape from traffic, noise, and nightlife. The beach is accessible via small paths made by previous explorers. You have to cut through the woods and fields to get to the peaceful beach. If you love serene tranquillity, you will be delighted at Khuk Khak Beach.

7. Pakweeb Beach

The cleanliness of Pakweeb Beach is unsurpassed. As a National Park, Pakweeb Beach has a zero-tolerance policy for motorboats, so you can expect nothing but peace and quiet when you visit here. This happy spot looks pristine and picture-perfect with white sand contrasting against the sparkling blue waters. The strict maintenance of this beach makes it one of the best in Khao Lak.

8. Thai Muang Beach

You will find Thai Muang Beach located between Phuket and Khao Lak. This tropical paradise remains undiscovered and mostly untouched by tourists and development, making it one of the quietest beaches in Khao Lak. Thai Muang is a sweet escape where you will find natural beauty hosting a sea turtle sanctuary and a national park. There are even a few golf courses in case you want to tee off. In the center of the 30-kilometre stretch lies Thai Muang Village which hosts a small selection of local eateries. To top it all off, Thai Muang is home to several large waterfalls that cascade down over graceful slopes. Thai Muang is a nature lover’s dream.

9. White Sand Beach

Just 15 minutes from La On Village, White Sand Beach is true to its name. Powdery sand isn’t the only aspect that completes the all-over beauty of this gorgeous beach. Tropical greenery in all shades lines the beach and mirrors the jade tones hidden in the crystal blue waters. White Sand Beach will not disappoint those seeking shade and photo-ops.

Beach near Khao Lak Worth A Visit

Natai Beach

Natai Beach offers all the beauty of better known hot spots but much more. The beach lies along the shore of Andaman Sea on the west coast of Thailand. Its coral reefs are considered some of the best preserved in the world. Just ten minutes north of Phuket, Natai is more than quiet and peaceful, you can literally walks for hours without seeing anyone. It is a ten kilometre strip of pristine beach, whose government protection ensures that it will retain its isolation from the hustle and bustle of Phuket. You’re never going to see a 300 room leviathan rising up from the white sands of Natai. And while Thai law has severely limited the development that will ever be allowed at Natai Beach, you can still enjoy a number of world class facilities that won’t fail to impress.

Whether you are seeking a bustling beach with lots of things to do, a quiet retreat from civilisation, or a picture-perfect spot to sunbathe and swim, Khao Lak is in no shortage of beaches to give you the perfect tropical Thai getaway. With so many pretty beaches to choose from, you may have to stay longer just to visit them all!


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