17 Ways this Natai Beach Resort Will Inspire You

17 Ways this Natai Beach Resort Will Inspire You - Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa

Along the pristine sands of Natai beach and 20 minutes north of the Phuket International Airport lies Thailand’s Phang Nga and Aleenta Phuket. The beach resort is an interesting place offering you an unforgettable experience ranging from tantalising dishes, magnificent nature trails and a pool club where the hip shakers and sand shakers play and slay the night old. This Phuket resort is all about experiences and invites you to kick off your shoes, break boundaries, dance, and reach new horizons. The resort offers a wide array of activities that weave into a memorable stay as the surroundings inspire you. You can explore, engage and get inspired as you immerse in the Aleenta lifestyle.


This boutique beach resort now provide an extensive selection of complimentary services for cyclists, including route maps, bicycle stands, bike cleaning and maintenance kits, pocket Wi-Fi for map apps and mobile phones for emergencies. Bike repair shop services and local guides are also available, and guests who want to travel light can rent high-quality bicycles from leading local suppliers.

This focus on cycling tourism is a natural extension of Aleenta Resorts philosophy, which shines a spotlight on health, wellbeing and local experiences.


While at Aleenta, it is inspiring to hike to the breath taking serene view of the Samet Nangshe. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful view at the resort. Nestled atop hill from the resort’s entrance, the viewpoint offers a 180-degree view of the dense tropical forest below, turquoise blue ocean and islands lying in the mangrove forests. The hotel has guides to direct you through the nature trail to the peak where you enjoy the natural spectacle snap the vistas and relish locally brewed coffee.

Nature walk

It is not often that you get a chance to see a sunrise gold beach. That is the privilege you enjoy when taking an early morning walk in the mangrove ecosystem. The mangrove forests, which stretch along the coastline, are home to the long tailed monkeys and the three-fingered sloathe, which can be spotted early in the morning when the tides are low.

Martial Arts

The resort offers visitors and guests a chance to learn Thai’s national sport known as the Art of the Eight Limbs, which dates back to the 16th Century. The dedicated team of in-house prizefighter test the level of each guest and customise training to suit skills and fitness levels. Each session holds about 10 people and takes an hour to learn the basics of Muay Thai.

Health & Wellness Consultation

Start your holiday with an accurate picture of your state of health and wellness. Our professional consultants at Ayurah Spa conduct a thorough check up to help you set your wellness goals. The assessment is used to produce a detailed Wellness Report for each individual.

Explore our range wellness experiences offered at Aleenta Phuket.

Beach Yoga

On that morning when you need time for some spiritual and mental nourishment, you can join the beach yoga class. Here, you get a chance to salute the sunrise and the crawling waves of the sea as you strengthen your inner core, clear your mind and center your soul to take up the day with vitality. The hypnotising white sandy beach and the spellbinding morning breeze from the tranquil sea are enough to give you the mindfulness that will keep you nourished all day long.


At sunset, head for Natai beach and gaze at the gold horizon to see the ocean set alight with the blazing dusk colours. As you enjoy the sunset, you can cast your line into the deep waters and fish your dinner. The resort offers fishing guides who direct you to the best fishing spots where there are high chances of a good catch. To maximise on this, only five guests are allowed on board on the fishing spots. You can fish for fun or carry your catch to the hotel where the chef will be delighted to prepare your meal.

Romantic Picnics

You can treat your partner to a romantic getaway at the Aleenta with the three days-two nights romantic package. You can cuddle and snuggle your way down the Natai Beach to a private beach dinner. Enjoy your stay at the spacious suites or private villas where you get the privilege of a massage for two, a sundowner cocktail and a romantic bubbling private dinner at the beach. On a sunny day, you can enjoy an inspiring magical picnic by the waterfall and bask through the sunny afternoon.

Island hopping boat ride

During the low tide, you can explore the gorgeous Phang Nga Bay that is speckled with stunning deserted beaches, a spectacular limestone island, and the hidden emerald green lagoons. You can spend the better half of the morning exploring limestone peaks at the James Bond Island. In the afternoon, wonder though and explore the mangrove, crystal and Lagoon caves. During mealtimes, Aleenta’s recreation team brings your meals on board to make sure you enjoy the magical experience all day long.

Beach volleyball

Every Thursday afternoon between 4-5 p.m., work up a sweat in a friendly game of the soft warm beach sand with a refreshing cool off under the shade of the swaying palm trees and a dip in the ocean. The resort’s recreation team is always ready to join guests at the beach for a game or two. When there are many guests, they are divided into groups for friendly matches.

Ayura Spa

Lift the spirit and calm the soul with a relaxing beach massage at the Ayura Spa in the resort. The Spa offers a wide selection of indulgent treatments in the tranquil spa rooms and tropical beach cabana with a soothing ocean sound track.

Scuba diving

Truly immerse yourself in the surrounding of the coastline by planning a scuba diving trip to compete with the leopard sharks and the ancient shipwrecks. The Phi Island offers the best place for scuba diving with its wall dives, caves, shallow colours and blissful aquatic life.

Luxurious accommodation

Our boutique resort beachfront suites and villas range in sizes from 80 sq.m. ocean view lofts and pool suites to impressive beachfront Grand Noi of up to 5 bedrooms.

Pool Suites are directly on Natai beach, each is complete with a private jacuzzi and terrace. Pool Villas are within steps of the beach. This romantic setting features a bedroom, living room, terrace, and sundeck. Beachfront Suites accommodate a large group, with 3 private quarters that share a pool, lounge, dining room, and kitchen. Pool Residences are large, with a separate dining and living room, jacuzzi, and sundeck.

Heavenly dishes

Start your day with a floating pool breakfast delivered to your private pool. With a choice of indoor and al fresco dining spots, you get a chance to enhance your culinary experience with a blend of continental dishes and traditional Thai dishes. Chefs at the resort are always ready to test and create fresh mariscada, Asian pasta and perfectly prepared seafood recipes for you to make your experience magical.


It is only in Thailand’s best-kept secret where you get to enjoy swimming in the pristine waters of the turquoise blue ocean. You can swim to through the shallow coastline through to the deep ocean without fear of high tides. There is a swimming pool in the resort where kids can dive and splash the waters at their pleasure and there after going to the Explores Children Club for more fun.


Nothing beats the inspiring moments at Aleenta Phuket than the experience of playing golf. The golf course is fully equipped and has a wide range of activities and services for golfers.




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