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Golf Courses in Phang Nga - Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa

If you are looking for the ideal golf holiday and travel destination with the perfect blend of sunny weather, top quality golf courses and a stylish, relaxing contemporary resort atmosphere, Thailand is an excellent location. The scenic beauty, premier visitor accommodations and gracious hospitality of Thailand have made it one of the leading travel destinations in the world. Its many varied choices of superb golf courses also rate Phang Nga in Thailand among the most desirable golfing holiday destinations around the globe.

The majority of stunning images of the exotic beaches and sparkling blue waters of Thailand that appear on postcards and websites or in news articles are scenes in Southern Thailand. The enchanting province of Phang Nga is among the most popular holiday and golfing destinations in Thailand. Here, you will enjoy the excellent quality of premium golf courses. You can also enjoy the pristine beaches, friendly bars and top-rated hotels offering luxurious accommodations and guest amenities.

Phang Nga has been called the most beautiful scenic province in Thailand. It is home to well-known Phang Nga Bay and world famous James Bond Island. You will recognise the captivating scenes of limestone karsts spiking upward from the surface of sparkling, transparent waters of coastal Phang Nga from familiar photos of this picturesque, peaceful fishing community.

Fabulous venues for golfing holidays in Southern Thailand’s charming province of Phang Nga include the following scenic courses.

Amazing Golf Courses in Phang Nga

1. Phang Nga Navy Base Golf Course

The seaside Tub Lamu Navy Golf Course is an approximate 10-minute drive away from the popular tourist attraction, the town of Khao Lak. The golf course can be reached by motorbike, taxi or car. When you visit the navy base and its scenic 18-hole golf course, be sure to bring along your personal identification card (your passport, driver license or government-issued ID card). This will enable you to register at the main gate and enter to visit this popular course with its adjoining driving range.

This elegant course is equipped with experienced caddies, golf carts and professional golf instructors. Rental equipment is available, including full sets of golf clubs. There is also an attractive and well-stocked golf shop on the premises selling shirts, hats, golf balls and tees. After a game of golf, you can enjoy delightful refreshments at the clubhouse. The club also has a fine restaurant, although advance reservations are needed for meals.

Taxi drivers in the region are all familiar with the Tub Lamu Navy Golf Course and its location. You can easily find a taxi in the tourist section of nearby Khao Lak. This luxurious golf course and clubhouse are about a 10-minute drive from the central streets of Khao Lak. If you happen to be staying in guest accommodations in the Bang Sak/Ban Nam Khem/Pak Weep area, your taxi ride to the golf course may take as much as 30 minutes. However, you will enjoy the picturesque drive thoroughly.

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2. Kirinara Golf Course

This beautiful golf course has the perfect name for its attractive location. The first part of the name, “Kiri,” means “mountain,” and “Nara” translates as “water” or “prosperity.” The structure and layout of this course were planned with the idea of respecting and preserving its natural setting and surroundings. The major source of water for this golf course is a pure, natural stream flowing from the nearby mountain. It irrigates the land and keeps this course rich with healthy green grass throughout the year.

The creative design of this course includes both long and short holes, densely clustered palm trees, tough greens, mountainous slopes and water hazards. This golf course offers the ideal combination of great natural beauty and rugged challenges for golfers of all levels of experience. You can be assured of playing an exciting round of golf anytime that you visit this unique course. The Kirinara golf course offers a special journey and experience amidst the stunning scenery and culture of this intriguing locale.

The Kirinara course is a 9-hole golf course right next to Takuapa Old Town, Phang Nga. This fascinating golfing venue is just 15 minutes from Bangsak Beach by car and 25 minutes away from Khao Lak. In addition, it is conveniently located within a drive of 1.5 hours from Phuket International Airport. Some golfers stop at this course on their way to and from the airport to play a game of golf before or after their flights.

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3. Katathong Golf Resort and Spa

This elegant 18-hole championship golf course is bordered by three majestic, mist-covered mountains in Phang Nga. These mountains are Khao Nang Hong, Khao Tao and Katathong Mountain, the tallest mountain with a slightly curved summit. This golf course features natural waterfalls and streams, sand traps and a lovely natural reservoir. The narrow fairways require advanced strategies to navigate and acute playing precision to survive the Par 3 courses going upward and down.

This relatively new golf course was previously known as an active tin mine. Tin mining was a major industry in Phang Nga, beginning in the 15th century. The ancestors of the owner of the Katathong Golf Resort and Spa, Somkiat Ratanarungsiwat, were well-known in the tin trading business. Somkiat is committed to the golf game, and he created this stunning, unique course while still strongly involved with the locale’s tin mining history. The club house of this golf course has outstanding Sino-Portuguese architecture and decor that include mementos from the mining industry.

As a devout Buddhist, Somkiat has begun to build a Dhamma Resort in the lovely natural environment of Katathong. Already in place is a large statue of a seated Buddha in stunning red sandstone. This superb golf course enthrals players with its breathtaking views of the lush, verdant mountains. It is an amazing course that gracefully aligns with the land’s abundant contours. Even the most focused golfers leave this course after a challenging game with a strong respect for the wonders of nature. This golf resort club includes large locker rooms, a pro golf shop and multiple kiosks serving refreshments.

This outstanding golfing resort also offers an ornate Sino-Portuguese style clubhouse with a stylish dining room and spacious rooms for special meetings and events. Golfers and guests can enjoy relaxing in the restaurant and lobby bar. They can also dine in style in the attractive restaurant and view players teeing off at Hole 10 directly below the large restaurant windows. A menu that offers both international and delicious local cuisine accommodates all dining preferences. There are three private suites for dining in Katathong Tower with 360-degree, glorious views of the golf course and its mountainous setting. The clubhouse also has a fashionable 150-seat hall for hosting banquets.

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4. Blue Canyon Golf Course and Country Club

Golfers from around the world visit this well-known championship course in Phuket. Located among sparkling freshwater lakes, the Canyon Course is a natural haven. It also features such player challenges as towering trees, rolling fairways, narrow landing areas, long carries and other golfing hazards. The course holes are placed along canyon borders and edges, offering fairways and greens with rolling, wave-like surfaces. Throughout the course, there are difficult Par 3s and large, fast greens. The Canyon Course it the only course to be selected three times to host the Johnnie Walker Classic, in 1994, 1998 and 2007.

Yoshikazu Kato, a celebrated Japanese golf course architect, began developing the Blue Canyon Country Club and Golf Course in 1988 on the site of an abandoned tin mine bordered by rubber plantations. Two golf courses were designed and built, the Canyon Course and the Lakes Course. These golf courses were structured around the land’s natural woods and canyons with little change in the natural landscape. Attempts were also made to maintain the area’s wildlife. These courses are masterworks created with diverse natural hazards to test the skills and ingenuity of golfers with all levels of experience.

The Canyon Course is one of the most elite championship golfing locations in Asia. Since 1991, this unique, prestigious course has won multiple awards and provided the ultimate golfing venue and experience for local and international golfers. The amazing Lakes Course, the masterpiece by Yoshikazu Kato, offers a 7,129-yard course with 270-yard target driving areas that challenge the expertise of the top-rated golfers around the globe.

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5. Mission Hills Phuket Golf Resort

Located in a stunning natural setting on Phuket’s north-eastern coast, this attractive golf resort is within a 10-minute drive of Phuket International Airport. It is also just 30 minutes away from Phuket City by car. This active island offers plenty of intriguing visitor sites and activities to entertain you and your golfing friends or family after your day of golfing. In this island paradise, you can marvel at the ornate temples, go diving in exotic tropical waters and relax on pristine white beaches. Afterwards, you can dine on freshly caught and prepared seafood and enjoy a relaxing evening under the stars.

The world-class 18-hole golf course designed and built by Nicklaus Design is a championship layout on the isle of Phuket. Here, golf enthusiasts play surrounded by mangroves and panoramic ocean views. Engaging in a game of golf on this course is truly like playing against a background display of bunkers full or sparkling white sand in contrast to the bright green fairways and turquoise hues of the Andaman Sea. Due to the regular sea breezes that can turn abruptly into strong headwinds, special Phuket golf lessons are available to teach you the trials and tricks of finishing your golf game successfully on this course.

This leading golf club offers a driving range, pro chop, fitness centre, swimming pool and gaming room for guests. Children’s golf is also available. The many luxuries of the 5-star resort adjacent to the golf course and the nearby Phuket Airport Hotel make the Mission Hills Phuket Golf Resort the ideal choice for a special golfing holiday excursion.

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6. Aquella Golf & Country Club

Although it only opened in 2021, Aquella Golf & Country Club is fast becoming one of the must-play golf courses in Thailand’s popular Southeastern region. Its location about 30 minutes north of Phuket International Airport means it’s easily accessible for local golfers and visitors to this popular area.

The course is framed on one side by the sparkling Andaman Sea, with the distant mountains providing a tropical backdrop to a selection of holes, while the gently undulating fairways treat you to the best aspects of this incredible landscape. Moving between holes is a unique experience at Aquella as you manoeuvre your golf buggy through specially-designed bamboo tunnels that open out onto your next tee.

Pacific Coast Design paid careful attention to soil drainage in the course design and construction, to mitigate the effects of the annual monsoon rains in the region and ensure that the course remains in top condition all year round. The salt tolerance of Platinum Paspalum Grass makes it the ideal choice for this 7,000-yard course, with its seaside location, rolling terrain, tropical vegetation and challenging bunkers and waterways. It’s a course that promises a lot and delivers even more.

The par-3 eleventh is Aquella’s signature hole. Although just 161 yards, it demands concentration and letting your guard down isn’t an option. Two strategically placed bunkers and a downward slope at the back of the green call for well-controlled shots if you want to register a par on this short hole.

Aquella Golf and Country Club combines local architecture with a contemporary style and is a one-stop shop for sport and leisure. Besides the golf course, this complex offers a resort hotel, beach club and pool villas. The clubhouse houses a gym and a spa for the ultimate in relaxation, and The Approach restaurant tempts visitors with a diverse menu offering a range of local and international dishes.

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7. Khao Lak Mini-Golf Course

We had to include a course thats fun for kids too.

This intriguing mini-golf course has 18 holes situated amidst a creative and quirky layout that winds through jungle-style plants, replicas of temple ruins and plenty of obstacles.This ancient jungle setting is built using red clay bricks and bordered by thick vegetation, multiple waterways and ancient-style ruins, very similar to the set of an Indiana Jones movie. The model of an ancient temple wall includes a seated Buddha figure and a waterfall flowing from four metres above.

Nearby the course is a fascinating Maze/Labyrinth complex featuring pathways lined with hedges and many secret hideaways. This golfing venue is ideal for mini-golf enthusiasts and anyone who wants to enjoy some fun and relaxation while on vacation. This captivating mini-golf experience offers entertainment for travellers of all ages.

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Map of Golf Courses in Phang Nga


All of these excellent golfing venues and courses in Phang Nga, Thailand, offer exquisite beauty and a healthy, vitalizing lifestyle aligned with their natural surroundings. Many of them include fabulous dining, health club facilities and spas, and many are also premier resorts and vacation destinations. If you are a golf enthusiast, a golfing holiday to one of these top-rated, luxurious golf courses, clubs and beach resorts in Phang Nga will truly be one of the most exciting, inspiring and intriguing travel experiences of your lifetime.


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