Why Try Wellness Retreats in Thailand

Why Try Wellness Retreats in Thailand - Ayurah Spa & Wellness Centre

Wellness retreats provide an opportunity to disengage from the usual stressors and responsibilities of everyday living. During the seclusion, guests can connect with the inner self and ease out even the strongest emotions into nothingness. Some of the key activities offered at wellness retreats include detoxification programs, meditation, spiritual healing, yoga and spa.

Practising yoga on a regular basis provides an array of mental and physical health benefits that tend to promote wellness and self-healing. The physical benefits include; increased muscle strength, flexibility and weight reduction. Wellness retreats for couples can create an opportunity for self-rediscovery and strengthen the bonds that hold families together.

There is a slight difference between your typical holiday escape and a wellness retreat holiday. The latter will help recharge your body and senses and more critically, change your inner being. According to experts, the newfound vigour and consciousness can help you chart a new course in life; find ways to express yourself and gain a new perspective on issues. You can schedule a wellness retreat holiday if you are faced with relationship and work-related challenges or personal stress. Thailand is increasingly becoming a preferred destination for global wellness retreat holiday.

Thailand is endowed with many harmonising, natural attractions such as secluded beaches, mountainous rain forest and diverse landscapes. To cap it all, Thailand is renowned for its World-Class hospitality industry and a unique take on health and wellness, which embraces a holistic and spiritual approach.

Holistic Wellness Retreats in Thailand

Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa in Phang Nga

Aleenta Phuket knows no boundaries when it comes to offering luxurious experience and comfort. A lot of thought and resources have gone into designing the resorts exquisite suites and villas.

The wellness program at Aleenta Phuket features Ayurveda treatment, Hatha yoga, Thai treatment and other effective healing techniques. The daily Hatha yoga sessions are aimed at promoting seamless breathing, meditation and body movement. The postures and meditation often help on realigning thoughts, encouraging mindfulness and easing stress.

To capture the essence of health and wellness in its entirety, Aleenta Phuket Resort also serves a healthy dose of culinary dishes to restore body balance and increase the energy levels. On arrival, a consultant will work with you to craft a tailored program that matches your aspirations and needs.

Your wellness practitioners

The lead wellness and spa practitioners at Aleenta Phuket Resort are Kachalika Meesuk and Martine Heather. Kachalika, who is fondly referred to as Khun Lak is a holistic doctor licensed in the practice of Alternative Medicine. She has close to 20 years’ experience working in the Spa, wellness and hospitality industry. Khun Lak is also a specialist in crystal sound healing, Chakra, Holistic Tibetan and Oriental healing and medicinal techniques.

Chakra is a balanced healing technique that incorporates four elements (air, space, earth and water). To enhance movement pathways, Khun Lak focuses her training on the ligaments, tendons and the blood vessels. Her wellness teachings and methodology also covers healthy eating and the use of natural herbs. Each session begins with a few minutes of Ayurah Wellness Assessment for prescription purposes. The analyses are broadly classified as follows:

  • Blood Pressure Assessment
  • Four-Point Chakra Analysis
  • Thai Elemental Analysis
  • Blood Sugar Checks

Martin Heather has served in the wellness sector for a span of 10 years. He is a student of Buddhist teachings and ancient wisdom and a graduate of the world famous Sarah Power’s Insight Yoga Institute. He has extensive experience in the psychology and practice of mindfulness, meditation and self-discovery. Martin has also worked under the tutelage of Maty Ezraty and Paul Grilley, who are renowned masters in ancient wisdom and yoga teachings.

In 2014, Martin developed an interest in learning more about Yin Yoga. The revolutionary practice involves performing various postures on the floor mat to boost the Qi flow, stretch the body and stimulate the release of energy. When performed according to plan, the practice encourages a sense of detachment and contentment. People looking to engage in deep meditation will find it easy to begin the practice sessions with the less intensive Yin Yoga practice.

Aleenta Hua Hin Resort & Spa in Pranburi

Aleenta Hua Hin is a leading wellness centre that boasts spectacular views of the beach and Pak Nampran Bay. Visiting guests are treated to time-tested therapies and contemporary healing techniques such as the Ayurvedic principles and Thai healing. A type of Yoga called Hatha Yoga is also available to residents who sign up for the program. The technique helps restore the natural body rhythm, eases anxiety and refines self-wellness. A strategy that incorporates focused breathing, meditation and gentle movements is applied.

The success of the wellness program at Aleenta Hua Hin is boosted by a healthy cuisine, carefully balanced to restore energy and achieve body equilibrium. Guests are ushered into the incredible journey of wellness by highly trained master practitioners who include Asian holistic medicine experts and long serving Ayurveda practitioners. A personal consultant will speak to you about a bespoke wellness plan that fits your needs.

Guests can choose between 5 day or 7 day programs. An initial assessment is done based on the wellness equilibrium needed to build positive change and reduce stress build-up. The target audience for the 5 day retreat includes individuals and groups of people interested in achieving the highest levels of relaxation. Residents with yoga experience and those without are all welcome. For the 7 day life enhancing retreat, guests are trained to achieve more sustainable inner peace and methodologies to alleviate pain and suffering.

When you book a complete package at the luxurious resort, you will find the following enticing offers awaiting your indulgence:

  • Ocean view residency
  • Full board, including three meals a day (well-balanced Thai Fusion vegetarian meals by top chef)
  • Morning and evening meditation classes
  • A day of excursion on the outdoors
  • Timed sessions of yogic relaxation, yogic detox Kriya and lifestyle group teaching
  • Personal wellness assessment and customized wellness plan
  • A walk to the coastline caves and the sunset meditation session
  • Healthy cooking sessions by resident chef
  • A visit to the Aleenta organic gardens
  • Healthy drinks (water, infusions, juices)

Retreat package rates

Single resident occupancy: Thai Baht 51,300*

Double resident occupancy: Thai Baht 43,300* per person

The wellness packages listed above are tax inclusive. The wellness resort runs promotions periodically to offer discounts to guests.


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