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It is without a doubt that kitesurfing is one of the coolest sports you can definitely do on the water. This sport is a wind-powered water sport that makes use of a kite as well as a board to propel the user across the water.

Despite what the name suggests, kitesurfing doesn’t need to involve itself with wave surfing all the time since kitesurfing can be done on mirror-flat lagoons. Moreover, kitesurfing can also be done in choppy seas or even those with big waves.

Basically, when it comes to kitesurfing, all you need is wind and some water.

What Skills are Needed to Get Started in Kitesurfing?

Most of the time, beginners of kitesurfing may never have experienced kite-flying nor surfing. It is perfectly normal for individuals to start from scratch when learning how to kitesurf, this is perfectly fine. For safety purposes, all an individual needs are the confidence to swim in open water, and they’re good to go.

Moreover, you do not necessarily have to be super fit. The pieces of equipment for kitesurfing is super lightweight; thus, you do not need a lot of muscle strength to completely manoeuvre it. However, it is important that you gain a general level of fitness that will allow you to progress faster as well as provide you with more stamina on the water.

Do You Need Kitesurfing Lessons?

Yes, you need to enrol in kitesurfing lessons! Either find a good instructor or a kitesurfing school that will allow you to garner the essential safety procedures when performing kitesurfing.

Where Can I Get Kitesurfing Lessons?

Kitesurfing in Pranburi, Thailand has become very popular over the years. There have been a number of school here that teaches beginner kitesurfing. It is the perfect place because it has the best winds for kitesurfing. In addition, you can go there anytime you please as the winds are there all year round.

Aleenta Hua Hin Resort also offers a three day Kitesurfing Package. In conjunction with internationally approved IKO schools able to certify their students, Aleenta Hua Hin Resort is able to introduce beginner guests and the more advanced to take to the air directly in front of the Aleenta Hua Hin Resort.

Getting to Know Pranburi Kite for Kitesurfing

Pranburi is situated about 20 km south of Hua Hin, which is also referred to as the southern extension of Thailand. This ia an ideal location for kite and wake. As for the beach of Pak Nam Pran, this is a good place for beginner students of kitesurfing, as well as for those who are already knowledgeable and pros on the sport.

When it comes to kitesurfing, it is important that you pay attention to the wind. As for Pranburi, it is what you call a headland. This place extends out into the body of water, which means that it has water on three sides; thus, having a lot of wind.

Pranburi is a great place for kitesurfing because of the amount of wind you get all year round. In addition, Pranburi doesn’t only provide you with the perfect kitesurfing spots in all of the world, it also allows you to enjoy lagoons, that features flat and shallow water with little to no rocks.

The great thing about going kitesurfing in Pranburi, Thailand is that this place is quiet, peaceful and authentic. Travelling here means enjoying an afternoon of kitesurfing that will not let you break your bank.

Furthermore, if you come here for kitesurfing, you’ll stay here for the other things Pranburi has to offer. You are surrounded by beautiful pineapple fields, Buddhist temples, the breezy seaside, and the verdant Pranburi mangrove forest. Truly, there are a lot of attractions here that generates genuine fun and happiness.

Pranburi started gaining traction from the media coverage of a number of international events such as the 2018 Youth Olympic kiteboarding qualifiers as well as the annual Kiteboard Tour Asia. However, here’s the good news – the Thai government is busy planning and doubling the train lines to Bangkok.

There is a project that plans to build a speed ferry terminal that serves as a connection to Pattaya. With that in mind, it is without a doubt that Pranburi will get busier and busier over the coming years. So, while this gorgeous place is not yet crowded with tourists, take the time to see it for your self and learn how to kitesurf.

The Best Time to Visit Pak Nam Pran Beach

The Pak Nam Pran beach is a 7 km beach where the water, as well as the conditions of the waves, tend to evolve according to the seasons; this is one of the best spots for kitesurfing, whether you are a beginner or a pro.

From the months of October up to January, the water here is very choppy. As for the wind, it can rise up to 30 knots. Be sure to watch out for the monsoon that tends to persists until the month of October.

From the months of February to June, be sure to expect that the water here is more flat with sandbanks discovered; thus, beginners who want to learn the sport will find this to be an ideal time for kitesurfing since it is in accordance with their level of learning.

The months of July up to September provide the kite surfer with wind stats that are much more difficult to predict and often are offshore. With that in mind, be sure to always check weather forecasts so as to ensure you are getting the best experience during your stay at the Pak Nam Pran beach.

Other Kitesurfing Spots in Pranburi

Khao Kalok

The word “Khao” in Thailand means mountain. It refers to the small yet steep peak that sits on the end of the Pak Nam Pran Beach. It features a jungle-topped head that tends to form a mini-cape which allows the separation of the fishing village from the main beach.

Dolphin Bay

Not too far from the Khao Kalok is the Dolphin Bay. You’ll know that you have reached this bay when you are surrounded by colorful fishing boats that tend to bob in the water. The sight is indeed very picturesque.

Squid Beach

While the Pak Nam Pran Beach is indeed one of the best spots for kitesurfing, the other one that comes close is the Squid Beach. You can reach this place if you go forward to the northern end of the town.

Pranburi Dam

One thing is for sure, the sight of the Pranburi Dam is amazing and stunning at the same time. This lake is surrounded by a verdant forest and tons of rolling hills. The lake has everything it needs to harness those winds suitable for kite surfing.

Do note that it is important to watch out for the amount of wind as well as the levels of water of each month or season. Pay attention to when the tide is typically high due to wind strength. The beauty of this sport is that there aren’t any real hazards when going kitesurfing.

We highly recommend that you visit Pak Nam Pran Beach to make the most out of your kitesurfing experience in Thailand. With the country’s tropical climate, you can rest assured that you will experience one of the best winds for kite surfing.


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