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Pranburi restaurants offer a taste of authentic Thai cuisine with a plethora of flavours and it’s easy to find something for everyone in town or beach locations, from a formal dinner to a casual lunch. Many restaurants make seafood the centre of the meal and take full advantage of the regional location. They also bring in plenty of inspiration from one of the world’s most renowned cuisines.

Pranburi Restaurants Worth a Visit

Aleenta Restaurant

Aleenta restaurant is the place to go for a fabulous brunch, lunch or dinner just about any time of the day. Breakfast options include both international and local style. There’s a touch of Asia on the menu with two different kinds of soups designed to start off the day on the right note that have hearty proteins. Western style brunch options include lots of egg dishes with many types of fillings as well as grilled sea bass. A selection of teas and coffees round out the menu in the morning with something designed to wake up people.

Lunch is served for much of the day. Lots of international selections make it easy for people to find something they like and want to try. Items like the wild prawn tempura that are fried well, spicy meatballs with a pleasingly cool cucumber salad, crab potato cake filled with fresh crab and fish and chips are much appreciated by regional guests who appreciate something with a bit of tradition. The other side of the menu for lunch is all about pizzas and calzones including a selection of Thai inspired pizzas that are rarely seen anywhere else. Classic Thai dishes are also available with lots of emphasis on noodles and rice are on the menu. Homemade ice cream ends the meal on a high note.

The restaurant is also open for dinner guests. Varied starters like grilled feta cheese and luscious roasted pumpkin garlic soup are favourites with people who love many varied kinds of tastes. Main courses range from lamb and poached salmon as well as many beloved local Thai dishes that are made with love. Desserts and lots of coffee and teas are also on hand for pleasing complement to the main meal.

183 Moo 4, Tambon Pak Nam Pran, Amphoe Pran Buri, Chang Wat Prachuap Khiri Khan 77220



Very Good Restaurant

The Very Good Restaurant lives up to its name with lots of options for just about any taste. This is a good place to go for those on a budget looking something easy, tasty and fast. Deep fried starters of all kinds are available for a quick snack on the way to the beach or a picnic next to the waves. Creamed soups are also available. Salads make full use of lots of different types of ingredients including chicken, potato and apple. Several kinds of spicy salads are on the menu for people who want something that’s light and yet offers and explosion in the mouth. These are great choices for those who love spice and want something special. Western food options such as burgers and sandwiches are also on the menu at all times. The large menu includes barbecue and steak prepared several different ways.

Those who love Thai food can also come here and enjoy many types of regional specialities. Sauces like red curry, garlic pepper, tamarind, spicy lemon and sweet chilli are much admired by locals and travellers alike. They’re open for much of the day so it’s easy to come by here when on the beach or on the way to somewhere else in the area. Sample a small bite and head out with family and many friends. It’s also easy to spend some time relaxing in this restaurant for a meal that won’t break the bank but will make it easy to stretch any international currency.

Beach Road,Tambon Pak Nam Pran, Paknampran, Amphoe Pran Buri, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77220



Sing’s Beach Bar and Restaurant

Sing’s Beach Bar and Restaurant is a low key place to enjoy a nice meal right by the beach. It’s a good place for people who want to try different kinds of food from classic American to lots of local Thai and many kinds of special seafood preparations. They have something for every single taste. This a good place to head with a group of people so everyone can a bit of different types of dishes. Items like stir fried glass noodles and stir fried Thai noodles come in large platters, making it easy for a group of people to share them. Local fish are prepared in different ways each day and always fresh. The same is true of varied kinds of seafood like crab and locally caught prawns that are treated with love and tremendous care. Soups make a great starter for a small group or people who want something fast. Stir fried vegetables of all kinds are on hand for vegetarians.

People who like standard international fare like french fries, garlic and salad will also find them right here. Cheeseburgers, spaghetti and an American style breakfast also make it easy for people to find different types of menu items they like that can please multiple members of the crowd. The bar offers a selection of drinks from many different parts of the area as well as other parts of Thailand. This is an excellent place to visit when looking for a place to relax at the end of a long day in the sun. The owner is friendly and happy to welcome guests from all over the world with friendly service that makes people feel comfortable and at home when they step inside. Vegetarians and carnivores alike can appreciate the many menu choicest that cater to their personal preferences. Take the time out from a busy schedule in the area to have a drink and enjoy some personal home cooking.

Soi 3 Pak Nam, Pran-Khao Kalok Road, Ban Pak Nam Pran, Prachuap Khiri Khan



Tonto Restaurant

The area tends to attract both families and singles looking for a fun beach vacation. At Tonto Restaurant, the location right next to the beach takes center stage. Tonto is popular with local residents and travelers looking for a place to rest and eat next to the beach. They’re open from the ten in the morning to nine at night so it’s always easy to make this one a destination when on the beach. This is also a good place for people looking for an inexpensive place where freshness is always on the menu.

This is also one place to go to try the region’s wonderful seafood based dishes. A long menu makes it easy to discover many possibilities and find one that works best. Special favourites include fried sea bass that comes with a mango salad that has lots of Thai spices and a pleasing textural contrast. There’s also many types of seafood that are pared with mild or hot chilli paste for those who love to bring out the spices and want to pile them up high. Chicken comes in varied kinds of preparations including chicken with cashew nuts and other vegetables. The crispy pork with kale is ideal for people are looking for something that’s hearty and filling. Prawns are baked in salt and come with intense flavor. Fish sauces form the backbone of many dishes and make it easy to enjoy the area’s impressive culinary traditions with every single morsel.

Pak Nam Pran, Pran Buri District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77220




People who are in the mood for an Italian meal should make this place their destination of choice in Pranburi. Italian home cooking forms the basis of a menu that changes according to the mood of the restaurant’s owners and what they want to eat in any given week. The owners have a laid back approach to their work that makes for a fun experience for those willing to take a journey with them. Items like lamb with meat sauce may show up for lunch or dinner. All sauces and many of the pastas are made in house by people who really care about what they do and want others to enjoy a fabulous meal with them.

Lighter fare like grilled chicken with herbs is also likely to be on the menu for people who want to keep it just a bit simple. The same is true for other possibilities such as a low carb seafood option that use whole grains with a classic Italian touch. Guests who are in the mood for dessert can find lots of decadent choices with chocolate and cream galore. People who like the food made can stay overnight on the grounds with breakfast included. It’s an excellent place to get away to a retreat devoted to luxury and mouth watering food in a pleasingly warm location.

moo 3 ,pak nam pran, Pranburi Pran Buri, Amphoe Pran Buri, Chang Wat Prachuap Khiri Khan 77220



Jim Daeng

Right next to Dolphin Bay, this unassuming restaurant is one place that likes to pile on the spice and keep it here. People who appreciate spicy and hot will find this one to their liking in every single way. It’s run by a husband and wife team so it’s all about family and enjoying cooking from local residents who love what they do and want to show off the best of the region’s abundant seafood and highly developed regional flavors. No western dishes are on the menu so come here when in the mood for true traditional Thai meal and prepared to embrace the regional cuisine. They’ve been in business for over two decades and have developed quite a following over the years. Be prepared for a wait during the busy lunch time.

Items like fried prawn with a flavorful tamarind sauce make a fast meal and a good lunch. Snapper comes alive with many different flavors and different types of sauces. Mixed seafood with lime leaves is very much appreciated by locals and travellers who like delicious dishes that have an element of citrus. Yellow crab curry shows off hearty crab meat hat has been treated with great and loving care while flounder is paired with a deeply garlicky sauce that makes garlic lovers truly happy. The menu can change depending on what’s in season or what owners like to serve clients. The owners tend to visit the area markets in order to see what they can add to the daily menu. This is one Pranburi place that promises an authentic experience for all visitors from the very first bite. Customers can enjoy the fact that it then delivers with quiet understatement and lots of impressively wonderful varied Thai spices that warm the mouth.

27 Moo 2 Beach Front Rd, Sam Roi Yot, Sam Roi Yot District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77120




A German native and his Thai wife founded this romantic place dedicated to all things German in the heart of Pranburi. It’s a romantic setting that combines the best of Europe with a lovely location that’s just right for a formal celebration of any kind. Soft lighting combines with lush plants and ample seating. The setting sets the mood for what’s about to come. The owners place emphasis on creating something delicious that’s also served at right temperature. Travellers can join locals to get away and sample something they might not have tasted before in Europe or Asia.

While the menu is diverse and includes a small selection of Thai food, most of the dishes offered here are largely European on origin and take much from one of the owner’s personal German heritage. Consider starting with a homemade potato salad that’s filled with herbs and then chilled. Varied kinds of German sausages are filling and a good main choice during lunch or at night. Different kinds of schnitzel form the very heart of the menu. On any given night, travelers can try spices of all kinds as well as a paprika sauce. It’s a fun place to eat a good meal for visitors who want something just a bit different near the center of town. Couples can come here by themselves at a private table for two. Groups can sample larger plates and try what’s on the menu.

Baan Nong Bua 458/4, Pak Nam Pran, Pranburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77220



Beautiful, fun Pranburi lies on the Gulf of Siam and offers a place to retreat from the world. The waters are warm and the waves gentle. Travellers will find a relaxed town where the emphasis is on enjoying life and appreciating wonderful weather. There’s lot of boutique resorts here for every imaginable budget, making it a good choice for anyone within any budget from luxury to something a bit more modest. In between lying by the surf and admiring the wonderful sunsets, there is an excellent place to enjoy lots of terrific area cuisine that shows off what can be done with skill and imagination.


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