When is the Best Time to Visit Pranburi & Hua Hin

When is the Best Time to Visit Pranburi & Hua Hin - Aleenta Hua Hin Resort & Spa

Pranburi and Hua Hin are beautiful all of the time, but there are certain months where you’re virtually guaranteed sunny days of warm weather and calm water! Thailand has a monsoon season, which means that some of the months of the year are rainy.

In addition to a rainy season, Thailand also tends to get quite hot during the summer. Some tourists find the temperatures during the summer months to be very intense! For the best weather, aim for November to January, when it is driest and not at peak heat.


Month High Temp (avg) Low Temp (avg) Rainfall (avg) Daily Sunshine (avg)
January 29degC 20degC 15mm 9h
February 30degC 21degC 23mm 9h
March 32degC 23degC 32mm 10h
April 32degC 24degC 66mm 9h
May 32degC 25degC 109mm 8h
June 32degC 25degC 79mm 7h
July 32degC 24degC 79mm 7h
August 32degC 24degC 86mm 7h
September 31degC 23degC 140mm 7h
October 30degC 23degC 281mm 7h
November 30degC 22degC 127mm 8h
December 28degC 21degC 10mm 9h


Even though the months between November and January are the best time to visit either Pranburi or Hua Hin, you will not have to deal with tons of tourists. Since these districts a little bit off the radar, many people bypass it for towns or the islands in the Thai Gulf. You’ll have perfect weather and gorgeous peaceful beaches!

This gorgeous seaside town has been long celebrated as the best place for Thai people to unwind and relax on the weekends. Steeped in history, tradition and full of miles of sandy beaches, Hua Hin is a true gem! It also is off the “tourist radar”, so the beaches are much less likely to be swamped with people even during the high season. It is easily accessible from neighbouring Bangkok and Pattaya and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with the culture and charm of Pranburi and neighbouring Hua Hin!

Why Pranburi & Hua Hin?

Hua Hin and neighbouring Pranburi is one of Thailand’s best-kept secrets. The beaches of Pattaya and the neighbouring islands are always full of tourists, but Hua Hin and Pranburi has managed to stay pristine and lovely. There are miles of sandy beaches and warm, balmy tropical waters, as well as plenty of activities to suit any taste! Since it is not as touristy as some of the other beaches and resort towns in Thailand you can be assured that you’ll have a truly authentic experience and spend far less money than you would have in other touristic destinations.

Additionally, Hua Hin is a very special place for Thai people. The Thai royal residence, Klai Kangwon Palace is located in this town. Although visitors cannot access the palace, they can be assured that they are basking on beaches that are fit for the respected and revered Thai royal family. Hua Hin is truly fit for a king!

How to Get to Hua Hin?

There are plenty of ways to get to Hua Hin, especially if you’re starting in Bangkok. Some of the methods of transportation, like the train, will allow you to really soak in the gorgeous Thai countryside and get a better feel and appreciation for this majestic country!

By Train

When in Thailand, do as the Thais do and travel by train! This economical option is also one of the best ways to relax and take in the scenery. Trains leave regularly from Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Station and tickets can be purchased directly in Bangkok. You can even buy a round-trip ticket if you’d like, but most people prefer to ride one way. The train is a scenic option, but it also tends to move a little bit slower than other choices, so expect your journey to Hua Hin to take roughly five hours. Fortunately, there is plenty to see out of the window and Thai trains generally have plenty of vendors aboard. Why not indulge yourself with a little fresh coconut ice-cream or a cold coffee drink?

There are several different classes for Thai trains. Some of them have fans and others are air-conditioned with very comfortable seats. Choose the style that’s best for you and prepare to enjoy your ride to Hua Hin!

By MiniBus

Taking the MiniBus is a faster way to get to Hua Hin, but you’ll see a little less of the country. You can pick up the MiniBus from Bangkok, Rangsit, or Kanchanaburi. These buses are an economical and easy way to get to your destination, but be warned- they will not leave until all of the seats are full so you might have to wait for a few minutes. Once they’re on the road, MiniBuses tend to be a quick way to zip between destinations.

By Bus

Many people prefer to travel by bus, especially if they’re just entering the country. Thailand has several different types of buses, including VIP buses with air-conditioning and very comfortable seats. You can pick up one of these VIP buses at the Suvarnabhumi Airport and ride in style all of the way to Hua Hin.

VIP buses come equipped with washrooms and are specifically designed with the customer’s comfort in mind.

By Taxi

It is possible to take a taxi from Bangkok to Hua Hin, but you must negotiate the price in advance. Although taking a taxi is one of the more comfortable options, it is generally not so economical. On the positive side, when you’re riding in a taxi you are in full control of your journey and can make any necessary stops, or be taken directly to your final destination.



How to Get to Pranburi

Once you have arrived in Hua Hin, Pranburi is 29 minutes further down the road via Route 4


What Is There To Do In Hua Hin and Pranburi?

Hua Hin and Pranburi are beach-side towns, so there are plenty of water-related activities to take part in. You can rent jet skis or even go parasailing. Additionally, it is a historically important part of Thailand, so there is plenty to see from that perspective also.

Enjoy The Beautiful Beaches

Hua Hin’s beaches should be at the top of your list! There are plenty of gorgeous sandy beaches to choose from. Rent a sun chair, sit back with a cold drink and just take in the beauty of nature around you. The clear waters off Hua Hin are perfect for swimming also!

See Enchanting Waterfalls

If you need a little break from the beach and want to do some exploring, Pa La-U Waterfall is one of the best destinations to check out. It’s an hour and a half outside of Hua Hin but it is totally worth the trek or ride out! Pa La-U has eleven levels and the view from the top is one that you will not soon forget.

Trek up the waterfall and reward yourself with a cool dip in one of the waterfall pools. It is one of the best ways to spend the day in Hua Hin.

Get A Traditional Thai Massage

Thailand is famous for its massages. Any soreness or tension will be whisked away under the expert care of Thailand’s massage therapists! Best of all, these great massages are usually not expensive and some are even done right on the beach. There is no better way to relax and unwind than a Thai massage!

Visit Some Of Hua Hin’s Temples

Once you’ve had your fill of the beach and gotten an expert massage, it is time to check out some of Hua Hin’s temples. There are plenty to choose from, but one of the highlights is Wat Khao Sanam Chai, a pristine white temple with an amazing view. The climb up is rewarded by a truly majestic panoramic view that stretches for miles on either side of the temple.

Have A True Thai Experience

Hua Hin is not just bustling during the day! Step outside into the cool tropical breeze and see one of Hua Hin’s night markets. Night markets are a special treat for tourists because they offer a truly authentic Thai experience like no other. Taste some of Thailand’s best foods, prepared and served hot right before your eyes, buy some local souvenirs and even listen to some live Thai music.

Night markets are where local people come to socialise, eat and have a great time. All tourists should visit Thailand’s famous night markets because they will come away with a better sense of Thai culture! Visit the Hua Hin Night Market or The Grand Night Market for a true taste of Thailand.

Visiting Pranburi and Hua Hin between the months of November to January you are assured wonderful weather with plenty of sunshine and calm oceans! You can be also assured that the beautiful beaches of Hua Hin will not be teeming with tourists. This gorgeous place is one of the best kept secrets in all of Thailand!

Beach Resorts in Pranburi

Aleenta Hua Hin Resort in Pranburi is a beautiful resort with everything you may need. Ocean views, beautifully decorated rooms, comfortable beds and luxuries, pool fun, and welcoming gardens, it’s the perfect spot for families who want a safe and calm place to stay with kids or for couples looking for a romantic and peaceful getaway.

This resort is a tropical nirvana surrounded by swaying palm trees, white sands, and blue sea. Aleenta Resort and Spa has a total of 23 suites that are in an excellent group of beach villas. They have their distinct qualities with some of them showcasing thatched roofs while others have a rooftop deck.

The resort also has some pool suites, which have private plunge pools. Another type is the ocean view suite that will give you quick access to the waters since it is a few steps away from the sea.

Aleenta is the perfect place to relax where you can just lie in a hammock found on the terrace of the suite. From there, you can watch the waves splashing on the shore and perhaps you can enjoy listening to music at the same time from the hotel-supplied iPod. Another way to spend your time here is to join a cooking class where you can learn how to make Thai recipes. Who knows, you could become a master cook of these delicious dishes.


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