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Hua Hin, Thailand is consistently increasing in popularity for travellers from around the world with its unique events & festivals. The result is an explosion of new events including everything from vintage cars to elephant polo. Depending on the time of year you are travelling, Hua Hin can become crowded. Your best option is planning your trip including airfare and accommodations well in advance to enjoy the excitement.


Events & Festivals

Hua Hin Jazz Festival

Every June, jazz on the beach becomes a reality at the Hua Hin Jazz Festival. You can enjoy marvellous jazz musicians from across the globe including those from Thailand. The talent includes the United Kingdom’s Bill Bruford and Cuba’s Lazaro Valdes. As the sun sets in Hua Hin, you can watch performances on stage right on the beach. You can have a lot of fun at the many booths selling Thai crafts or offering to braid your hair. You can win incredible gifts through numerous sponsor promotions. All of Hua Hin participates, enjoys listening to smooth jazz on the beach and makes incredible memories. If you make your reservations ahead of time, you have your choice of many lovely hotels close to all of the events.

Thailand International Kite Festival

You can relax in the enchanting breezes of Hua Hin every March, April and May. The Thai’s have responded to the special breezes by flying gorgeous kites. The activity was so popular, it transformed into an annual tradition. As the winds blow, colourful kites fill the skies. You can watch the excitement of the competition. The best possible place you can be is at the Thailand International Kite Festival surrounding Cha-am. This will be the tenth year the beauty of the kites fills the skies in March. You will see an exceptional variety of kites including small kites, large kites, international kites and high tech kites. You can participate in a lot of different activities, games and contests all focused on the kites. There is so much more to enjoy than the kites because Cha-am will welcome you to the big event by providing sensational opportunities such as sightseeing and shopping to make certain you have a great time.

Hua Hin International Golf Festival

If you love playing a good game of golf, come to Hua Hin in August for the International Golf Festival. You can enjoy playing golf on six different local golf courses including the Palm Hills Country Club and Golf Resort, The Imperial Lake View Golf Club & Hotel and the Springfield Village Golf & Spa. During the big festival, you can enjoy a wide range of special events. You can play against the locals for the Ryder Cup or try to win one of the amazing prize draws. Participating golf courses even provide guests with special discounts. You will also enjoy the teachings of golf pros at the free golf swing sessions and the discounts offered for golf products by all of the courses. You can simply browse or purchase the golf products you want the most.

Preserve Hua Hin Run

Every April, the Hua Hin Heavy Half Marathon & Fun Run takes place at Hin Lek Fai Hill. The event is held to promote physical fitness, provide motivation and increase awareness regarding social sustainability and the environment. You can be a part of the important run beginning and ending at Hin Lek Fai Hill or participate as a cheering spectator. The route encompasses a steep incline of 800 meters. There are separate categories for different ages, men, women and 3 km, 10.55 km and 21.1 km runs.

Hua Hin Regatta

The most beautiful yachting regatta you will most likely see is in Hua Hin every August. The air is thick with excitement as more than 300 competitors attempt to win prizes for various classes. Visit the Hua Hin Naval Yacht Club to have the time of your life. You will be on the beach close to both Klai Kangwong Palace and The Sofitel Hotel. The event last year ran for a full three days, beginning each day at 10:00 a.m. There is no charge for watching the event.

Dragon Boat Racing

Come to Pranburi in November, just a little to the south of Hua Hin for amazing dragon boat racing. Watch the competition of the teams on the Pranburi River as they cover 1km. You will enjoy the power the teams have reached after practising for months.

Food Festival

Enjoy the delicious foods of Thailand every November during the Food Festival. The most famous hotels and restaurants provide a delectable assortment of food right off their menus. Have a beer while enjoying the amazing food in addition to magnificent entertainment. You will be riveted by the Thai cabaret offering talented dancers and singers. Browse through the cooking demonstrations, night bazaars and fresh seafood. Participate in a food contest or delight in the raucous cabaret. The Food Festival is one of the most popular events in Hua Hin.

Hua Hin International Cricket Sixes

Every April, Hua Hin hosts the International Cricket Sixes at the Dusit Resort grounds. For five days, teams consisting of sports enthusiasts, celebrities and test players of the past compete in the fun and exciting game of cricket. The action never stops as more than 13 teams from numerous countries including Thailand, Austria and Hong Kong engage in a thrilling competition. The event generally starts at 08:00 and continues until about 17:30.

Hua Hin Vintage Car Rally

If you love vintage cars, you will be amazed at the event the Tourist Authority, Vintage Car Club and Hoteliers of Thailand have created. The Hua Hin Vintage Car Rally is sponsored every year, featuring a parade including classic and vintage cars. The excitement begins in Bangkok at the Sofitel Central and wraps up at the Sofitel Central Resort in Hua Hin. All of the passengers and drivers look superb in attire from the 1920s. You can enjoy the 225km parade every December. Do not miss the conclusion of the event at the Sofitel featuring a 1920s party. The Sofitel is a glorious Victorian building constructed during King Rama VIs reign in the 1920s, close to the town centre. Despite the Thai concept of the Royal Waiting Room and the railway station in Hua Hin, the atmosphere is pure Victorian. If you are unable to arrive by train, make sure to visit the station anyway.

Hua Hin Loy Krathong

During the Thai calendar’s 12th month, Loy Krathong takes place when the moon is full. According to the western calendar, this is November 10th. The only event more important in Thailand is the New Year Songkran in April. The translation of Loy Krathong is a floating vessel. Traditionally, banana leaves are used to make the vessel. In modern times, the vessels are often constructed using synthetic materials. On every vessel, there is a candle, a flower and three sticks of incense. The candle and incense are lit prior to the vessel launching. According to Thai customs, you make a wish before the vessel launches. If the candle continues to burn until you are no longer able to see the vessel, your wish will come true. The tradition is believed to originate from Hindu traditions in India. The Hindu’s thanked the gods for the beginning of the rice harvest and the rain. The festival originated in Sukothai approximately 700 years ago to embrace the beliefs of the Buddhists. One of the traditional symbols of Buddha is a candle. The belief of modern Thai’s pertains to the symbolism of the Krathong floating away. The vessel then releases all bad feelings to enable life to begin fresh from this day forward. Phra Mae Khongkha or the Thai Goddess of Water is honored during the festival. If you can be in Hua Hin during this time, the festival is both beautiful and touching. A beauty pageant usually follows the festival, taking place in the town centre among fantastic firework displays. All of the people of Thailand go to some type of water including the sea, canals and lakes to launch their Krathongs. Numerous stalls are placed all over Hua Hin offering Krathongs for sale to enable you to wash away all of your troubles.

Kings Cup Elephant Polo

Elephant Polo originated in Nepal, coming to Thailand during 2001. Today, the social calendar in Thailand is filled with news about the exciting annual event. Visit the Somdet Phra Suriyothai grounds every September to watch the games in Hua Hin. Elephant Polo is held on a pitch the size of a football field. The Thai’s refer to the pitch as the biggest elephant in the game. Before the game beings, all of the elephants are blessed. The belief is a minimum of five guardian spirits are found within each individual elephant. There are generally 16 teams participating in the competition. Eventually, Elephant Polo may be granted full status by the Olympics.

Hua Hin Shellfish Festival

In July, the Market Village Shopping Center in Hua Hin offers the Shellsih Festival on the Center Court, G Floor. As a small town located next to the sea, Hua Hin has become famous for its large variety of shellfish. The Shellfish Eating Festival has been organised through the efforts of the Market Village, Hua Hin Municipality, the top resorts and hotels in Hua Hin, TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) and the Bangkok Shells Museu. Locals and tourists come together to enjoy the spectacular dishes featuring the freshest shellfish available in Hua Hin. Your mouth will water as you smell the tantalising aroma of the specialities being prepared by the local chefs. Not only can you purchase these delicious dishes, but there are also decorative and fashion items made using real shells for sale.

Hua Hin Isan Festival

You can enjoy the Hua Hin Isan Festival every November at the Sampan Club. The magical event lasts for just one night. There are displays and performances celebrating the traditions and cultures of Isan. The event includes music, dance and Isan food. You can indulge in chillies and sticky rice as you dance the night away.

Hua Hin Horse Festival

Come to Hua Hin Beach in July for the CHA am Horse Festival. The spectacular event is organised by the Horse for Rent Club, TAT and the Hua Hin Municipality. The exciting event takes place right on the beach with 20 to 80 km long racing routes directly in front of the Dusit Thani Hotel. The races feature three different groups. The first is the local group comprised of native Thais and foreigners residing in the country, the international group features riders from EFT and the regional group encompasses Malaysian riders including some of the neighbouring countries. There is a lot happening over the course of the event including a demonstration of child polo, numerous games, horse jumping and a sports car show. More than 100 horse riders come each year to join in the fierce competition. The area is filled with tourists and spectators cheering on the riders.

Kha Ta Reservoir Long Tail Boat Racing

Every December, you can watch the race for the King’s Cup at Khao Tao Reservoir. There are participants from many different provinces participating in the race. There are three different categories for large, medium and small boats. The spectacular oarsmen race for two full days. There has always been an important connection between the Thai people and the water. Racing long-tail boats is an essential part of this tradition. The race also showcases the life of rural Thai communities along the rivers. There are different trophies awarded for each category. The large boats compete for the King’s Cup, the medium boats for the Queen’s Cup and the small boats for the Sirindhorn’s Cup. If you enjoy a little excitement, do not miss the long-tail boat races.


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