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Everyone loves the holidays for the meals and the festive celebrations with the family. With Christmas just around the corner, you want to make this Christmas an unforgettable time. While in Phuket, Thailand, make your Christmas one of the most unforgettable experiences of your entire life. Christmas is filled with happiness and cheer. Phuket is a world-famous island, and there is a ton of offers waiting for you.

Phang Nga, Phuket at Christmas

When you look at Phuket to sum it up, the island displays a unique convergence between the classic culture in the Land of Smiles and a more westernized modern look that appeals to tourists. Along with that, you have a more multicultural city in Phuket where a variety of ethnics live in peace together. If you want an unforgettable Christmas, spend your day in Phuket old town and check out the Chino-Portuguese style buildings. Don’t forget to taste the local Phuket foods. Phuket has two areas where it is famous. First, it is known for its sunny weather and breathtaking beaches, and second, Phuket is known for its tasty local cuisine. If you want pancakes in the true local style, check out roti pancakes.

Crystal-Clear Waters and White Sand Beaches

Phuket has garnered a certain level of fame for its white sandy beaches and its crystal clear waters. You have no better place in the world to have a memorable Christmas with your loved ones, and imagine an exchange of gifts or doing a toast of champagne on the beach. Celebration here makes sense. The best part about Phuket is how you can have your favourite Christmas meals at the best Thai food restaurants. Phuket is home to world-class cuisine, and it ranges in price. You can feel assured that you will find what you want for your family, and over the holiday, a lot of Phuket adds specials and deals to save some extra cash. Phuket is a great bargain destination to have a holiday. Before you choose a restaurant, however, be sure that you reserve a table ahead of time. The last thing that you want is to find out at the last minute that your favourite restaurant has been booked solid.

Kick Back and Enjoy Christmas

While in Phuket, you have a wide range of possibilities for entertainment. This city has tons of entertainment venues, and their exclusive nightlife ensures that you keep a busy schedule. Travelling with the family, you could set some memories at the Phuket zoo. You could also enjoy yourself at the Siam Niramit, the Phuket Fantasea or check out the Cabaret Show at night. You could also check out the local Thai Kickboxing at the Bangla Boxing Stadium, which has become the national sport of Thailand. This deadly martial art has often been called the “Art of Eight Limbs” because the competitors use knees, kicks, punches and elbows to fight their opponents.

A Full Day on Christmas

You will enjoy a full day of fun and entertainment over Christmas, but your trip will only reach completion after you have spent the entire day with fun activities and having a great dinner. A great night’s sleep will be the perfect way to complete your day. Aleenta serves an elaborate Christmas dinner buffet, where you can flavor your palette with a diverse selection of cuisine from around the world. It is the perfect way to get into the festive mood, and you will see a lot of your favourite traditional Christmas favourites. Along with that, the hotel offers some alluring special promotions.

Christmas Weather in Phuket

Over December, Phuket rids itself of the rainy monsoon season, and the rainfall drops from the highs that came during the monsoon weather. You have an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, but the weather ranges anywhere from 23 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees Celsius. During the month of December, the temperatures start to drop and cool down for the coldest month of January. That is when your average temperature drops to just 22 degrees Celsius. Another advantage of monsoon season ending is how the humidity drops from October’s 90 percent to less than 70 percent.

When it comes to Phuket sunshine in December, you can expect an average of eight hours per day of sunshine, and that gives you plenty of time to spend outside over Christmas. If you are headed to Phuket a little before the Christmas season, you could take a Thai cooking class. Should you decide that you want a little pampering over the Christmas holiday, the traditional Thai massages would be a great way to unwind and feel renewed.

Fun Activities this Christmas Season in Phuket

With the available activities, you have a variety of different choices from a ride in a speed boat to jet skiing to resort experiences like snorkelling and fishing. Whitewater rafting has also picked up steam, and you have diving sites in Phuket that are considered among the world’s best. The region has crystal waters, rock formations and reefs. Not to mention, the local marine wildlife is colourful and an interesting way to spend your day. On the west coast of Phuket, the area has developed a solid reputation for surfing, and while this is nothing compared to Waikiki, every surfer will tell you that the west coast of Phuket boasts some of the best surf in Thailand. Imagine waking up Christmas morning to go wakeboarding at Kathu waterfall. This is one of the most challenging and interesting ways to spend Christmas. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the lake has two Sesitec Cable systems. You have one for beginners and one that goes all around the basin.

If you decide to holiday in Phuket, you will have no shortage of entertainment or memories this year. Phuket has both the western and the traditional Thai favourites, and why not spend a holiday immersed in another culture? You have a lot to see like the Kathu Mining Museum, and there are beautiful temples in Phuket like the Wat Srisoonthorn.

Phuket Resort

The beauty of Aleenta Phuket Resort in Phang Nga will take your breath away! Our Ocean View Lofts have a unique 2-floor design. High ceilings and glass walls give a sense of spaciousness. Pool Suites are bungalows directly on the beach. Each is complete with a private jacuzzi and terrace. Pool Villas are within steps of the beach.

This romantic setting features a bedroom, living room, terrace, and sundeck. Beachfront Suites accommodate a large group, with 3 private quarters that share a pool, lounge, dining room, and kitchen. Pool Residences are large, with a separate dining and living room, jacuzzi, and sundeck.

We offer both 1 and 2 bedroom residences, with the latter including a kitchen. Our Beachfront Villas feature 3 bedrooms, a modern kitchen, and a large dining and living area. All the above beachfront suites & villas include a private swimming pool with stunning views of the sea.

Our Grand Villa on Natai Beach has 3 bedrooms, 2 swimming pools, a kitchen, and large living room. A home theatre system provides access to movies-on-demand. Its indoor/outdoor sound system can be controlled from any room. You’ll also have your own private chef, 24-hour butler, and chauffeur.

The Grand Villa Satis is a 4-bedroom complex. The quarters span 2 floors. In addition to a fully-equipped, modern kitchen, this villa has an extensive outdoor entertainment area. The large deck holds loungers and umbrellas. A spacious pavilion provides a serene place to relax. A vast lawn invites sports and games. The Satis also features a private chef, 24-hour butler, and chauffeur.

Aleenta Phuket Festive Programs

Christmas’ Eve Dinner | 24 December

Location: The Edge Restaurant

Time: 7pm

Cost: THB 3,500++ per Adult, THB 1,200++ per Child

Premium Wine Pairing: THB 1,900++ Per Adult (4 glasses)

Join us for an evening of fun and festivities which includes carol singing form a local children’s choir, cookie making workshop and drawing competitions for kids. Enjoy your Christmas Eve buffet dinner including all the holiday favourites such as turkey, braised beef with balsamic, mulled wine and hot chocolate station and a visit by Santa Claus from the sea with awesome gifts for the children!

New Years Eve | 31 January

Location: The Edge Restaurant

Cost: THB 2,700++ per Adult, THB 1,350++ per Child

7pm till late

It’s a new year – what are you waiting for? Enjoy, experience and revel. Our event begins with a glass of Aleenta Pineapple martini on arrival, followed by a delightful Pak Nam Pran buffet dinner.

The night continues after dinner with a Fun music and dancing, taking you into the small hours of 2022. The dress code for the event is formal wear and white colour.


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