Healing Massage Therapy in Pranburi

Healing Massage Therapy in Pranburi - Ayurah Spa & Wellness Centre

Exploring these relaxing soothing and deeply healing signature massage therapies at Ayurah Spa & Wellness Centre to promote a sense of wellbeing by encouraging blood circulation and lymphatic flow improving muscle tone and skin texture.


Healing Massage Therapies


Ayurah Crown Chakra (30 minutes)

Clear your mind and relieve nervous tension with our stress leaving massage. Using relaxing strokes and thumb pressure on various outpoints on the head, neck and shoulders to stimulate and improve energy flow and blood circulation.

Back Relief (45 Minutes)

This massage has been specially created to relieve muscle tension and sooth away stiffness in the back. Using palm strokes loosen knotted muscles, while thumb pressure is applied to the meridian lines on the back, from the base of the skull down to the lower back, to relieve tension.

Foot Reflexology (60 minutes)

A number of reflex zones on the feet correspond to parts of the body, and by applying pressure to tight or “gritty” areas the corresponding body part will be stimulated and begin to heal itself. Reflexology is recommended to improved general health, to relieve tension and to aid blood circulation.

Fusion (60 Minutes)

Fusion massage therapy is a deep tissue massage that combination of Aromatherapy oil with Thai massage technique uses long palm and elbow strokes that flow from one to another seamlessly, releasing tension in the body and mind and creating a deep sense of relaxation and rebalancing of your element.

Sense Of Ayurah (60 Minutes)

Created exclusively for Ayurah Wellness Centre, our signature massage is deeply relaxing. Using slow, warm palm and thumb strokes, pressure is applied to key body pressure points to relieve tension and aid blood circulation, leaving you feeling content and rejuvenated.

Swedish (60 Minutes)

Swedish therapeutic massage therapy which concentrates on healing the body’s imbalances. This massage technique uses the thumb and heels of the palm to soothe aching muscles, aid blood circulation and relieve deep-rooted stress whilst restoring health and a feeling of well-being.


Thai Healing Treatment


Nuad Thai (60 minutes)

This traditional Thai massage energizes the body and mind. Using thumb and palm pressure to release muscular tension, and apply pressure to specific trigger points in the body. The technique involves some stretching to relieve stiff muscles and joints. A two-piece outfit is worn and no oil is used.


Thai Herbal Compress Massage (60 or 90 minutes)

Steamed herbal pouches from Thailand (called lookprakop) are pressed along the meridian points of the body providing comfort, relief, and encouraging absorption of energy through the herbs. Using traditional Thai mas-sage techniques, the hot compresses increase circulation and energy flow.


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