Is Hua Hin or Phuket Better?

Is Hua Hin or Phuket Better? - Aleenta Hua Hin Resort & Spa

If you are planning a trip to Thailand, two of the most beautiful places you can visit are Hua Hin and Phuket. Although one destination is not any better than the other, the best choice depends on numerous factors.

This includes:

  • If you are travelling as a family, a couple or by yourself
  • If you are getting married
  • If you are interested in a holiday on the beach
  • If you are a golf enthusiast
  • The activities you prefer


Hua Hin at Aleenta Resort

This luxury resort was where Aleenta began. Hua Hin is an ideal location if you have a family. You have your choice of 25 luxurious residences, many offering a private pool. You can walk to the beach with just a few steps for a day of family fun. Thailand offers you some of the most golden, pristine and sensational beaches in the world. If you decide to take your family to Bangkok, you are within a two and one-half hour drive. You will discover exceptional activities for your children in Hua Hin.

Visit the warm blue waters and shallow sand bars at a sensational beach. Your kids will love the shells they will find while splashing in the waters. There are delightful stands you can visit for a snack and something cold to drink. Kids adore the Amphawa Floating Market. You will arrive in a little wooden boat. The floating vendors offer local foods, toys, souvenirs and clothes. Do not miss the petting zoo farther down the canal.

Black Mountain Water park is another exceptional destination with water slides, a kid’s pool, a river and a wave pool. This is an incredible destination for children of all ages. Visit the Hatsadin Elephant Foundation to talk and walk with Asian elephants. Take an adventure riding an elephant for twenty minutes. You can feed them fruit after your ride. Then take the Khao Luang Cave Tour to see Buddha sculptures and golden Buddhas for an ethereal experience.

The Swiss Sheep Farm is unforgettable with green meadows, farm animals, a windmill, milk churns and breathtaking scenery. Your children can get to know sheep, goats, horses, alpacas, rabbits, chickens and horses. Your kids will lose track of time learning how to churn butter. Hua Hin is the right choice for an unforgettable family vacation.

Hua Hin at Aleenta Resort

If you have dreamed of a romantic wedding on the beach, visit Hua Hin. The resort has a wedding planner to ensure you wedding and honeymoon match your dreams. You can have your wedding in a beach side villa or an intimate wedding right on the beach. The design, venue, entertainment, catering, wedding dress, photography and activities are customised for an extraordinary wedding and the perfect honeymoon. Your guests will enjoy an exceptional vacation while you are immersed in your honeymoon.

The clear skies, shimmering waters and lush landscapes make this a spectacular destination for golf. One of the most popular destinations is the Banyan Golf Club. The golf course is unique because it was built on a once operational pineapple plantation. This set the stage for the ideal atmosphere. The golf course was constructed in 2008. Since then, the course has won numerous awards.

The Majestic Creek Country Club offers another excellent course with the hills of Hua Hin offering the perfect backdrop. This is one of the most challenging courses you will find in Thailand. This is the ideal choice if you want to push yourself to improve your game. This course has also won numerous awards as one of the best courses in the country. For the best game of golf you have ever played, visit Hua Hin.

Your entire family will enjoy the national parks, attractions and restaurants in Hua Hin. There are restaurants offering authentic Thai cuisine a few steps from the beach. You can enjoy a casual lunch, formal dinner and delicious seafood. The options at the Aleenta restaurant are amazing for every meal or just a snack. There are local and international options including delectable Asian soups and a Western-style brunch. You will enjoy a wide variety of egg dishes, grilled sea bass and coffees and teas.

Your entire family will enjoy international choices. Try wild prawn tempura, cucumber salad, spicy meatballs and crab potato cakes. Enjoy classic calzones and pizzas inspired by Thai chefs. Thai food emphasises rice and noodles with homemade ice cream for dessert. If you are interested in something new, relish in the taste of roasted pumpkin garlic soup, grilled feta cheese, poached salmon and lamb. The main ingredient in all Thai cooking is love.

Escape the crowds of Bangkok by visiting the national parks and local attractions. The Thai breezes and golden beaches will feed your soul. The wellness retreats are amazing for everyone. You can join one of the retreats to learn about herbs. You can even experience a personalised tour. If you love recreational activities, your experience will be unforgettable. The variety of water sports is phenomenal. Go water-skiing, sailing or windsurfing. Hua Hin is a better location for families and incredible golf courses. Both locations are amazing for a perfect wedding and honeymoon.


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Phuket at Aleenta Resort

The Aleenta Phuket Resort is about style, luxury and sophistication. This is a fantastic getaway for every couple. If you want to escape to the most gorgeous beaches in paradise, visit Phuket. You will be on the coast of the Andaman Sea among silky white beaches surrounded by a spectacular rain forest. Lose yourself in the culture and culinary tastes of Thailand, re-establish your bond with the beauty of nature and restore your soul.

The waters of Natai Beach are crystal clear. You can spend an afternoon snorkelling and observing the vibrant fish. The beaches are untouched. You can relax and simply soak up the warmth of the sun. Phuket offers you glorious tropical forests, majestic mountains, limestone formations, rushing waterfalls and pure enchantment. The sunsets in Phuket are a slice of heaven. Hike to a tall hill in Phang Nga Bay National Park to experience the yellows, reds and oranges of a Thai sunset. You will feel like you have reached the top of the world.

Experience the glory of a Phuket wedding on an exotic beach with the sparkling ocean in the background. You can say your vows in paradise with the sound of the waves as your music. Imagine a wedding gazebo with gauzy white curtains blowing in the breeze. The Aleenta Phuket Resort is calling to you with a dream wedding. Once you have said your vows, you will be in one of the most romantic locations in the world for your honeymoon. The resort has a wedding planner to ensure your reality exceeds your dreams.

You will adore the mall in Turtle Village. There are two stories of souvenirs, clothing and gifts. The whitewashed buildings are charming with restaurants, cafes and an ice cream shop. The central terrace is absolutely breathtaking. The grounds are graced with a lovely elephant statue and beautiful ornamental trees. You will be entertained all day with the five delicious restaurants, supermarket and twenty delightful shops.

Phuket at Aleenta Resort

The resort will make the arrangements for you to see the Thai Muang Turtle Sanctuary. This is an amazing haven protecting the native species of turtles. You will learn the reasons the population was threatened, and the programs being implemented to increase their numbers. The sanctuary is helping ensure these important and delicate creatures survive.

If you are interested in having an incredible adventure, the white-water rafting tour is offered by the resort. You will be with other adventurers as you explore the roaring rapids found in the rain forest. You will visit the Monkey Mountain temple. This mysterious location contains a spectacular cave with an enormous Buddha and his monkey companions. From there, you will return to the river for an exhilarating journey through the jungle.

The Buddhist religion focuses on caring for your mind, spirit and body. This is the place to come to enhance your mind, spirit and body. The Ayurah Spa provides everything you need to revitalise all three of these important temples. You will begin your wellness journey with a professional analysis and consultation. This encompasses both traditional and modern Thai methods.

Your assessment will enable you to determine which experiences and services are best for your needs. One of your most amazing options combines, meditation, yoga, a healthy culinary option and spa treatments. The focus of this program is on the power of holistic Thai well-being and health. This is an incredible, customised treatment. You have the opportunity to experience a complete renewal of your mind, soul and body. You can choose from group or private yoga, Muay Thai or Pilates for a marvellous approach to fitness.

This is more than just a vacation. You will escape from the stress of your daily life in an air conditioned studio. The retreat is safe, comfortable and offers incredible healthy meals, yoga, counselling, meditation and healing therapies for a deeper experience.

The temples of Phuket are extraordinary. Wat Mai Khai is a dormitory for monks including a monastery hall and chapel. The landscaping of the grounds is sensational. The lake around the temple is peaceful and serene. There are ornate carvings to enjoy with red and gold gilding on the temple facade. Inside of the monastery hall is amazing pillars around an elaborate altar. You will see statues, paintings and votive candles carefully placed in a jewel-like prism case. This is a sacred space.

Chinese immigrants constructed the temple complex of the Cherng Thalay Shrine. They arrived in the area for mining opportunities. The shrine was established so they could worship and ask for blessings and luck. Three of the five buildings are for religious services, another is the dormitory for the monks, with the last being the meditation hall. You will see Buddhist themed paintings and murals in all of the buildings.

Ao Phang NGA National Park is known for the limestone formations. You will lose yourself in the forty islands, forests, caves and cliffs. Visit the village of Rawai in Phuket. This is where people referred to as sea gypsies live. Prior to settling, these people were nomadic. The majority of sea gypsies are pearl divers or fishermen. Immerse yourself in the joys of their traditional lifestyle. The Floating Festival takes place in June and November, This is when they launch boats for warding off the evil spirits.

Phuket is the best location for spas, wellness and glorious beaches. You can immerse yourself in the luxurious comfort of the resort, the delicious Thai foods, the golden beaches and water sports. From adventure to wellness to relaxation, Phuket is the ideal destination.


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