Romantic Resort In Hua Hin

Romantic Resort In Hua Hin - Aleenta Hua Hin Resort & Spa

Aleenta began with this luxury boutique resort in Pranburi. You can choose from 25 sensation residences, which offer a shimmering private pool. Every suite is just a few steps from the beach with a magnificent view of the Gulf of Thailand. The Aleenta Hua Hin Resort is located on the golden sands of Pak Nam Pran Bay, just a two-and-a-half-hour drive south of Bangkok. The perfect romantic resort for a weekend break, holiday, wedding or honeymoon.

A wedding planner is available onsite to make sure your wedding, honeymoon, celebration or renewal of vows is pure magic. Starting in November of 2020, you will receive an extensive spa menu at no additional charge. Everything is included in your room rate. You are guaranteed two spa treatments every day during your stay so you can relax and enjoy Hua Hin. You can replenish your soul and nourish your body with tranquillity and exciting activities.

Explore the natural beauty all around you, ride the waves, and enjoy the sweetness of local fruits and crisp vegetables, the enticing sounds of nature and the fresh clean air of Thailand. The main resort is right on the beachfront with charming white-washed buildings, palms swaying in the breeze and classic thatched roofs. This is an intimate escape with sensational ocean views, private gardens and comfortable villas.


Cheek to Cheek Package

The Cheek to Cheek package is ideal for spending two nights and three days in paradise. Enjoy a sumptuous villa or suite, golden sands, soft breezes and all of the following:

  • You will receive a refreshing cocktail when you arrive
  • Gourmet breakfast every day
  • One romantic dinner for two
  • One massage for every person
  • Roundtrip transfer to the airport

This package is not available between December 23rd and January 2nd.

Aleenta Hua Hin Wellness

Hua Hin is the royal escape of Thailand. Throughout history, travellers from all over the world have been fascinated by Thailand. You will experience the ideal combination of revitalisation and relaxation in beautiful tropical surroundings. Although tranquillity comes first, you can indulge in romantic encounters and exciting adventures in the beauty of nature.

A wellness retreat offers you deep spiritual wellbeing. The longer you stay in Pranburi, the better you will feel. If your regular life is filled with stress and tension, you can overcome them in Hua Hin. Aleenta Resort has won awards for its signature wellness retreats in Pranburi. Once you achieve inner balance and wellness you will be transformed by your journey.

During your stay, you can enjoy traditional techniques for healing, ayurvedic principles and yoga. The focus of a wellness retreat is everything you need to enhance your sense of well-being. Focusing on both your body and mind is important to restore the natural rhythm and critical energies of your body. Healing yourself spiritually, physically and emotionally is possible due to moments of stillness.

As you start to feel better, your self-awareness can be refined to enable you to release your anxiety and reach the next level. The Aleenta Resort helps you reach spiritual wellbeing by taking the middle path to bring everything back into harmony including your spirit, mind and body. You are most likely not practicing enough moderation in your life regarding the way you do things.

If you do not attain moderation, your life can quickly spin out of control. Aleenta shows you how to take the middle path to find true happiness. Your path to happiness needs to be sustainable. Your feeling of wellness is a part of the happiness you feel at any given moment. This is the approach Aleenta believes leads to holistic wellbeing.

You can take advantage of several different angles to achieve wellbeing through the unique techniques available including managing stress, finding satisfaction in your life and having a sense of purpose. When you release yourself from the daily grind of life, you find feelings of true happiness. You may no longer be seeking new experiences, leaving your comfort zone or growing as an individual.

You have the opportunity to learn a new culture and experience something romantic, exciting, and new while improving your wellness at the same time.

Intimate Sunset Canapes

One of the most romantic experiences you can have is enjoying chilled sparkling wine and canapes on Buddha blessing hill. Your hamper is prepared specially for an intimate sunset. You will enjoy a tuk-tuk as you travel the few minutes from the resort to Khao Kalok Hill. The climb to the top is short and leads to an exclusive viewpoint overlooking the majestic Pranburi forest. The only way you can enjoy this intimate and romantic experience is through the Aleenta Resort.

Visiting the Wildlife Rescue Centre

If you love animals, this is your opportunity to see the most majestic creatures of Asia including tigers and elephants during your trip to Thailand. This attraction does not harm the animals through poor living conditions, abuse or neglect. The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand runs the Wildlife Rescue Centre in Hua Hin. The land the temple is built on was donated by the Kao Look Chang temple.

The generous donation enables a variety of exotic and wild animals to roam freely. Captivity has been eliminated to enable you to enjoy these spectacular animals without becoming a part of their exploitation. You will be taught about animal conservation and care during your unforgettable visit.

Monsoon Valley Vineyards

The slate and loamy-sand terrain of these vineyards combined with the consistent ocean breeze enables several varieties of international grapes to grow and thrive. You can take a guided tour of the vineyard while learning how grapevines grow in a tropical climate. Your package includes:

  • Welcoming drink of fresh grape juice
  • Tour of the vineyards
  • Meeting and greeting the elephants
  • Three wine tastings for adults including tapas
  • Three bottles of Gelosteiner still water
  • One complimentary bottle of Sparkling Brut Prestige

You can also enjoy one of the popular Monsoon Vally Wines by visiting the restaurant after your tour. Your meal includes some delightful local flavour.

Kitesurfing in Thailand

You can ride the waves and experience a surge of adrenaline while kitesurfing. Nothing is quite as freeing or thrilling as the power of the waves and wind while flying across the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. The IKO schools have received international approval and its students can be certified. If you are a beginner, the Hua Hin Resort can introduce you to kitesurfing. If you are an advanced kitesurfer, you can ride the waves right in front of the resort.

Sam Phan Nam Floating Market

Whether you are recently married, enjoying a romantic honeymoon or visiting Thailand with your friends, partner or family for nature, scenery, delicious food, historic temples, or relaxation, take a day to visit the floating market. The original design of the market is a representation of the unique history and architecture of Hua Hin. The Sam Phan Nam Floating Market is almost completely the same as the historical Hua Hin.

Everything you will see in the market is a beautiful representation of the way Hua Hin looked during the 1920s. This includes the railings, signposts, tiles on the roofs and folding doors. The largest floating market located anywhere in Asia is the Sam Phan Nam. The atmosphere you experience is an excellent representation of the King Rama VII Rattanakosin period.

The Sam Phan Nam Floating Market and the Ayotha Floating Market are similar because both had the same organiser. Both markets were constructed in areas where markets and water are rare. You will find them located directly on the pineapple fields. You can spend hours or even days exploring the market and still not see and do everything. The location of the Hua Hin Floating Market is on a man-made canal.

Many of the charming shops are right along this little canal. The upscale market offers you a nice variety of quaint shops selling beautiful Thai handicrafts, tasty Thai sweets and treats, drinks and delicious food. There is even a petting zoo filled with delightful goats and sheep both children and adults will appreciate. The market is unique due to the combination of Thai mall and classic California architecture.

Despite the unusual combination, it works extremely well. You can take pictures and enjoy a romantic stroll or a Thai paddleboat or boat. The lake outside the market has black and white swans and ducks frolicking in the waters. There are 193 unique shops and 40 rowboats at the Sam Phan Floating Market. The area around the market offers majestic mountains and a natural water source.

Go to the back of the market to find a good replica of the train station and a mini-train for tourists. Despite the lack of a fishing pier, you can still see a few fishing boats. You can take some great photos by climbing onto any of the moored boats.

Visiting Hua Hin

No matter what your reason is for staying at the Aleenta Resort in Hua Hin, you will not want to leave once your vacation is over. Thailand is a beautiful and romantic country offering an exceptional number of options. You can take advantage of the cultural and historic attractions, enjoy the wide range of water sports, have romantic Thai dinners and simply spend time in your villa.

The resort will ensure you have the perfect wedding and honeymoon, make unforgettable memories and look forward to returning. Thailand has everything you could desire in a vacation. All you have to do to begin is make your reservation at one of the most beautiful resorts in the country.


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