Sustainability at Aleenta Hua Hin Resort

Celebrating the community,
culture and environment that make our resort special

From the moment we began building Aleenta, our guiding principles have been to respect the environment and to cultivate practices that have a positive impact on our planet as well as the communities who host our hotels and our guests.


We strive to lessen our carbon footprint by blending traditional practices with modern technologies so that we can provide memorable experiences that our guests can feel good about.

The following highlights illustrate our commitment to being a leader in sustainable, ethical and community focused hospitality.


We began removing single-use plastics in our guest rooms and dining outlets long before it was trendy!


  • we provide guests with bathroom amenities in refillable ceramic dispensers; avoiding thousands of plastic bottles along the way.
  • glass water bottles in the villas ensure less waste (thousands of plastic bottles avoided) and better water quality to keep our guests hydrated.
  • smoothies, juices & cocktails are sipped through gorgeous glass straws (paper on request).
  • the complimentary footwear provided in villas are made from cotton and are professionally washed; ensuring they are reused not refuse!

Guest amenities (soap, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and spa products) are 100% natural and made exclusively for Aleenta by a local supplier using locally sourced essential oils and with ZERO chemical perfumes, parabens or animal testing.


  • for guests who would like to take something home, the locally-made celadon containers used in the rooms, and the amenities themselves, are available for purchase in our refill boutique, Galleria. Guests who have their own bottle(s) can buy as much or as little as desired, from organic shampoo to body wash to mosquito repellant.

While reducing waste generation is our first priority, minimising what is sent to landfill, or incinerated, is equally important. We take great pride in our efforts to:


  • compost food and organic waste into nutrient rich fertiliser for our garden and landscaping.
  • sort plastics, paper and metals for recycling.
  • sort glass and wood for reuse and / or recycling.
  • non-biodegradable plant oil is recycled for sustainable biodiesel and eco-friendly aviation fuel, redefining the essence of green hospitality.
  • donate aluminium cans to the Prostheses Foundation (Chiang Mai) which produces artificial limbs. To date, they have given new life to over 20-thousand amputees … for free!
  • The resort’s low rise design was carefully planned to protect the local ecosystem and preserve the views of the peaceful surroundings; all contours, soil, trees and natural water resources were kept either in their original form or utilised with minimal change.
  • We use responsibly sourced natural materials, such as engineered woods, that help us prevent deforestation, reduce waste generated (the engineered woods last about 5x longer than pure hardwoods), and improve interior air quality by avoiding products that off-gas dangerous VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) commonly found in synthetic materials and the finishing treatments often used on pure hardwoods.

To minimise the impact of water usage on our neighbouring communities:


  • every villa has its own water treatment system; utilising microorganisms and enzymes rather than harsh chemicals to treat the water.
  • floating aerators oxidate the water in storage ponds, promoting good bacterial growth.
  • we maintain healthy water gardens by using a variety of aquatic plants that absorb carbon dioxide and oxygenate the water; keeping it clear, with less algae, and allowing our fish to thrive.
  • treated water is analysed monthly by a professional laboratory to ensure quality and safety.
    • water released back into the environment meets or exceeds government standards
    • the government reviews waste water treatment as part of our annual license renewal
  • to conserve freshwater supplies:
    • grey-water is used for watering gardens and landscape
    • water remaining in drinking bottles is used for potted plants
  • The water heating system was designed to ensure guests can enjoy hot water while minimising heat loss and electricity usage by:
    • using copper pipes rather than steel or PVC.
    • insulating all the water heaters.
    • capturing heat from air conditioning systems to help heat the water.

To reduce our use of carbon based electricity and fuels we:


  • designed the buildings to maximise natural daylight usage.
  • coated all those glass windows and doors with Solar Guard film (St.Gorbain ©), thereby reducing 60% heat transmission, 99.9% of UV and keeping the rooms cooler without the need to constantly use air-conditioning.
  • have budgeted for solar panels to be installed within five-years.
  • fitted public areas with motion detectors to reduce energy use when no one present.
  • installed landscape lighting that is solar powered and timer controlled.

We have embedded ourselves into the local community by:


  • hiring locals and giving them the opportunity to make their community proud.
  • organising regular beach cleanups throughout the year.
  • supporting local marine research and conservation via our charitable foundation, Pure Blue, which sponsors two turtle sanctuaries; Koh Kloi and Thai Mueang.
  • purchasing from local businesses, thereby contributing to the local economy and reducing the pollution and waste needed to transport goods from abroad or even other provinces.

As a small, luxury hotel, we focus on ensuring our guests are provided with genuine and ethical opportunities to experience the exceptional range of activities that surround us.


  • complimentary wellness programs such as yoga, tai chi and meditation blend local expertise with stunning hillside and ocean views.
  • we offer guests a ‘taste’ of the local flavour with interactive learning experiences such as a tour of our 25-acre organic farm that includes helping to collect eggs from our free-range chickens, learning to extract aloe vera sap and folding pandan leaves, as well as cooking classes.
  • our ‘Anti-Animal Exploitation Policy’ means we do not sell tickets, accept commissions or in anyway promote tours and shows that exploit animals (i.e. elephant rides, tiger or dolphin shows).
  • we do promote rewarding and immersive experiences such as visiting Thailand’s first marine park, Khao Sam Roi Yot. Guests can explore incredible mangroves, assist park rangers with reforestation projects and learn about this amazing ecosystem which sustains countless marine species.
    A fee of THB30 (<US$1.00) is required for every tree planted; this directly funds further environmental projects within the park.  For guests who require transportation to / from the park, we can arrange for a nominal cost.

Our chefs not only source locally and ethically to ensure fresh and authentic flavours, they also grow more than 50 herbs as well as seasonal vegetables in our dedicated organic garden. The items we grow are used!


  • in the kitchen to prepare exquisite Thai dishes as well as international cuisine; ensuring nutritional value and flavours are maximised.
  • by the mixology team to create unique infusions for refreshing and innovative cocktails.
  • at the spa to prepare our in-house oils and lotions used for soothing and healing in signature treatments such as scrubs, wraps and massage therapy.
  • For guests who are vegan or simply trying to reduce their meat consumption, we have a diverse menu of healthy, delicious and ethical options that will calm the conscience and tantalise the tastebuds!

What Others Say

Stephanie T.
Stephanie T.
Best stress-relieving massage! Best stress-relieving massage i've ever had! Went to see K. Aor hoping she could help with chronic stiffness and soreness in my shoulders.... And she knew just what to do. Her deep tissue massage was amazing and made such a difference in reducing muscle tension. My shoulders finally feel relaxed again! K. Aor was professional and extremely knowledgeable - she even recommended a series of simple stretching exercises to do at home to keep my shoulders limber. I can't wait for my next massage with K. Aor! Next time, I will schedule my massage on the first day of our stay so that i can squeeze in more massade treatments at Ayurah Spa!
Perfect Private Pool Villa Staycation With a size of 141 square meters, a daybed, and a sizable private pool, the Grand Deluxe Pool Villa is a fantastic value if you're looking for a private pool villa vacation. It is, in my opinion, perfect for extended stays and romantic getaways for couples. The resort places a great value on wellness and spa, and this is clear from their extensive massage, yoga, and pilates programs to their wellness dining selection. I've participated in yoga and full body massage, and I'd definitely suggest doing so at least once while you're here. A lot of healthy options are available for a la carte breakfast at Aleenta Phuket, including bircher muesli, poached eggs with salmon and avocado, a super bowl with quinoa and chia seeds, and a variety of omelette and traditional breakfast options. I thought the breakfast was generous, and you can always get more if you're still hungry. The main pool is the best spot to be if you want to enjoy the beach and sea view. There are sundecks and an area with shade at the main pool if you want to cool off. While in the pool, you can also sip on beverages and cocktails. Your holiday will start soon after you land because the resort is just 25 minutes from the Phuket airport.
Kadambini S
Kadambini S
The perfect holiday Fantastic location. Fantastic food. They made sure we get pure Jain food in every meal. And they offered us all the variety possible. We stayed at the Ocean Front villas. They were huge and beautiful. Not very far from the main restaurant and common pool and beach. Just a few flight of stairs. Chef Ake made sure he prepared authentic Thai red curry and green curry, fried rice, spicy noodles and pizza, nachos and Pasta. Reception staff- Nusri and Noo also knew Jain food very well and were very very helpful. The location was great, but the hospitality just took it a notch higher. Special mention to the restaurant staff. They are just so sweet and helpful and always smiling. They get us cold ice water whenever we are under the sun even without asking. Something to remember: There are no buggies. The Deluxe pool villas are on the other side of the beach completely. They are very nice rooms, but are far from the beach. The hotel is quite far from Patong and 20 minutes from Patong. There’s no night life around this place. So be sure you want to just have a relaxing beach holiday. Tip: DO NOT MISS THE SUNSET FROM THE BEACH AT THE HOTEL. It is unreal on a clear day.
Blissful and Peaceful This is our fifth time back here and as always, Aleenta never fails to impress and amaze. This time round, we chose the grand deluxe villa(villa 704) which is across the road, a newer development and away from the beach facing suites and pool villas that we normally stay in. The grand deluxe is spacious, simple but classy, clean and neat that come with its private pool and lots of surrounding greenery providing adequate privacy. Very simply, comfort, good food, relaxing massages, a nice and quiet golden sand beach, solitude, bliss and tranquility, a recipe we always look for are all here. Service as always is spot on, nothing is too much and going the extra mile for customers as we know all along have always been synonymous with Aleenta. Credit to the front office manager(pardon me for overlooking your name) who was always cheerful and at hand to provide all the info and support we needed planning the next leg of our trip. Also on one of the nights where it was close to midnight and we ran out of drinks at our villa, a staff member open up the bar again and replenish our alcohol supply even though he was officially off duty. That was very much appreciated. Obviously there will be some minor inconveniences as happened to us with the intermittent Wi-Fi disconnection and sudden disruption of water supply at the spa while having our massages. But if you are a regular visitor to Phuket, we should know by now that these are all special peculiar characteristics associated with the whole of the island. All said, we are pretty sure it will not be long that we will set foot on Aleenta again.
Lisa Albegger
Lisa Albegger
Wunderschöner Ruhepol Wir dürften zwei Wochen in dieser schönen Anlage verbringen: Hier dreht sich alles um das Thema Wasser. Beinahe jedes Zimmer, Suite oder Villa verfügt über einen eigenen Pool - auch der Hauptpool ist wunderschön. Wir waren in den the sea view lofts über 2 Etagen untergebracht und - nachdem in der Regenzeit natürlich das Hotel nicht voll ist - hatten wir den riesigen, ich glaube über 30 m langen, Pool mit direktem Zugang für zwei Wochen nur für uns alleine Das Essen im Hotel Restaurant ist sensationell auch das servierte Frühstück mit den à la carte Gerichten. Alle Mitarbeiter waren sehr zuvorkommend freundlich und haben uns eine besondere Zeit beschert. Wir hatten Riesenglück: In zwei Wochen hatten wir eine Woche strahlenden Sonnenschein, zwei Tage Regenwetter und ansonsten war es einfach nur wolkig und das zur absoluten Regenzeit. Ideal um ruhige Zeit zu verbringen, bei Ausflügen sind ganz wenige Menschen, es ist nicht viel los und dennoch ist die Infrastruktur perfekt. Der Strand ist menschenleer und wunderschön… ich glaube wir haben den perfekten Zeitpunkt gewählt …PS: Wer die Gelegenheit nutzen möchte um sich einen perfekten Maßanzug nähen zu lassen der ist auch hier bestens beraten - die Empfehlung des Hotels war ein Volltreffer wunderschöne Blusen, perfekte Hemden und Anzüge zu einem sehr guten Preis
Perfect Holidays at Paradise Perfect all everything. foods, locations and staff service, we fell in love the paradise here, we will be back next time, highly recommended for quiet and relaxing place. We appreciated for all they have been willing to serve us to be the best !!!
Mel Loh
Mel Loh
Amazing Getaway from the City! Came here with my partner in end Jul 2022 without realising it's monsoon season in Phuket! Luckily for us it barely rained except for 1-2 nights :) Our stay at Aleenta was amazing - the service was impeccable from the driver, to front desk, to restaurant staff, to the hotel manager Noo. The airport transfer was a breeze, car was huge and they even provided a cold towel and cold water in the vehicle. Check in was smooth, they had an app that you can use to request for things like ice bucket and housekeeping. The app was a little buggy but I appreciated the idea and it was useful. The room was perfect - small pool, lounge area, huge bathroom and super soft bed. The room was a bit dated and could probably use some renovation but it was still a great stay - and I love how they lighted lemongrass (?) candles for us before we entered the room! Breakfast was great and everyone is always friendly - also, try their dinner! Food was superb. Overall, it was a really comfortable stay and we enjoyed being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One small point to note is that the area lacked amenities such as mini-marts and 7-11s and just general food options and the only food you can get would be from the resort restaurant or the 1 cafe in the area. We walked ~1 hour to the nearest 7-11. If you're looking for shopping, or nightlife, or exploration, this may not be the resort for you, but if you're looking for a getaway and to spend some quality time with your loved ones, this would be a perfect choice :) (PS: After our trip, we thought the perfect fit would be 2 nights in Phuket City/ Patong and 2 nights here to rest and relax.)
A Great Choice for Romantic Couples Getaway This review is about the stay at Grand Deluxe Pool Villa. 1) Arrival Airport transfer was pre-arranged, the driver greeted us with our name card at the Phuket airport. It took about 30 minutes to reach the resort from the airport. Once we reached the resort we were greeted by the staff and went through the check-in process that was seamless. 2) Grand Deluxe Pool Villa The villa is just the right size at 140sqm offering plenty of space for a couple and the private pool is quite large as well. The palms and lush greenery certainly add to the tropical vibes holiday and we could easily spend most of our day at the villa enjoying in-room dining and sipping wine. In addition, you can literaly walk into the pool directly from the bedroom. The villa also offers complete privacy if you prefer to sunbathe topless. 3) Breakfast A large hotel chain may offer a larger spread of choices for a breakfast buffet but we found that the a la carte breakfast menu at Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa had plenty of choices and you can order as many dishes as you want. It's a different type of experience, so that is entirely up to your preference. For this trip we aimed to have a more private stay and also had a very nice floating breakfast served at our villa. 4) Spa and Yoga There is a dedicated Spa at the resort and I can recommend the aroma oil message that was very relaxing and comparable to other top spa experiences we've had in Thailand. For a bit of exercise and and felixibility exercise we booked a Yoga session which was just as great. 5) Beachfront area, main pool and restaurant The resort also has the main large pool where you can enjoy cocktails and gaze into the sunset. Restaurant is next to the main pool and a romantic candle light dinner can be arranged on the beach as well. In summary, I think the stay at Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa was well worth it, I think it is especially suitable for couple's who are looking for a private getaway offering a lage private pool villa and I will certainly be returning for another holiday.
Relaxing Getaway at Aleenta Phuket! We had a wonderful 6 days at Aleenta! Service was impeccable and staff were all friendly ;) We were assisted by Noo who was very helpful and welcoming during our stay and was patient and detailed in explaining the various tours to us! Aleenta also offers transport to and from various attractions which are very comfortable. We were given good recommendations by Wan of what to eat and do ag the Phuket night market! Restaurant and housekeeping staff were very pleasant and helpful as well. Highly recommend this resort for a relaxing getaway! Thank you Aleenta! raeanne & valencia
First trip since 2020! Had a wonderful stay at the Aleenta, villa was spacious and well-equipped. Staff were friendly, helpful and warm. We were well looked after and had lots of fun, enjoyed our 6 days here very much! they offer tours and transport which are clean and very pleasant! Service here is wonderful and we will definitely be back! Highly recommend! xx, Valencia and RaeAnne