Serene Wellness Retreats on the Shores of the Andaman Sea

Serene Wellness Retreats on the Shores of the Andaman Sea - Ayurah Spa & Wellness Centre

Thailand’s home-grown luxury boutique resorts invite guests to start the new decade in style with a series of Wellness Retreats on the pure shores of the Andaman Sea. Whether your New Year resolves to improve your physical fitness or achieve a better mental and spiritual balance, these rewarding wellness retreats will help create the new you in 2021.

Martin Heather, the group’s new resident wellness practitioner, has teamed up with Kanchalika “Lak” Meesuk, the Phuket-based professional spa practitioner, to craft a collection of retreats that blend the techniques of meditation, yoga, massage, sound healing and more.

Based at Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga Resort & Spa and akyra Beach Resort Phuket, the twin boutique hideaways on Natai Beach, Martin and Khun Lak are inviting guests to leave the stress and strain of city life behind them and unwind in an ambience of serenity and spirituality, overlooking the endless ocean. In this stunning setting, guests can relax, renew their senses and restore the equilibrium between mind, body and soul.

Five distinct Wellness Retreats are available, including a full schedule of activities, spa treatments, healthy meals and luxurious accommodations. The three-day Pause and Restore Wellness Retreat is designed to reconnect guests with nature through a customised selection of yoga and meditation sessions, massages, healthy vegetarian meals and more. All guests will also be given a personal wellness consultation and free time to relax and soak up the spectacular scenery.

Alternatively, the four-day Mind Balance Wellness Retreat harnesses the ancient wisdom of traditional Thai medicine to balance nature’s elements and the body’s chakras. The programme focuses on three key areas: mind purification, body rejuvenation and health balance, to leave you feeling fully refreshed and revitalised.

Guests seeking a deeply cleansing experience can opt for the Total Purifying Wellness Retreat. Offered as a three-, five- or seven-day package, this rejuvenating experience starts with a professional health check-up and element analysis, before designing a personal journey of private yoga classes, spa treatments, three daily healthy meals, oxygen therapy and more.

The Yin Yoga & Meditation Wellness Retreat has been developed exclusively by Martin Heather, a renowned yin yoga expert, and comprises both introductory sessions and full classes that stretch the body, stimulate energy and boost qi flow. This is accessible to everyone, regardless of ability level, health or physical condition, and can be taken at the student’s own pace – perfect for those just starting out on their New Year’s resolution.

Finally, Aleenta’s Bespoke Wellness Retreats offer the unique opportunity for guests to tailor programmes to suit their specific requirements, both physically and emotionally. Whether the aim is to rejuvenate the body or ease the mind, our wellness experts help every individual to develop their daily routines.

We always strive to provide havens of tranquillity for guests who want to regain their natural balance and inner calm. With the end of the decade almost upon us and 2020 approaching fast, there is no better time to start planning the ‘new you’. Our new Wellness Retreats allow you to leave the tension of 2019 behind and enter the new decade with renewed purpose. By working with our expert wellness practitioners, guests can focus on reviving their body and mind and achieving all their personal goals.

Special wellness retreats can be arranged for individuals and groups, and a choice of luxurious accommodation is available.


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