When is the Best Time to Visit Phang Nga

When is the Best Time to Visit Phang Nga - Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa

Located off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea, the beautiful island of Phuket is a popular tourist attraction for those looking for a blend of paradise and fun. The island used to be along a major trading route between India and China, growing their economy from tin and rubber; however, the focus now is tourism and drawing people from all over the world to experience their breathtaking beaches and bustling towns. Even though it is the second smallest province of Thailand, tourists will find plenty of luxury resorts, restaurants, and activities to fill up their itinerary dotted along the island’s 220 miles of natural beauty.

If you’ve never been to a destination like Phang Nga and Phuket, you may be wondering when the best time of the year is to plan your getaway. Islands like Phuket appeal to tourists of every kind, as it has plenty of outdoor activities as well as lots of things to explore in the city. Depending on how you like to have fun, you may want to consider what the island is like throughout the year.

The Best Time to Visit Phang Nga & Phuket

If you are planning a beach holiday then November to February are your ideal times, however if you intend to spend a bit more time exploring the area and not to bothered with rain then May to October are wetter months, with September being on average the wettest month. Its worth noting that although September is the wettest month, there is still an average of 5 hours of sunshine a day.

Month High Temp (avg) Low Temp (avg) Rainfall (avg)
Daily Sunshine (avg)
January 31deg C 23deg C 3.56 cm 9 hrs
February 32deg C 23deg C 3.05 cm 9 hrs
March 33deg C 24deg C 3.81 cm 9 hrs
April 33deg C 25deg C 16.26 cm 8 hrs
May 31deg C 25deg C 34.80 cm 6 hrs
June 31deg C 26deg C 21.34 cm 5 hrs
July 31deg C 25deg C 26.42 cm 6 hrs
August 30deg C 26deg C 26.16 cm 6 hrs
September 29deg C 24deg C 41.91 cm 5 hrs
October 30deg C 24deg C 30.48 cm 6 hrs
November 30deg C 24deg C 20.83 cm 7 hrs
December 31deg C 23deg C 5.08 cm 8 hrs


The beginning of the year is the ideal and most popular time to visit Phang Nga and Phuket. With a lack of rain and an abundance of blue skies, the weather in January is perfect for playing on the beach during the day and dancing the night away at a beach resort. Just take note that since this is the most popular time to travel to Phuket, the island will be pretty crowded, so travelling into town from the outskirts may be somewhat of a hassle. Also, airfare and hotel prices can be at the highest peak.


February still ushers in beautiful weather with low humidity to the island of Phuket and the Phang Nga province. The waters of the sea are calm which makes it perfect for a swim or a boat tour. Tourists are still plentiful in February, so expect a busy a nightlife scene when enjoying Phuket after dark. You may also be able to land a great discount on hotels during this month if you book a last-minute trip and the hotels are looking to fill their rooms. Remember to give yourself plenty of time getting around town as the roads will still be rather congested in town.


Temperatures in March tend to rise a little and because the days are still sunny, it feels much warmer than January and February. The rainfall during the month stays relatively low, so March is still a good time to visit Phuket. Also, the tourist season starts to dwindle a little and the hotels around the island begin offering reduced nightly rates to draw people in. Imagine a day of diving into the sea to cool off and then heading into the city for shopping in Old Town Phuket and partying after hours. Even though the tourist crowd gets smaller than the earlier month, take your time as you navigate around town.


April tends to be the warmest month in temperatures in Phang Nga and around Phuket; it’s also the time of year just before monsoon season begins, so you’re more likely to get caught in a shower than the earlier months in the year. However, because it’s so warm, it’s a great time to experience the Songkran water festival, which is the traditional way to welcome the Thai New Year. One of the traditions during the 7-day celebration is to be doused in water, so you can stay cool (albeit drenched) while exploring the city. Because of the chaos a New Year celebration can bring, take caution while travelling around town as the accident rates during Songkran are really high. It’s recommended to book a hotel within walking distance during the festival to avoid having to travel by motor vehicle, or to book a hotel outside of the city if you’re looking to avoid the busy celebration scene.


The monsoon season begins in mid-May and typically lasts through October. During this time, the average monthly rainfall is anywhere between 21-42 cm. Although May is one of the wettest and most humid months, the temperatures typically drop a little to offset the rain you may experience while there. Since tourist rates drop dramatically beginning this month, you may be able to find an extremely affordable trip package or a great hotel special offers. If you plan to travel this month, try to book your trip in the first half of May so you can increase your chances of having sunnier weather when you’re fishing, golfing, or taking a tour around the island.


Even though the monsoon season has begun, June tends to be a bit drier during the summer months. The crowds are also smaller in the city, so you will find it easier to get around as you walk around the markets. While this isn’t the best time to be out fishing or on a boating excursion, there’s still plenty to do around Phang Nga during the day. Consider taking a Thai cooking class offered at many hotels and resorts and then head to the bars or nightclubs to take advantage of the nightlife.


In July, the rain is much more common, but there are still some sunny days for the tourist to enjoy the outdoors. Because of the weather, travel and hotel accommodations are very affordable, so if you’re ok with rain, you may find July an ideal time to go to Phuket. The island is much quieter and easier to get around as the crowds are much smaller. If you choose to go in July, white water rafting can be a real thrill and pack an umbrella!


In the midst of the monsoon season, August still has a good amount of rain but often occurs in quick bursts in between sunshine. It is still an affordable time to head to the island because airlines and hotels are looking to stay booked. Oftentimes, travellers can save up to 50% on their trip. If you like more relaxation and fewer crowds, August may be the perfect time for you to go. Take a bike ride in the morning and visit some temples in the afternoon. Explore Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park.


September is the wettest and most humid time of year for southern Thailand, which doesn’t make it the most ideal time to visit and be outdoors for most visitors. However, because many people don’t visit at this time, the service at hotels and restaurants is much more attentive and friendly. Travel in and out of the towns is also much easier, so you can go shopping and have a fun night out with no problem. Elephants love being fed rain or shine, and spa treatments are not weather dependant.


The weather improves in October as the monsoon season comes to an end. Although it can still rain quite a bit throughout the month, it is not as plentiful as it is in September. While the sea waters can still be a bit rough for boat trips or scuba diving, Phuket can still be fun during October if you fill up your itinerary with things to do in town. This is the last month you will find good deals on travel prices and resort accommodations, so pencil your getaway in while you can!


The tourist season starts to pick back up in November as the rainy season tapers off during the early part of the month. This month is a fun time to go and partake in the Loy Krathong festival, or the Thai Festival of Lights, where hundreds of small vessels are lit and released out to the sea as a sign to let go of past mistakes and look forward to the future. Your hotel may even offer you a krathong or show you how to make your own! If this celebration is of interest to you, make sure you plan ahead of time and book your travel accommodations early to ensure you don’t get stuck with the high prices Loy Krathong usually brings.


As the year ends and the rain leaves the island, tourist numbers begin to increase. With that, high prices for airfare and hotel continue to climb as the island gets ready for the peak season to begin again. If you plan to travel during the Christmas holiday, you will find the island has embraced the commercial side of it with hotels decorating their lobbies and wonderful Christmas dinners to their guests. Head to Phuket if you want a bit of tradition in a paradise setting!

With its sunny beaches, tropical air, and interesting culture, Phang Nga and the island of Phuket is a great destination to add to your bucket list. Imagine watching the same sun rise and set on the beach from your villa, being taken care of by friendly people, and enjoying life from a different perspective. Depending on how you like to relax and get away from your daily grind, planning a trip to paradise is made easier now that you know a little bit about what the island has to offer and tips to make your experience one you’ll never forget.


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