The Garden

The Garden Restaurant

Locally Sourced, Healthy & Nutritious Dining

Complete your stay experience at ‘The Garden’- healthy eating with a nutritious menu bursting with wholesome ingredients and packed with goodness nourishing you from top to toe. Good for the body and soul.

Pop in early for a light and bright breakfast or join us later to graze on something healthy and hearty. You can snack and sip on ingenious combos of nutritious energy bars and sweet treats with smoothies, cold-pressed juices, or kombucha pre- and post-wellness activity or spa treatment.

The Garden’s menu strikes the perfect balance where healthy meets simple and delicious. Each dish has been carefully created with health at the heart – inspired by well-being, preserving, and flavours of the Traditional Northern Thai Lanna cuisine as well as Western cuisine and Grill with a Lanna twist. A true farm to table concept sourcing from farmers and producers we know and trust in. Transparency in dining is increasingly demanded and working with local, regional and national producers is the next step from our sustainable pledge at Aleenta.

The menu is always focussed on fresh fruit and vegetables, gut-loving fibre, nuts and seeds with muscle-repairing proteins. Whether you’re here to nourish or spoil yourself, you’ll find something on the menu to cater for your self-care at The Garden.


6.30am to 10.00pm