On The Beach Resort Quarantine Near Phuket

On The Beach Resort Quarantine Near Phuket - Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa

Thailand is open for business! While there are still strict measures in place to control the spread of transmission of the Covid-19 virus, hotels in Phuket have opened their doors to quarantining visitors. Travellers arriving in Thailand with Phuket as their first port of call can enjoy a two-week quarantine break on the beach.

Aleenta Resort & Spa in Phuket is on the Thai Government’s list of Phuket Alternative Local State Quarantine (ALSQ) Hotels. These ALSQ hotels offer Thai citizens and foreign visitors to Thailand a safe place for mandatory quarantine, in line with the requirements laid out by the Thai Ministry of Public Health.

And what better way to start your Thai experience than with a 14-day break on the beach? Even though it’s a mandatory period, there’s no reason for you not to enjoy the generous Thai hospitality while you quarantine in a comfortable, controlled environment.

If you are arriving in Thailand via Bangkok or elsewhere, you must book a quarantine package at an ALSQ hotel in that region. Quarantine packages at Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa are only for those travellers who arrive in Thailand via Phuket.

Aleenta Resort & Spa offers quarantine packages in partnership with the Thonburi Hospital to ensure that all required Covid-19 medical protocols are followed. Among others, these include the following:

  • An on-site screening test conducted on day 3 and day 11 of your stay at the resort
  • Admittance to Thonburi Hospital if you register a positive Covid-19 test
  • 24-hour ambulance service on standby
  • Certified medical staff at the hotel to attend to any medical issues under quarantine
  • Issuance of Covid-19 free certificates to relevant travellers prior to their departure from the hotel
  • Transfers from Phuket Airport to the Aleenta Resort

Enforced quarantine might not be how you anticipated spending your first couple of weeks in the Land of Smiles, but the Aleenta Resort & Spa goes all out to ensure that you have the best stay possible. Located on an unspoilt stretch of sandy white beach, the resort offers luxurious accommodation, putting comfort and safety first for its quarantining guests.

Individuals, couples and small families will be accommodated in the Grand Deluxe Pool Villas, each sleeping up to two adults and a child. These villas embrace the concept of outdoor living with beautiful, natural flow from the interior to the outside, complete with private pool and day bed for total relaxation. Surrounded by the well-maintained tropical gardens, you have utmost privacy while still being just a stone’s throw from the sounds and smells of the beach.

The 4-Bedroomed Beachfront Pool Villas are larger units located directly on the beachfront. They are perfect for extended families, sleeping up to ten guests in well-appointed bedrooms. Three bedrooms have sweeping views across the crystal Andaman Sea, while the fourth boasts a lush garden view. The strategic use of glass in the living space gives unsurpassed views of the ocean, providing natural relief for a potentially stressful quarantine situation. Each villa has a private pool as well as direct access to the sandy beach.

All the villas are equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi. This ensures that you’re never out of touch with friends and family at home, and business travellers can still work conveniently from the comfort of their accommodation.

All accommodation is on a full-board basis and includes delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Guests looking for something healthier, or those with specific dietary requirements, can opt for the wellness cuisine. Here you have options that include low carb, high protein, vegan or allergen-free cuisine. The resort provides unlimited complimentary drinking water and a wellness mini-bar. You also receive a 25% discount on any additional food or beverages you request. You certainly won’t go hungry during your quarantine period!

The tranquillity of Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa may inspire you to indulge yourself in some much needed “me time”. We provide indoor or outdoor private yoga and mindfulness practice. Your instructor broadcasts directly into your villa, giving you as personal a class as if you were physically attending one. For something a bit more energetic, each villa is equipped with gym equipment for more exertive exercise.

Although you are confined to your villas for the duration of your quarantine period, once you’ve had a negative result after your second Covid-19 test, you are entitled to a private walk on the pristine beach. It’s finally time to enjoy the outdoors and ocean-fresh air, with the sand between your toes and the waves rolling on to shore.

Other items included in the quarantine package at Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa are:

  • Large screen TV with local and international news, music, entertainment, TV channels and Netflix
  • Outdoor smoking area
  • Dedicated area where periodic screening tests are conducted
  • Nurse on duty 24 hours a day
  • 10% discount on laundry service after your first negative Covid-19 test
  • Transfer from the resort to Phuket Airport at the end of your quarantine stay

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand and you need to book your quarantine accommodation, you can request a quote or make a booking with us at the hotel. By opening up communication channels with our team, they can directly answer any queries that you may have about our quarantine packages and your booking. We aim to make your stay as pleasant as possible, even under these extreme and unprecedented circumstances.


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