Meet Coach Pornchai Sangrae: Ayurah Wellness Practitioners Series

Meet Coach Pornchai Sangrae - Muay Thai - Ayurah Spa & Wellness Centre

Over the last 18 years of an illustrious professional boxing career, Coach Pom has competed in over 200 fights and was crowned Champion in multiple fights in Thailand. One of his most famous fights was with the legendary Samhandej Sit Yusom of Pattani.

Coach Pom’s natural talent makes him an intuitive teacher and a perfect trainer for enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. He provides clear instruction and will patiently work on both your weaknesses and strengths to ensure improvement and progress at each level. Friendly, approachable with a hint of seriousness, Coach Pom is one of Aleenta’s most sought after Muay Thai coaches.

Muay Thai Experiences & Classes

Learn the basics of Muay Thai, the national sport known as the Art of the Eight Limbs, and be acquainted with the classic techniques of this elegant martial art, which can be traced back to the mid 16th century.

We offer training programs for guests who would like to train Muay Thai for exercise, self-defense, loose weight, keep fit, prepare for fight or even for short class after your
seminars, meetings, grand opening, gala-dinner, before the party.

We provide 1-on-1, couple and private group class (maximum 4 persons). Our in-house prize-fighter, Coach Pom, will test the level of each guest is at and customise the training to suit skills and fitness levels.

Muay Thai Introduction Class

45 minutes/Session
You’ll learn basic Thai boxing techniques, and how to rotate your hips to carry about blocks, kicks and punches.

Muay Thai Challenge Class

60 minutes/Session
We’ll take you through a mix of exercises, including working on sandbags, weight training and core muscle training, We’ll also show you how to adjust each move to match your fitness level and experience.

Muay Thai Camp – One Week

60 minutes/ 10 Sessions
This camp is designed to provide individuals the full experience, knowledge of using of parts of body as weapons You’ll improve your coordination, build muscle strength and also learn the art of Thai boxing.

Please kindly be advised to make a reservation 24 hours prior to the class time.


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