Luxury Guide to Thailand Honeymoons

Luxury Guide to Thailand Honeymoons - Aleenta Resorts & Spas

Thailand is a popular honeymoon destination in the world, located in Southeast Asia, that is known for its wonderful royal palaces, tropical beaches, and ornate temples. Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is an ultramodern city with iconic temples including the Emerald Buddha Temple. Some of the beautiful sites for guests in the country include beach resorts and five-star hotels & resorts. It is a country you want to consider as a holiday and honeymoon destination as there is plenty to enjoy. In this article, we will review five-star destinations that make amazing destinations for a honeymoon in Thailand.

Phang Nga Honeymoon

Aleenta Phuket is a luxurious five-star beach resort and spa in Phang Nga. Phuket is situated on the west side of the Andaman Sea and Pristine Natai Beach. It only takes 25 minutes to get to Aleenta Phuket Resort and SPA from Phuket International Airport. The resort and spa are also located near the picturesque Phang Nga Bay, Khao Lak, and Blue Canton Golf Course.

Visitors in this beach resort and spa get to enjoy maximum privacy and luxury during their stay. All suites in the facility are private as it is in most of the luxury villas and suites. This is one of the factors why the Aleenta Phuket Resort and Spa is a good honeymoon destination. The accommodation at the luxurious resort varies in terms of sizes with the most spacious villas being five-bedroom beachfront Grand Villas while the smallest suites are 80sqm. Due to its set up which offers good privacy for guests, Aleenta Phuket Resort and Spa is not only a suitable place for a honeymoon but also a romantic beach wedding.

The resort and spa have a wedding planner who is mandated to assist guests in planning a fantastic wedding event at the site. In recent awards, the Aleenta Phuket Resort and Spa was awarded the best small green resort in Thailand. Guests visiting the resort and spa from November 2020 are guaranteed an extensive spa menu and also spa and wellness facilities for no added charges.

These services are offered as part of the room rate. The facility offers two wellness treatments each day for every guest, while in some cases, the treatments are more when possible. The spa experience at the resort includes the Ayurah Wellness which caters to the complete well-being of the guests. Plan and book your stay at the Aleenta Phuket Resort and spa for a relaxing, luxurious and wonderful stay. The resort is surrounded by a good environment and this creates a good atmosphere for a getaway or romantic stay.

Experiences and activities

A stay at the wonderful resort offers you a relaxing pure beachfront experience. You can enjoy this from one of the resort’s lavish beachfront villas and suites. Some of the honeymoon packages offered in the resort includes a two-night accommodation package on full board or half board.

There is also a one-time romantic pre-dinner drinks package, a romantic in-room arrangement entailing a bottle of wine and a rose bouquet, and a one-time romantic dinner at the beach for two. The resort also offers airport transfer services, unlimited access to wellness services and activities, and breakfast services for guests. Consider visiting the resort’s website before making your bookings, this way you learn of any offers that the resort might have.

Hua Hin Honeymoon

The Aleenta Hua Hin is a boutique resort and spa. The resort is situated in Pranburi and is the first luxury resort to have received an award, leading to the launch of Aleenta. Hua Hin is therefore a unique resort that comprises 25 outstanding residences. The majority of these residences have private pools for guests to enjoy luxurious privacy.

Another wonderful feature is that each of these unique residences is close to the beach where visitors enjoy viewing the beach over the Gulf of Thailand. From the south part of Bangkok, you can easily access the Aleenta Hua Hin Resort & Spa which is a two-and-a-half-hour drive. The resort is located in Pak Nampran Bay and is a suitable destination for a honeymoon or romantic getaway. The resort can also host a fantastic private beach wedding and has a wedding planner on-site to assist guests planning to have such an event.

Plan to enjoy a remarkable honeymoon by booking the Aleenta Hua Hin All-spa inclusive package for you and your loved one. With this honeymoon package, you get to enjoy the extensive spa menu and great wellness facilities every night of your stay with no additional charges. The spa and wellness package is offered as part of the room rates. The resort also offers Ayurah Wellness which makes the spa experience unique encompassing the total wellbeing of the guests. A stay at the resort is good in helping you relax and re-energize.

Experiences and activities

From the south of Bangkok, it takes two and a half hours to drive to the Aleenta Hua Hin resort and spa. The unique resort has a setup that is meant to help guests relax, even as it is situated just near the gentle waters of Pak Nam Pran Beach. Some of the activities that guests get to enjoy at the resort include adventure in the area and riding the waves. The resort also serves good Thailand delicacies including fresh fruits.

The residences at the resort have private pools as earlier mentioned and guests also get to enjoy world-class international sea view dining. In your Thai holiday at the Hua Hin resort, there are beachside lounge chairs where guests enjoy Wi-Fi Internet access which is offered as a complimentary in the entire resort. The resort’s pool lounge and bar also serve drinks and snacks to guests all day long.

Safe and sustainable environment

Aleenta adapts a sustainable way of living by striving to reduce how natural resources are used. Aleenta does this without lowering the value of the services and products offered to customers or guests. Ecological living according to Aleenta is necessary for sustainable development in Pranburi, Thailand. If society damages the environment and ecosystem, it will with time deplete and not manage to support society anymore. It is therefore important to take good care of the environment and ecosystem for present and future use. Aleenta strives to reduce carbon emissions through changing transportation methods and ways of consuming energy.

There is also sensitization on current ecological and environmental issues in the world, which is offered to the people of Pranburi and tourists as well. According to the Aleenta principles, all people need to live in a consistently sustainable manner with high regard for the natural ecological processes and cycles.

As part of the idea of reducing carbon footprint, Aleenta also believes that the world can achieve manpower and food production balance easily when all work together. There is also proper waste management, conservation of water and energy, and other initiatives that Aleenta adapts to ensure they contribute to making the world a better place in terms of sustainability.

Chiang Mai Honeymoon

The Manor Chiang Mai is a five-star boutique hotel in Thailand. This all-suite luxurious hotel is a suitable destination to have your honeymoon or romantic getaway. The intimate luxurious hotel has interiors that are well designed in distinct and modern artworks in line with the set-up of the hotel edges. The edges are of the hip Artist Quarter of the city, making Chiang Mai a unique hip downtown hotel. The hotel offers a complete urban style experience to guests and also a sophisticated experience of the city right at the heart of ‘Coffee Street’. This is Nimmanhaemin Soi 9, which is quite a buzz-worthy street in Thailand.

Near the Chiang Mai luxurious hotel, guests can easily access coffee shops, boutiques, bars, and galleries and later easily return to the hotel. When you mention Thailand hospitality, Chiang Mai is among the top recommended and preferred hotels. A stay at the beautiful hotel offers guests remarkable and unforgettable experiences.

The hotel has a rooftop bar serving drinks to guests throughout and a leading new restaurant serving good delicacies. It takes about 15 minutes to drive to the Akyra Manor Chiang Mai Hotel from the Chiang Mai International Airport. The hotel is also close to the two most popular old city gates; the Chang Puak Gate and the Suan Dok Gate. Guests can use the Chang Puak Gate to easily access ‘North Gate’ jazz co-operation and the popular food night market. The Suan Dok Gate can be used to access the popular temples in the city, including the Wat Chedi Luang and Phra Singh Temple. These features help guests in finding their way around common places that aid in giving them a fantastic stay.

Unique experiences and attractions

The Northern capital in Thailand has different activities that people can engage in. There are also different attractions that guests can visit to learn, have fun and make unforgettable memories. If you are looking for a place to have an inspiring, engaging, and memorable getaway or honeymoon, then consider Thailand’s akyra Manor Chiang Mai hotel. It has well-designed facilities and also bespoke services. It is situated in an urban location that is common for a lively, extensive vibe. The location offers opportunities for guests to enjoy beautiful cultural experiences, creative adventures, and natural discoveries. The experience at akyra Manor Chiang Mai is like no other for couples on a honeymoon.

Akaryn Hotel Group

The hotel group holds strongly that the world should be single-use plastic-free. The group of luxurious hotels boasts of great achievement in this goal as they have managed to do away with all single-use plastic in all their six hotels. These luxurious hotels are spread all over Thailand. The Akaryn Hotel Group is adamant about this mission for oceans that are free of plastics in the future.

The Akaryn Hotel Group launched the Life & Times newspaper which entails details on what guests can do within and around the Akaryn Hotel Group resorts in Thailand. The newspaper also contains information on the new projects by the Akaryn Hotel Group.

Bangkok Honeymoons

The akyra Thonglor Bangkok is a luxurious boutique hotel that is a good place to have a honeymoon and romantic getaway. The hotel is located in a lavish neighbourhood where the trendsetters like to hang out. You will find the hotel between Petchaburi Road and Sukhumvit Soi 55.

The Akyra Thonglor Bangkok Hotel has a good environment to chill out, enjoy a drink in the hip bars and also enjoy lovely company. In the hotel, guests also get to enjoy delicacies from the most outstanding restaurants in Bangkok and other activities. The hotel has one, two, and three-bedroom suites for guests and studio rooms too. The studio rooms and suites are well designed with a touch of modern and trendy designs. There are also en-suite bathrooms that are built well built-in design and materials. In the bathrooms, guests enjoy the hotel’s eco-friendly service set with natural oil derived from plants. The oil helps in tackling stress, making the environment conducive for relaxation. For leisure travellers, the self-contained suites at the hotel are ideal as visitors who are on business transit would mainly prefer easy access to amenities such as full-time operational supermarkets. It is easy to get to Bangkok city using a complimentary shuttle service Skytrain which proceeds to Thong Lo BTS.

The premier room at the akyra Thonglor Bangkok hotel was designed by popular conceptual architecture. It entails different dynamics of a complete contemporary metropolis. The fantastic rooms have uniquely crafted appliances and furnishings from Thailand which blend to give great results for the rooms.

For the deluxe rooms at the hotel, sophistication is evident. The beautiful sophisticated craft in these rooms is from the corrupt aesthetic of the 1920s. These rooms are designed by popular conceptual architecture with the different contemporary metropolises. The hotel is ideal for couples who wish to spend time alone on a honeymoon or romantic getaway. The services are high-end with the drinks and delicacies being worth the visit and stay.

Packages and experiences

The akyra Thonglor Bangkok hotel is a top romance and honeymoon destination for many all over the world. The destination is also ideal for destination travel photo-shoots, a wedding, or a prewedding event. Wedding planners in this hotel work hand-in-hand with couples to offer them the best support and services. In this place, a photo-shoot of a lifetime can also work well. Take memories of your beautiful memories and with amazing photo backdrops. The backdrops or what to expect on the background of pictures in this hotel include beaches, the wonderful hillside, the endless ocean, and more. People travel for different reasons including fun or adventure, getaway, romance, and more.

No matter your reason for visiting, the hotel will serve you properly from the start of your stay to the last day. There are contemporary and traditional Thai styles that are blended to give visitors a fantastic experience. The benefits include a two-course Thai set lunch for two people and a 20% discount on the non-alcoholic beverages sold within the resort. Additionally, guests have access to four indoor and outdoor suitable photoshoot venues within the resort. The guests also enjoy the day-use room from 13.00 to 19.00 hours. There is also a 20% discount on a-la-carte spa treatments for guests in the hotel. Book your stay at the akyra Thonglor Bangkok and get to enjoy the fantastic offer, foods, and more. For as low as THB 15,000 per couple, you get your stay and chance to take fantastic photos and make unforgettable memories.


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