Benefits of a Wellness Retreat

Benefits of a Wellness Retreat - Ayurah Spa & Wellness Centre

Wellness retreats offer a rare and valuable venue for individuals, couples, families and groups of friends to seek healthy refuge from the fast-paced lifestyles so prevalent in contemporary society. At these relaxing and empowering retreats, you can nourish and revitalize bodies, minds and psyches to attain or regain high levels of personal wellness.

Even people who utilise holistic health practices, embracing pure, natural or organic diets and the use of organic grooming and home maintenance products are exposed to the bacteria, germs, toxins and pollution that invade most of our daily worldwide environments. For this reason, everyone can gain much from the myriad benefits of maintaining a pure, positive state of mind and basking in the beautiful, serene surrounds of a scenic island, seaside or mountaintop retreat for complete personal renewal.

Wellness Retreat Shows Lasting Results

Seeking personal renewal in the peaceful rhythms and solace of nature has been a practice of humankind since the early days of civilisation that has long endured throughout the ages. According to results of an innovative research study published by researchers from RMIT University in Australia, individuals who attended a week-long retreat offering leisure, educational, recreational and therapeutic events and activities experienced positive, health-enhancing effects.

While leaving their hectic daily schedules behind for rest and revitalisation in this natural paradise, these study subjects enjoyed a plant-based, organic diet in peaceful, stress-free surroundings. Study results showed impressive improvements among these participants in weight loss and blood pressure as they attained positive outlooks and healthy states of mind.

You may think that these study results seem normal for people spending a calm, relaxed week in a scenic, sedate natural environment, and you are right. Yet more people in general who choose to spend time at health-enhancing retreats and holistic resorts today are able to maintain more positive moods and happier overall mental, emotional and physical states of wellbeing for significant time periods after returning to their busy, regimented daily lives.

For this reason and because these healthy lifestyle vacations and retreats offer rest, relaxation, educational events, and the opportunity for overall enjoyment, the growing popularity of wellness retreats and holistic travel destinations has made them a new and valuable part of the modern-day travel and leisure industry.

Benefits Offered by a Holistic Lifestyle and Wellness Retreat

* Decompress and Release Stress

When you arrive at a scenic, serene beachfront or mountain range holistic wellness retreat, you will enter the very heart and core of life’s true essence and meaning. As you begin to relax and decompress from the worries and strains of your normally hectic daily schedule, you will start to relax into sync with the natural rhythms, sounds, aromas, vital beauty and energy of your surroundings.

You will become acutely aware of your own natural balances, harmonies and sensations that you so strongly ignore or put last on your daily focus list at home. You will experience amazement at just how rapidly your body rhythms, mental activity and emotional balances react to and align with the pure, nurturing environment you just recently entered.

You will feel akin to your surroundings as the home you were meant to inhabit. You will know you have come to the ideal location to be at one with nature’s soothing palette of colourful, supportive and infinite wonders. As friends and your trusted travel consultant advised you, this is the perfect holistic travel retreat for the single traveler, couples, families or groups of friends to enjoy.

Somehow, you know you will welcome the solace of communing with nature while doing yoga on the pristine beach at sunrise or dancing in the surf at sunset before a delicious vegan dinner and group meditation under the stars. On warm, balmy nights, there is even night-time swimming amidst the cool, gentle waves of this tropical paradise.

* Rejuvenate in a Supportive Environment

When you make a reservation for time away from home at a wellness retreat, you are giving yourself a meaningful and rewarding gift. You will be greeted with genuine warmth and friendliness when you arrive at your holistic retreat destination, and all your preferences, needs and desires will be noted and observed throughout your stay.

Attentive staff want to ensure that every moment of your visit to the retreat facility is an inspiring, enlightening and completely positive dream come true for you. If this is your first experience with a holistic health and wellness getaway, the understanding staff members will help you unwind and unplug completely to commune with your inner self in the lush beauty and calm, pure splendor of all natural surroundings.

* Practice Health-Enhancing Exercise

In relaxed yoga, pilates and gentle resistance stretching sessions, you will regain your natural sense of physical balance and wellbeing. When practising high impact sports and forms of exercise and engaging in far too strenuous intensive gym workouts, many people who want to stay fit actually bruise and injure muscles, tendons, joints and supportive body tissues. Experience the heights of elation resulting from healthy, empowering exercises that soothe and support all areas of your body.

After such pure, basic nurturing of your mind and inner essence, you will lose the desire to perform overly stressful exercise that could result in serious discomfort and injury. By taking part in these safe, health-promoting forms of natural exercise offered by helpful, encouraging professional instructors at your wellness retreat, you will be hooked on healthy new exercise habits like L-sits to sculpt your body naturally and progressively stronger resistance stretches for muscle flexibility.

Hot herbal body soaks in individual ceramic pools come next, with deep meditation sessions to follow.

Fresh fruits, nuts, herbal juice drinks and hot organic teas on the expansive seaside terrace or mountaintop spa balconies come next. Following leisure time to socialise with other wellness seeking guests, there is energy-focusing group chanting accompanied by meditation music with exotic flutes and Eastern chimes.

* Spend Time with Like Minded People

By spending quality time with other people who also want to reconnect with their inner beings and spiritual essence in a place of stunning, pure beauty, you will gain confidence in the value of retreating into nature to seek renewed well-being. You will also be supported and encouraged in your own efforts to return to natural balances and harmonies for the sake of inner peace and strength by the collective efforts of everyone you meet at this gathering of wellness seekers.

You will find it truly heartwarming to discover that people from so many different walks of life are involved with this vital search for their inner cores and natural energy reserves. You will never again experience feelings of indecision or foolishness when contemplating taking a few days away from the gruelling regimen of your daily life commitments to rejuvenate and harmonise your energy and vitality at a holistic wellness retreat.

Make no mistake, quality retreats of this type are not simply venues for solitary reflection and occasional polite chats with other guests. Some people form lifetime friendships based on their strong commitment to a better lifestyle through re-connection with their own inner spiritual essence.

* Gain Nutritional Benefits from a Pure Diet

While at your holistic health retreat, you will be nourished by a daily diet of pure natural and organic foods and beverages. Many holistic renewal retreats offer guests a choice of vegan, vegetarian or macrobiotic menus and nutritional juicing diets. Some guests may choose to alternate fasting and light, nutritional meals. Herbal drinks and organic whole food supplements are also often available for guests.

Consuming only pure, nutrient-rich foods and beverages, you will return your mind and psyche to the pristine clarity of their natural states. Only by doing so can you gain the precise focus and mental acuity to identify and focus on your central core of being. This is the key to unlocking your unique energy and the vital essence that makes you a distinctive individual and vibrant, actively engaging entity in life.

* Revitalise Body, Mind and Psyche While Socialising

Many of the best organised and beneficial holistic health and wellness retreats now take place in luxurious resort settings. Because the relatively new natural wellness sector of global tourism is now blossoming into an important part of the industry, numerous exclusive spas are hosting holistic health conferences and events. Some travelers who are searching for an ideal location to spend a few days away at a pure health and wellness retreat may have concerns about going to a conventional spa or resort.

Spa resorts usually designate a certain section or wing of their facility for retreat participants to ensure a quiet, peaceful atmosphere throughout this health-promoting event.

Other Types of Retreat Locations

Aside from resorts and spas that were designed and built for hosting holistic health retreats, there are other types of resorts and guest lodging that host wellness retreats:

Ski Lodges in Summer – During warm summer months, some ski lodges host wellness retreats to keep their facilities open for additional weeks during the year. Guests who book a natural health revitalizing stay during the warm months know they will enjoy a quiet, restful retreat from the hustle and bustle of their normal lives since skiing season is long finished for the year. Surrounded by the stunning scenic beauty of nearby ski slopes and wild mountain ranges, these lodges are perfect venues for healthy living, eating, meditation and personal reflection and renewal.

Golf Club Resorts in Winter – During the snowy, cold days of winter, some golf club resorts that would normally be closed are home to guests arriving for a holistic health-promoting stay. By holding these natural wellness events, these club resorts can stay open longer during the year, which keeps their facilities running smoothly, gaining good visibility and popularity with the natural health and wellness clientele as well as avid golfers during spring and summer. These retreats bring in more yearly revenue and gain some new golfers from the wellness enthusiasts as well.

Family Oriented Resorts Year-Round – Resorts that feature amenities, entertainment, sports, games and excursions for the whole family, including many events and activities for children, now frequently reserve a wing or block of rooms for wellness lifestyle retreats. Since these are year-round resorts, these retreats may be scheduled at any time throughout the year. This enables families to vacation and take part in the wellness event. During their stay, both children and adults can also enjoy the many sports, social and entertainment events available to all resort guests.

At a holistic health and wellness retreat, you can relax and rejuvenate, reconnecting with the beautiful essence of nature while strengthening your central core. As you regain your mental, physical and emotional balance and harmony, you will be at peace with the universal energy and rhythms around you. Your inner strength and true essence will surface with amazing focus and vitality as you join in the many health-enhancing exercises, meditations, dietary plans and energising sessions.

Get inspired to choose an enticing and scenic locale and take some well deserved time away from your daily commitments.

Spend quality time basking in the restful, meditative environment of a wellness spa in an exotic seaside scene, a vital and verdant valley or a spectacular mountain peak’s pinnacle of serenity.


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