Best Seasons to Visit Thailand

A visit to Thailand is an incredible treat with a lot of see over the course of any trip that includes lovely sandy beaches that stretch for miles, ancient historical sites and modern, bustling cities like Bangkok.


When Should I Visit Thailand?

While you can visit Thailand just about any time you want, there are certain times of the year that are going to work out in your favour, especially if you’re someone who wants to soak up as much sun as possible during your Thai vacation. Most experts consider the best to see Thailand in person is from the start of November until the beginning of April.

This time of the year when you can expect the warmest temperatures of the year. This is when temperatures tend stick to a narrow range. On most days, the average daytime temperature ranges from 32 to 36 degrees. That’s fabulous news for the traveller who wants to make the focus of a Thailand vacation on the country’s many beaches. The hotter weather makes it easy to relax on a warm white sand beach. It also means you’ll have inviting temperatures that make it easy to swim every day of your stay here.

In addition, this also the time that you’ll find at least nine hours of sunshine during the day. Nine hours when you’re out and about in the country gives you lots of time to spend outdoors during the day. You can sit by a beach in Thailand from early in the morning until the sun sets. That makes this time of the year an excellent one to come here with your children when you’re on a break and you want some time in the lush sunshine.

Less Humidity

Humidity can make it hard to have a good time. You don’t want to be stuck sweating as you spend time here. For the savvy traveller, avoiding the sticky weather is a must when they’re headed to Thailand. Starting in November, the humidity starts to leave from the air in most of Thailand. That means you have a chance to sit in the sun and enjoy it fully. If you really don’t like humidity, it’s best to consider traveling here during January. That’s the least humid month in the Thai calendar.

Two other good months when the humidity dies down in this community are February and March. These are the three months of the year when you can expect air that is hot but is also quite dry. That lets you have time on the beach. It also makes visiting the country’s many fantastic outdoor sites much easier. You can stroll down many cities and small towns in Thailand this time of the year and still feel refreshed when you’re done. Grab a glass of something cold and admire the view from some of the most fascinating places in southeast Asia.

More Open Sites

Another advantage of traveling to Thailand from November to April is the chance to see more sites. This is the time of the year when Thailand tends to be busiest. More travellers means that more things are open for you to explore. For example, if you are looking forward to seeing places like the Similan Islands, keep in mind this site is only open during this time of the year. It’s one of many World Heritage sites that dot the landscape in Thailand and make it such a worthy place to have a good time. Sticking to this time of the year means the site is open to you and your guests.

The Hot Season

Heat is one reason so many people enjoy holidaying in Thailand. Many people grow weary of long days without sun where they live. Winter can be long and hard. An escape to Thailand from December to March is an easy way to help stave off the winter blues. You can choose from dozens of local beaches that let you have some sunshine in your life again. The hot season also means the waters are warmer and so is the air.

The Rainy Season

Just as Thailand has a hot season, it also has a rainy season. The rainy season in Thailand tends to last from early in March until the start of October. A rainy season visit does not mean you won’t have at least some sunshiny days. It means you’re more likely to have days that have at least some rain in them. Many days during this time have no rain at all so you can get in a lot of beach time or have fun at a local village. Keep in mind that other days during this time may have sudden down pours. At the same time, most downpours tend to take place late in the afternoon or well into the evening hours. The rain has a cooling element. Many people find it refreshing to have a means of washing off the humidity after a few hours in the sun.

Escaping the Crowds

Crowds come with the high season, if you want to escape the crowds plan in advance to stay in quieter areas of the country with in easy reach of main attractions. Off season from May to October, you can still expect warm temperatures, inviting people, quieter attractions and some of the best cuisine in the entire world.

Many Festivals

If you are going to head to Thailand, you might be looking for a specific festival. Thai culture is rich with glorious and fun holidays. You can be part of the fun when know what’s going to happen when. For example, the Songkran Festival celebrates the New Year in the middle of April. That’s a great time to have fun. Another festival that so many people adore is the Loy Krathong Festival. This festive occasion is all about light and asking for good fortune. Local Buddhist temples in charming Phuket Town are the places where people come together. Admire the beautiful floating lanterns that come alive at night in the local river. This is one festival that you can appreciate from afar and make your own at the same time.

A well planned trip to Thailand is one that allows you to do everything you want to do.

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