Eco Conscious Luxury at Aleenta and a Haven for Wildlife Conservation

Eco Conscious Luxury at Aleenta and a Haven for Wildlife Conservation - Aleenta Retreat Chiang Mai

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Chiang Mai, the Aleenta Retreat Chiang Mai emerges as a beacon for eco-conscious travellers. This luxurious retreat, deeply committed to wildlife conservation, offers a unique blend of serene relaxation and enlightening educational experiences.

Aleenta’s Dedication to Wildlife Conservation:

Aleenta Retreat Chiang Mai, in partnership with the Pure Blue Foundation, has taken a formidable stand against wildlife smuggling and trafficking. By focusing on the protection of local species such as the Suthep Slow Loris, Deer, Barking Deer, and the Bos javanicus Banteng, Aleenta demonstrates its unwavering commitment to preserving Thailand’s natural heritage.

Choeng Doi Suthep Wildlife & Nature Education Center:

A jewel in the crown of Aleenta’s conservation efforts is the Choeng Doi Suthep Wildlife & Nature Education Center. Situated just 1.5 km from the retreat and en route to Baan Kang Wat, this centre is not only a refuge for wildlife but also an educational hub. Open on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:30, it offers Aleenta’s guests a complimentary and immersive experience into the wonders of Thailand’s wildlife.

Educational Opportunities and Activities:

The education centre provides an array of learning opportunities for visitors. Through interactive sessions, guests can gain in-depth knowledge about the local ecosystem, the challenges facing wildlife, and the crucial role of conservation efforts. This educational journey is designed to inspire and ignite a passion for nature among guests.

Proximity to Wat Umong and Other Attractions:

Adding to its appeal, the Aleenta Retreat is conveniently located near Wat Umong, a renowned historical and spiritual site. Guests can effortlessly combine their stay with visits to this and other cultural landmarks, making Aleenta an ideal base for exploring the rich tapestry of Chiang Mai.

Eco-Conscious Hospitality:

Aleenta Retreat Chiang Mai’s eco-conscious approach extends beyond wildlife conservation. The retreat prides itself on sustainable practices, from eco-friendly amenities to locally sourced cuisine, ensuring that every aspect of your stay is in harmony with the environment.

For the eco-conscious traveler, Aleenta Retreat Chiang Mai offers a perfect symphony of luxury, education, and conservation. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil escape or an opportunity to connect with nature, Aleenta provides an experience that is both enriching and environmentally responsible.


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Aleenta Retreat
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