Reclaim Your Spirit with This Yoga Retreat

Reclaim Your Spirit with This Yoga Retreat - Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation at the Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga Resort & Spa, where the serene landscape meets the transformative power of yoga. This exclusive yoga retreat, led by Patricia Thielemann, one of Germany’s most influential modern yoga masters, promises luxury, tranquillity, and personal growth.

Why Choose This Yoga Retreat?


  • Expert Guidance by Patricia Thielemann:
    Patricia, a celebrated yoga pioneer and spiritual counsellor, brings her unique Spirit Yoga style to this retreat. Her expertise in yoga for stress reduction and resilience is invaluable for those looking to deepen their practice.
  • Luxurious Setting:
    Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga Resort & Spa, known for its 5-star amenities and beachfront beauty, provides the perfect backdrop for this retreat. The luxury environment complements the holistic wellness experience.
  • Comprehensive Program:
    Spanning eight days and seven nights, the retreat includes various wellness activities, yoga philosophy workshops, and mindfulness sessions, all designed to enhance your daily life.
  • Nourish Body and Soul:
    With full board included, the retreat ensures that your nutritional needs are met with gourmet cuisine, allowing you to focus entirely on your yoga and mindfulness journey.

Retreat Details:

Date: 30 January – 6 February 2024
Pricing: EUR 2,600++ (single occupancy) and EUR 3,150++ (double occupancy)
More Information: Reclaim your Spirit Retreat

Ideal For:

This retreat is ideal for individuals seeking to:

  • Enhance their yoga practice under expert guidance
  • Rediscover their inner strength and clarity of purpose
  • Experience a luxurious getaway while nurturing their mental and physical well-being
  • Learn practical techniques for mindfulness and self-development

The Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga Resort & Spa’s yoga retreat with Patricia Thielemann is more than just a getaway; it’s an opportunity for profound personal growth and relaxation in a paradisiacal setting. Whether you are a yoga enthusiast or simply looking to enrich your life with mindfulness and serenity, this wellness retreat in Phang Nga offers an unparalleled experience. Embrace the chance to reconnect with your spirit and transform your life in the most serene and luxurious environments.


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