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The human body is composed of four fundamental elements: earth, water, wind and fire. The constant interaction of the four elements creates and sustains the processes of the human body. It is of vital importance, therefore, to keep the four elements balanced throughout life.


When the four elements of the body are in equilibrium, it will be healthy. In contrast, if an imbalance in these elements occurs, that is, if there is a deficit, an excess, or disability in any of the four elements, a person will become ill.


Our Wellness Consultant will start with a 4 elements analysis and proceed to healing massage and treatment therapy. The primary aim is to promote health and longevity by maintaining the vitality and balance of the four elements. Thai Healing Massage and its theoretical concept of Sen Energy lines and its practical application in manipulating the energy lines (which in their turn relate to the four body elements) is one of the means or tools to reach this goal.


We also organize bespoke therapies for individuals and groups.
For enquiries about our Master Healer Therapy, please contact 
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Kanchalika Meesuk (Khun Lak)


Khun Lak is an holistic doctor with an Alternative Medicine License and over 18 years of experience in the spa, wellness and hospitality sectors. She specialises in traditional Thai medicine and oriental healing massage therapies, holistic Tibetan and crystal sound healing, as well as the “four elements” and chakra balancing.


Khun Lak believes in combining healthy eating and natural herbs with body work, including bone setting, Thai massage, acupressure and passive stretching. Her main focus is on the pathways of movement in the body, such as tendons, ligaments, nerves and circulatory vessels.

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Sustainable Wellness: The Middle Path Consultation

We made a trip to Aleenta during the Chinese New Year/Valentine's weekend. We stayed in the Beachfront Villa. It was absolutely perfect. This was our second visit, and definitely not our last. The staff was phenomenal - the receptionists, managers, etc. The head chef was amazing - he made all the very best food for us. Their menu is based on "Wellness and Health" - which was perfect for my husband and I. I am also recovering from various food allergies and he was able to support every request I had, with a huge smile and so much kindness. He even visited our table during ever single meal and was always happy to help.
- by Nina P (Stay Date February 2021) -
It is a lovely small boutique hotel, perfect for a quiet getaway. There are rooms right next to the beach, and it is a pleasure waking up to the sight these rooms offer.

The Candle Light Dinner is a must for a complete experience
- by Saminder B (Stay Date October 2020) -
The experience could not have been nicer, the staff did everything they could to accommodate us and we had a very enjoyable stay. Breakfast in the room was included and extremely pleasant.
- by UPG (Stay Date August 2020) -
Just completed a 10 day ‘Workcation’ at the Aleenta and it was exactly what we needed. With the current restrictions all meals were served on our patio and the restaurant was closed but it worked out perfectly. Staff was attentive and courteous. The rooms were spacious enough and wifi strong for all our work needs. We did eat all our meals at the Aleenta and all of them were good. The baked goods were especially good along with their BBQ feast. You have a good range of Thai and western and they are done in a healthy manner. Location was also perfect for social distance. Beach was very large and very few people around so you can take long walks, enjoy the gulf and feel safe. We would recommend it for a weekend or a week.
- by Andrea D (Stay Date August 2021) -