Breathtaking Pool Villas in Phang Nga

Breathtaking Pool Villas in Phang Nga - Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa

Phuket is an island paradise teeming with gorgeous seaside panoramic views melded with a true fondness for exotic and luxurious lifestyles where visitors find that some of the best pool villas, located in our Phang Nga Beach Resort near Phuket. Stunning limestone formations mysteriously rise from the sea to create a unique and scenic landscape. Lush, green subtropical mangroves line the shoreline creating an interesting silhouette.

Visitors to Phuket have a choice of stylish lofted suites with tall, clear glass walls to allow exquisite views of the private sun decks with glimmering swimming pools and crystal blue sea views. For a more sophisticated island escape, travellers can choose the ultimate in luxury from one of the resorts three, four or five bedroom Grand Villas called Natai, Satis or Noi.

Visitors adore the variety of pool villas found at the Aleenta Phuket Resort. This truly luxurious seaside getaway fulfils travellers fondest dreams of soft sand beaches, swaying palm trees and unbridled pampering. Marvel at sunsets of blaze orange and yellow whilst relaxing on a private sun deck or balcony.

Dream Come True Resort & Suite Amenities

Lofts, villas and suites at the Aleenta Phuket Resort feature either panoramic sea views or they are situated directly seaside. Suites not on the beach are just steps from the white powder sand beaches nestled next to the Andaman Sea. Beachfront villas allow visitors the luxury of supreme freshwater relaxation in full privacy. Visitors relish the opportunity to soak in the warm sunshine, and then have a refreshing swim in a private pool to cool off.

Amenities like full kitchens, spacious living and dining areas, beautiful wood sun decks and private swimming pools allow everyone to live the life of luxury among some of the most resplendent scenery ever found in a luxury holiday destination. Visitors adore thoughtful amenities like LCD large screen cable televisions or plasma televisions, complimentary Wi-Fi and Internet access encompassing the entire resort, a large library of music with iPod and iDock technology, air conditioning that can be adjusted for individual comfort and one hundred percent cotton sheets with a deluxe 360 thread count.

Comfortable slippers and all cotton robes, soft and luxurious towels, hair dryer and toiletries provide a pampering experience. Mini bars that are completely stocked also add to visitor’s enjoyment. Safes in the rooms add an extra sense of security. Gorgeously decorated suites, lofts and villas with custom interiors and posh, stylish furnishings add to the feeling of a total escape to an oasis of relaxation.

Grand Villas Add Even More Luxury

Choosing one of the premium Grand Villa experiences of the Aleenta Phuket Resort in Phang Nga, Phuket gives travellers a brilliant selection of additional luxury amenities. These can include secluded beach access, private chefs, butlers that are on-call 24 hours a day, and niceties like outdoor entertainment areas, sound systems that bring the sound indoors or outdoors, spas, soaker tubs, grassy areas for game playing and private balconies with splendid views of the sea or ocean.

Additional resort amenities that visitors to Aleenta Phuket Resort will find include dining options that allow for all-day, casual dining and drinks and snacks available at beach lounges throughout the day. The EDGE restaurant provides a mesmerising experience in creative dining and provides opportunities for resort guests to sample leading-edge, trendy cuisine. The Blue Canyon Country Club Golf Course is just a short distance from the resort, giving golfers a choice between two award winning golf courses that will challenge every golfer from the casual weekend golfer to serious golf enthusiasts.

A completely equipped gym lets one experience an unparalleled workout to help get into shape. Those who adore pampering experiences revel in the Ayurah Wellness Centre, which is a spa styled after the principles of the AHMS Collection of unique and boutique resorts. Indulgence and pampering at its finest is what visitors will find. Enjoy wellness regimens artfully combined with extraordinary services like massage. Feel rejuvenated and refreshed with highly personalised services.

Romantic & Family Adventures

Whether visitors are searching for a romantic escape or to reconnect with families and loved ones, everyone will enjoy the deluxe resort accommodations combined with splendid scenery and friendly staff willing to cater to every whim and need. Everyone loves a getaway that is also an exercise in perfection and relaxation. Interesting getaways refresh the soul and help people to become more worldly in their outlook and views.

Visitors can choose to relax on their private deck or on their balcony whilst sipping a delectable tropical beverage, or they can venture out to one of Phuket’s trendy, cutting-edge night spots. Renting a yacht provides opportunities for exciting pursuits like deep-sea diving. Shopping in Phuket can range from traditional open-air markets to boutique shops, to western-styled department store shopping. Visitors can find a brilliant selection of unique clothing, one-of-a-kind hand crafted items, jewellery and antiques. Whatever entertainment choice is made, everyone is sure to find something to love with a stay at Aleenta Phuket Resort in Phang Nga.

Experience Luxury with Private Pools and Sea Views

These luxury pool villas in Phuket offer opportunities for everyone to enjoy every moment spent savouring the stellar views, the turquoise sea and white sand beaches of this premium island paradise. With an interesting island philosophy of combining outdoor and indoor living, transitions between the two spaces are seamless within every villa, suite and loft accommodation of the Aleenta Phuket Resort in Phang Nga.

Soft ocean breezes never felt more inviting. Visitors are able to relish the salt air and seaside ambience and to enjoy premier pampering and relaxation opportunities. Take an easy stroll along sandy Natai Beach in the evening and watch the fishermen cast lines and collect the catch of the day. Living a life steeped in luxury is easy with a choice to stay in the best pool villas in Phuket, at the Aleenta Phuket Resort in Phang Nga.


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