Low Carbon Travel & Tourism at Aleenta

Low Carbon Travel & Tourism - Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa

In early 2020, Aleenta Phuket implemented an energy efficiency and renewable energy project to compliment our sustainable eco-resort practices. This project reduces energy consumption, energy costs, and demonstrate the Group’s continued commitment to environmental conservation, all while enhancing guest comfort and delivering an improved guest experience at our most exclusive luxury beach resorts on Natai beach.


The Low Carbon Way Forward

Our low carbon and renewable initiative included:

LED Lighting

Inefficient lights were replaced with high quality LEDs and a minor design improvement which resulted in a pleasant uniform colour ambience throughout the rooms while eliminating heat and noise from the old units.

Solar System

A solar system was installed on the rooftop of the Ocean View Lofts to generate clean and ‘free’ renewable energy from the sun. The intensity of the sun in Phuket is perfect for installing solar systems to reduce energy consumption from the grid, and hence reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Smart Control Systems

A ‘smart’ wireless control system was installed to integrate lighting and air-conditioning functions for an improved guest experience. Guests can now enjoy multiple light scene settings to match with their desired mood or in-room activities. A smart logic controls room cooling at entry while minimizing energy use according to room occupancy.

Air Conditioning

New high efficiency inverter air-conditioning units were installed which significantly reduced overall energy consumption and costs, while delivering an improved level of cooling, air-flow and quieter operation.

Making a Difference

As one of the only single use plastic-free hotel groups in Asia, we’re inviting you to join us in banishing pesky plastic bottles and bags from our lives. To help you on this honourable adventure, we supply each room at every property with our signature stainless steel water bottle and recycle bag, which you can use wherever you got throughout your stay.

Rescue endangered turtles and release them back into their natural habitat in a rich, rewarding and immersive experience exclusively available to Aleenta Phuket – Phang Nga Resort & Spa. You can also combine this conscience-cleansing activity with culinary indulgences and sheer barefoot luxury for an unforgettable vacation along the tropical shores of the Andaman Sea.

Rather than replacing those tiny, single-use plastic bottles of shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and so on every time a guest checks out, many hotels are opting instead to introduce bulk toiletries. The team at Aleenta has always striven to stay ahead of the sustainable curves and eliminated single-use toiletries long ago as part of its wider ban on the use of single-use plastics across all resorts.


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