Five New Wellness Retreat Programmes near Phuket

Five New Wellness Retreat Programmes near Phuket - Ayurah Spa & Wellness Centre

Take the time to breathe, move and mediate with a daily practice of Hatha Yoga, during your Ayurah Wellness Retreat, renowned for its gentle postures and for immediately destressing your whole being as you realign your thoughts, your body and your emotions; connecting with your inner self and the world around you. Part of the retreat experience at Aleenta Phuket is that the journey resonates with your individuality.

Wellness Retreat Programmes


Total Immersion Yoga Retreat

The 5, 14 or 21 nights all-inclusive Ayurah Yoga Retreat in Aleenta is a uniquely tailored holistic retreat package that combines movement, mindfulness and coherence. It is offered exclusively at Aleenta Phuket Resort, and specially designed for individuals who seek for a wellness retreat experience.

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Healthy Living Retreat

Aleenta Phuket, together with Ayurah Wellness, have partnered to offer an exceptional life changing programme to address the pre and post diabetes in a way that will reduce your dependency on heavy medications.

The programme takes a research proven cues to lifestyle change and nutritional approach to curve your dependency on heavy medication for those living with diabetes or those who may have tendency to develop the symptoms.

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Self Love Retreat

Learn to love yourself unconditionally through wellness, self-inquiry and personal transformation under the mindful guidance of the wellness experts at Ayurah. Experience a luxurious stay in tranquil surroundings, with healing massages that soothe away stress, allowing the body and mind to reset. Overcome limitations through personal coaching, guided meditation, learning about your inner energy, and physical movements.

The Aleenta Self-Love Retreats are private, tailored to each participant’s needs (5, 14, 21 nights), and include private accommodation, full board as well as all services.

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Mind Balance Retreat

The Mind Balance Wellness Retreat is a uniquely tailored holistic 5, 14 or 21 nights retreat package inclusive of yoga meditation, healing spa retreat, and a healthy culinary program. It is offered exclusively at Aleenta Phuket Resort within Ayurah Wellness Center, and specially designed for individuals who seek for a wellness retreat experience, without the need to join a scheduled retreat.

This program helps you take care of your health in a way that we know best, by using nature to heal. Mind Treasured, combines knowledge of old Thai Holistic Medicine with an analysis of 4 life elements 7 chakras balanced.

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Stress & Pain Reduction CBD Retreat

The retreats are available under 3,5,7 nights packages, include pain management, stress management and nidra sleep en-hancement . Treatments are tailored to individual upon consultation with the retreat’s physician and a holistic consultant.

The cannabis seeds, buds, leaves medical grade extract in various forms are used for both external treatments and internal medication depending on the guest’s condition. The programme will include Therapeutic cannabis oil massage,hemp seed oil facial therapy, bath and body treatments, personalised yoga sessions, sound healing meditation, a specialised plant based diet plan with nutritionist counselling, and an introductory session about the medical and nutritional value of cannabis. The retreat will guide guests on how to include medical cannabis in daily lifestyle and can pick up products to continue the journey at home.

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Ayurah Spa & Wellness Centre is a sanctuary wellness with rejuvenating spa treatment rooms, a post-treatment relaxation chamber, Vichy shower room, which allows guests to receive a horizontal water massage. Expect cutting-edge anti-aging spa therapies, age defying spa treatments, and advanced techniques including oxygen therapy which cures not only jet lag but refreshes the entire body.


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