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Phang Nga is a beautiful, vibrant province in Southern Thailand. The Andaman Sea borders it on the west and the Phang Nga Bay to the south, it is blessed by a temperate climate and tropical breezes. The Sarasin Bridge connects it to Phuket Province.

While other parts of Phuket are known for their lively nightlife, tranquil Phang Nga is more conducive to tranquillity and healing.

Buddhist Philosophy and its Influence on Healing in Phang Nga

Like the rest of Thailand, much of Phang Nga subscribes to the gentle tenets of Buddhism. This philosophical religion originated in Northern India, from where it travelled throughout Southeast Asia. Its tenets influence many aspects of daily living, including attitudes towards health.

Buddhism emphasises a spiritual path that is deeply individualised. Personal responsibility and motivation are stressed, as well as finding inner balance and harmony. While each individual is free to make choices, I have some suggestions for you. This discipline is not meant to be punitive. Instead, it increases a person’s awareness of their body’s needs and thus increases internal connection and harmony.

When it comes to health, Buddhists will take allopathic medications when necessary, but many try to avoid those that affect the mind. However, while there is no rule against Western style health care, Buddhist philosophy has a more holistic approach.

Due to Buddhism’s influence, the Thai healing approach is holistic.

It is believed that there are three interconnected essences in each sentient being. These are the body itself, the citta and energy. In simple terms, the body is simply one’s flesh. It is the tangible essence. Citta is believed to be the mind and heart of a person. It is the inner self, which is composed of thoughts and emotions. Energy is what holds the other essences together. It is similar to the Indian concept of prana and the Chinese concept of chi. This energy flows through the meridians of the body.

The Cause of Disease

Thai philosophy believes that an imbalance between the three essences of body, citta and energy is what causes disease. When these three elements are in harmony and well balanced, then a person will experience good health and a sense of wellness.

When these elements are not balanced, then people experience a decrease in their welfare as immunity breaks down and disease is allowed an entry point.

Thai Holistic Approach to Healing

Because of the importance of balance between the different components of the human organism, Thai medicine, which is based on Thai philosophy, focuses on restoring balance. It is a holistic approach that does not neglect any of the elements. Different methods are used to facilitate proper harmony between the mental/emotional, physical and energetic parts of a person.

Many of the techniques used are gentle and non-invasive, and are used on an ongoing basis to maintain good health. By focusing on awareness of subtle fluctuations in well-being, it is hoped that balance will be restored before emergency intervention is needed.

This balance between extremes is often called The Middle Path.

Achieving Balance at Ayurah Wellness

At the Ayurah Wellness Center the emphasis is on finding one’s inner balance, or adhering to The Middle Path. This is simply a way to accept and reconcile the dualities that make up reality. The focus is on moderation, which is believed to lead to contentment, inner peace and happiness. This will ultimately lead to a long and healthy life, which is what Ayurah means in Sanskrit.

There are 6 areas of focus. In each of these areas, Ayurah Wellness attempts to restore balance for its guests. These areas are:

  • Diet: Wholesome, home-made food is offered. Meals are both delicious and nutritionally balanced.
  • Movement: Balanced activity not only improves physical health, it also boosts energy, increases mental awareness, and enhances mood.
  • Rest: Without good sleep, balance cannot be achieved. It is during rest that toxins are removed and growth and regeneration occurs. The rooms at Aleenta are designed for optimal sleep. Even the linens facilitate pleasant slumber, as they are made of the softest 400-count cotton.
  • Mindfulness: Ancient sages and philosophers have long been aware of the importance of mindfulness to achieving inner peace and good balance. Guests at the Wellness Center are encouraged to breathe deeply and regain clarity and focus.
  • Connection: The spacious spaces and compassionate staff facilitate safe, personal connections for guests.
  • Pampering: Spa treatments are offered in a way that emphasises sustainability and balance.

Experience the Harmony of a Holistic Wellness Retreat

Guests experience the principles outlined above in practice when they attend an Ayurah Wellness Retreat at the Aleenta Phuket Resort in Phang Nga.

From the moment you enter the premises, experience the gracious hospitality that is ingrained in Thai culture. Relax in luxurious suites or villas with private pools where guests can rest and let their troubles fade away.

The stunning natural beauty of Phang Nga surrounds the retreat. There are white beaches where the sand will flow like silk beneath one’s feet and tranquil green spaces filled with the sounds of birds and the scents of flowers.

Customised wellness programs allow visitors to embark on their own individual journey to wholeness. Both modern and ancient techniques are practised. Each guest will find the best practices that are tailored for his or her needs.

Swimming, walks on the beach and other forms of exercise provide invigoration while Hatha yoga sessions help to center energy. Ayurvedic treatments couples with Thai techniques help facilitate balance and harmony. Clean food created by expert chefs are a sensory delight that will not weigh heavy on the body. Guided meditation and gentle breathing address mental and emotional issues.

In this way, each guest experiences the therapies he or she needs in order to experience complete renewal. A personal consultation upon arrival guarantees that each visitor’s needs are met through individually tailored programs. The goal is to reintroduce visitors to their own power so that by the time they leave, they feel energised and have renewed passion and motivation as well as inner peace and joy.

Not only are these services offered for individuals and families, but retreats can be designed for groups as well. Regardless of the size of the party, each member will experience an individualised experience.

Whatever your life situation, the holistic practices of the Ayurah Wellness Retreat can help you experience renewal. Whether you are suffering from physical fatigue or mental or emotional exhaustion, our therapeutic modalities set within a backdrop of tranquil beauty will re-energise you.


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