Enhance Your Escape

Make your stay at Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa truly exceptional by exploring our signature experiences. From rejuvenating spa retreats to locavore dining delights and romantic beachside dinners, enhance your getaway with these curated offerings. Embrace the art of personalized luxury – your escape, perfected.

Sanctuary of Wellness

Ayurah Spa: A Sanctuary of Wellness

Embrace Serenity and Luxury with Our Exclusive Spa Treatments

Discover the essence of tranquility at Ayurah Spa, where each treatment is a journey towards rejuvenation and relaxation. Our 2023 spa menu offers a diverse array of therapies, blending ancient techniques with modern wellness practices. From revitalizing massages to holistic wellness experiences, we invite you to indulge in our tailored treatments designed for your ultimate well-being.

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Harmony Within: Ayurah's Integrative Wellness Experience

Nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit for Comprehensive Well-Being

Ayurah Integrative Treatment is committed to fostering overall well-being and encouraging a harmonious, holistic state of health for those in our care. Our meticulously designed programs aim to deliver a comprehensive approach to total wellness, incorporating evidence-based practices that address biological, psychological, and social aspects. Grounded in the philosophy of harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit, our services are tailored to provide thorough care that nurtures every facet of your being.

the edge menu

The EDGE All-Day Dining Menu: A World of Flavors Awaits

Indulge in Culinary Excellence from Morning to Night at The EDGE

Experience a delightful journey of taste with The EDGE’s All-Day Dining Menu. Our versatile selections range from vibrant starters to hearty mains, encompassing global cuisines and local favorites. Crafted with care by our Executive Chef, each dish is a testament to culinary artistry and flavor innovation. Join us for a dining adventure that promises to satisfy every craving, any time of the day.

Season menu

The SEASONS Restaurant Menu: A Culinary Celebration of Nature

Savor the Essence of Plant-Based Gastronomy

Embark on a gastronomic adventure with The SEASONS Restaurant Menu. Our Autumn-Winter 2023-24 collection features a delightful array of plant-based dishes, each a tribute to local produce and artisanal craftsmanship. From the vibrant flavors of the East to the comforting tastes of the West, our menu offers unique culinary experiences. Indulge in our creations, where healthful eating meets exquisite taste, and discover a new way to enjoy the bounty of nature.

Candlelight Dinner: A Symphony of Romantic Dining

Elevate Your Evenings with Our Exquisite Candlelight Dinner Selections

Immerse yourself in the romance of our Candlelight Dinner Menu, an exquisite collection of culinary delights. Each course is a masterpiece, from the fresh catch of the sea to the rich flavors of Italian and Thai cuisine, complemented by a selection of plant-based dishes. Celebrate your special moments under the soft glow of candlelight, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Luxury All-Inclusive

All-Inclusive Oasis of Culinary Delights, Refreshing Beverages, and Spa Serenity

Enjoy unlimited smoothies, mocktails, and soft drinks, or opt for alcoholic beverages from 7 am to 9 pm at The Edge Restaurant. Delight your taste buds with diverse culinary options for lunch and dinner, featuring wellness and vegetarian choices. Experience relaxation at its finest with a complimentary massage treatment from our award-winning Ayurah Wellness & Spa. With a focus on unlimited comfort and pleasure, Aleenta Phuket’s All-Inclusive Package ensures a seamless blend of culinary delights, refreshing beverages, and rejuvenating spa experiences.

Culinary Bliss: Aleenta's Full Board & Half Board Menus

Savor Every Moment, Bite by Bite

Elevate your stay with Aleenta’s Full Board and Half Board dining experiences, where every meal becomes a journey of exquisite flavors. Our curated menus offer a diverse selection of culinary delights, from international cuisine to local specialties, ensuring a gastronomic adventure with every bite. Whether you opt for the indulgence of Full Board or the flexibility of Half Board, each meal is a celebration of freshness and innovation. Immerse yourself in a symphony of tastes, with lunch and dinner options crafted to cater to every palate. Aleenta invites you to savor the essence of a truly indulgent stay, where every moment is complemented by the joy of exceptional dining.