How to get to Natai Beach in Phang Nga

How to get to Natai Beach in Phang Nga - Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa

Natai Beach lies on the west coast of Phang Nga province in Thailand. It is very easy to get to from all areas in Phang Nga and you can be there in 30 minutes from Phuket.

Natai Beach is a ten kilometre stretch of pristine beach where you can literally walk for hours and free from the usual tourist trap crowds. This area and beach also has government environmental protection which prevents skyscraper resorts from being built and the resorts in the area environmentally conscious.

The 3006 runs the length of Natai Beach and you can find some lovely areas to access the beach along this route. A great first stop is Natai Pier which has a small car park, but more importantly it provides great views North and South along Natai beach to get your bearings and a feel for the area.

Directions to Natai Beach

3006 runs the length of Natai beach and can be accesses via the 402 and highway 4.

Natai Beach from Phuket



Head north from Phuket onto route 402
Cross the Sarasin Bridge from Phuket into Phang Nga
Turn left onto 3006, you will also see a sign for Aleenta Resort & Spa
The 3006 will bend right and now you are running alongside Natai beach
For Natai Pier, continue along 3006 to a small crossroads, turn left for Natai Pier

Resorts on Natai Beach

Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa It is not always easy to protect the environment while creating a five-star beach resort, but Aleenta has found the perfect balance. Its innovative design is a perfect marriage of modern technology and classical Thai styling. Aleenta’s accommodation features striking and original room designs that range from spacious lofts to grand villas with five bedroom, each very different from the last. Many of their accommodations come with a private pool or a beach front view, all will give you the ultimate feeling of privacy.


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