Introducing Aleenta Resorts

Introducing Aleenta Resorts now Part of SLH - Aleenta Resorts & Spas

Sawasdee kha… and thank you for taking the time to go through our presentation to introduce Aleenta Resorts & Spas, part of the Akaryn Hotel Group portfolio. All resorts in our portfolio are proud member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World or SLH.


Aleenta Hua Hin is located within 3 hours drive from Bangkok. The resort is located in a secluded beach with 25 rooms and villa, from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms. The lead-in room category is called Ocean View Residence, with rustic Thai style and offers a glance to the ocean. The second room category, Beachfront Pool Residence is literally just steps away from the beach, completed with plunge pool and spacious are for your total comfort and fun by the beach. And, this is 2bedroom Chaba Villa with spacious yard for private wedding, yoga or other activities with your friend and family.

This resort adopts “locavore” concept, with most of food served at our restaurant are sourced within 30KM from our resort to reduce carbon footprint or from our own farm. We also use some of herbs from our farm for our Spa.

Our resort is also ideal for wedding ceremony, as we have a long stretch of beach. Various set up can be arranged for you and your clients. We also offer various Retreat Packages from 3days, 4days and 5days should you wish to experience the different dimension of relaxation.

Around the resort, there are lots of activities you can explore including National Park, Palace, Vineyard and kite surfing.

Aleenta Phuket is located only 30 minutes north of the airport to the north, on the way to Khao Lak. The benefit of being on northern side of Phuket, we have a quieter and better quality of beach.

The resort has 69 units from suite to 4 bedrooms villa. The lead-in room category is called Ocean View Loft. In the ground floor, there is living room and lounger area with direct access to a pool shared among 9 units of Ocean View Loft; while the bedroom is located on the upper floor. The second category is Grand Deluxe Pool Villa, a spacious villa, 141sqm, offering private pool and outdoor living area.

A selection of 2bedrooms, 3bedrooms and 4bedrooms are available for guests travelling with family or friends. The resort has 2 restaurants and one of them is by the beach offering a nice view of sunset.

Ayurah Wellness is an award-winning wellness center providing more than regular Spa, including total mind balanced and body rejuvenated journey of well-being – taking a more medical and results-oriented approach to wellness. Completed with Retreat Packages, which offer more selection than Aleenta Hua Hin, makes Aleenta Phuket a perfect resort if you are focusing to Mindfulness.

The resort is blessed with its beautiful beach, the perfect setting for a wedding ceremony and private beach villas.


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Aleenta Hua Hin Resort & SPA

183 Moo 4, Pak Nam Pran,
Pranburi, Hua Hin,
77220 Thailand

T: +66 32-618-333 

E: [email protected]

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