Gluten Free Dining at The EDGE

Gluten Free Dining - The EDGE Restaurant - Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa

Enjoy gluten free menu options at The EDGE restaurant on Natai Beach in Pahng Nga. Gluten free options account for 40% of our menu items including, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On top of it we have available gluten free bread, pizza and pasta as per guests’ request and we accommodate also gluten free kids menu.

What Is Gluten?

Gluten is a type of protein found in certain grains such as wheat, rye and barley. Gluten is what gives foods a chewy texture and helps food keep its shape. Gluten is most commonly found in bread but can also be used as an additive to sauces and dressings to add volume. These proteins can pass undigested into the intestinal tract and that’s where the issues begin.

Do We Need To Be Gluten Free?

Issues with gluten occur when the proteins pass to the intestine undigested. They can become caught and begin to ferment, causing gas, bloating and constipation..

Many people are able to enjoy foods that contain gluten without any undesirable side effects. However, a small percentage of the population have serious health issues related to the consumption of gluten. Three common conditions are wheat allergies, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Symptoms can range from mild intestinal upset to nutritional deficiencies because the gluten affects the body’s ability to process nutrients correctly. These conditions may lead to the necessity of removing gluten-containing products from the daily diet entirely.

What Are the Benefits?

Choosing gluten-free foods often may lead to cutting out highly refined sugars. This, in turn, helps to reduce insulin levels that can indicate future issues with metabolism or diabetes. Many processed foods are also high in sodium for preservation and to enhance flavor lost by the refinement process. Removing them will help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Some intestinal issues such as gas or bloating may be resolved as well since the body has trouble digesting gluten at times. Other improvements such as a reduction in bad cholesterol and weight loss may occur because of the removal of sugar and processed carbohydrates.

Should I Follow A Gluten Free Diet?

Even without suffering from a health issue, a gluten-free diet can be beneficial. The foods that are naturally free of gluten are vegetables and fruits, as well as lean proteins. This tends to help eliminate processed sugars and carbohydrates from your diet. This may facilitate a return in energy and weight loss. Skin may be clearer and physical aches are diminished as more foods that have anti-inflammatory properties are consumed. Foods which are still in the original, unprocessed state also contain more vitamins and minerals the body needs to function.

Choosing a gluten-free diet may have a lot of benefits but consideration is still needed as to the food that will have to be removed from daily consumption. The success of this type of diet will depend a lot on dedication to becoming healthier and alleviating myriad health issues where gluten may be at fault.

Can I Eat Gluten Free Products?

Now that the gluten-free diet has become more mainstream, many restaurants and food production companies offer gluten-free meals and pre-packaged foods. Most food establishments will honour dietary needs as well, making eating out an easier task than it may have been years ago. When buying gluten free foods from the store, a consumer will need to be careful and watch for the carbohydrate content. When gluten is removed, the flavor is changed and so sugars and other chemicals are added to make up for this loss.

A gluten- free diet can be very beneficial for health and improve focus on whole foods that will keep the body and mind in excellent condition. This way of eating contains more of the foods that are generally recommended by physicians and a lot of the fast, fried foods disappear from the menu. This diet may mean a lot of changes but those changes may well be worth it.


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