Eight Islands to Explore from Phuket

Eight Islands to Explore from Phuket - Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa

Phuket, often called the “Pearl of the Andaman,” is an ideal launchpad for exploring some of Thailand’s most stunning islands. Its strategic location in the Andaman Sea makes it a prime starting point for island-hopping adventures. The surrounding islands offer diverse and stunning landscapes, from the towering limestone cliffs of Phang Nga Bay to the crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral reefs of the Similan and Phi Phi Islands. Each destination provides a unique experience, whether serene beaches for relaxation or lively underwater ecosystems for snorkelling and diving. Exploring these islands from Phuket guarantees various unforgettable experiences amidst some of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful natural settings.

1. James Bond Island

Located in the heart of Phang Nga Bay, James Bond Island, also known as Koh Ta-pu, gained international fame after its appearance in the 1974 James Bond film “The Man With the Golden Gun.” The island is renowned for its dramatic limestone karsts that rise vertically from the emerald-green waters, creating a striking and picturesque landscape. Visitors are drawn to its unique geological features and the surreal beauty of the surrounding bay. Popular activities include guided boat tours that offer up-close views of the limestone formations and ample photography opportunities. This iconic island remains one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists exploring the natural wonders of the famous Phang Nga Bay.

2. Tachai Island

Tachai Island

Situated 135 km northwest of Phuket, Tachai Island, often referred to as Virgin Island, is celebrated for its untouched natural beauty. This pristine, uninhabited island is a haven for marine life enthusiasts. The surrounding waters teem with nurse sharks, leopard sharks, eagle rays, and the unique chicken crab, named for its distinctive clucking sound. Visitors to Tachai Island can indulge in world-class diving and snorkelling, exploring vibrant coral reefs and abundant marine biodiversity. The island’s immaculate white beaches offer a perfect spot for relaxation amidst stunning natural surroundings.

3. Rok Islands

Rok Island

The Rok Islands, a pair of twin islands, are renowned for their stunning beaches and clear waters. Koh Rok Nok is famous for Thong Cape, which offers breathtaking sunsets and pristine waters perfect for snorkelling. Koh Rok Nai features captivating waterfalls and prime diving spots like Bermuda Ridge and Seafan Garden. Visitors can enjoy beachcombing along the brilliant white-sand beaches and exploring the expansive coral reefs surrounding these islands. The Rok Islands provide an idyllic setting for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

4. Koh Panyee

Koh Panyee

Koh Panyee is a unique island known for its floating village built on stilts over the water, home to a local community of approximately 1,485 residents. With its ingenious construction, this village offers a rich cultural experience set against the backdrop of towering limestone cliffs. Visitors can explore the town, interact with the local community, and learn about their way of life. For those seeking adventure, climbing the cliffs provides panoramic views of the surrounding bay, making Koh Panyee a remarkable and scenic destination.

5. Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands

Located 40 km southeast of Phuket, the Phi Phi Islands comprise several stunning islands, including Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. These islands are renowned for their white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and cliffs. Notable attractions include Monkey Beach, Maya Bay, Pileh Cove, and Viking Cave. Phi Phi Don offers a vibrant nightlife, while Phi Phi Leh provides a more tranquil and scenic environment. Activities abound, with opportunities for snorkelling, swimming, and exploring the natural beauty of this idyllic archipelago.

6. Similan Islands

Similan Island.

Situated 84 km northwest of Phuket, the Similan Islands are famous for their unique rock formations and lush vegetation, making them a world-renowned diving destination. The islands boast coral sand beaches and clear blue waters, providing picturesque scenery above and below the surface. Activities in the Similan Islands include diving, snorkelling, and exploring the rich marine life that inhabits the vibrant coral reefs. These islands offer some of Thailand’s most exhilarating underwater experiences, attracting divers and nature enthusiasts from around the globe.

7. Racha Island

Racha Island

Located 12 km south of Phuket, Racha Island is ideal for day trips. The island is known for its crystal-clear waters and offers new bungalows for those wishing to extend their stay. Visitors can enjoy activities such as snorkelling, diving, and fishing tours, making it a perfect destination for marine enthusiasts. Racha Island’s serene environment and abundant marine life provide a refreshing escape from the bustling atmosphere of Phuket, making it a favourite spot for both relaxation and adventure.

8. Coral Island

Coral Island

Just 10 km south of Phuket, Coral Island is celebrated for its vibrant coral reefs and abundant tropical fish. The island features a secluded cove perfect for relaxation and offers a variety of activities, such as banana boat rides, parasailing, and scuba diving. This proximity makes Coral Island an excellent choice for a quick getaway, providing a mix of adventure and tranquillity in a beautiful natural setting. Visitors can immerse themselves in the underwater beauty or enjoy the serene environment of the island.

Your Island Adventures Awaits



Exploring the islands around Phuket offers diverse experiences, from the dramatic limestone formations of James Bond Island to the vibrant marine life of Tachai Island and the serene beaches of Racha Island. Whether you’re seeking adventure through diving and snorkelling in the Similan Islands or relaxation on the secluded coves of Coral Island, each destination provides a unique and unforgettable experience. Enhancing your Phuket visit by exploring these nearby islands ensures a perfect blend of adventure and tranquillity, making your trip truly memorable.


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