Healthy Living Programme
•Control the diabetes •Avoid diabetes for those in high risk •Reduce medication needs
• Manage Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure •Keep weight off long term

Aleenta Phuket, together with Thonburi Hospital and Ayurah Wellness have partnered to offer another
exceptional life changing programme to address the pre and post diabetes in a way that will reduce your
dependency on heavy medications.


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Healthy Living Programme

The programme is conducted along a tranquil beach at the luxurious facilities of Aleenta Phuket and

  • pre arrival - wellness assessment
  • upon arrival - doctor consultation, wellness assessment & medical check up
  • all meals, 3 per day, planned by a certified nutritionist & with full plant-based options
  • detox juice & meal supplements available throughout the day
  • daily movement & exercise sessions tailored to your needs by a personal trainer with options
  • including: yoga, power beach walk, strength training & Muay Thai (one hour)
  • daily mindfulness practice to promote better breathing & sleep (one hour)
  • daily immunity boosting spa treatment (one hour)
  • oxygen therapy (3 times during stay)
  • chest massage & exercise by certified Osteopath (3 times during stay)
  • hydrotherapy spa treatment (once during stay)
  • integrative medicine treatment, if needed, prescribed by naturopath or medical doctor (cost of
  • meds to be advised at time of prescription)

The programme is available for 14, 21, or 30 days.

As this wellness package is meant to assist with lifestyle transformation, a longer stay will allow you to
establish the new habits into your daily routine and make them permanent; the new you!

Programme Benefits

While each individual has different goals and, therefore, outcomes; some of the expected benefits of completing the Ayurah Wellness programme are:

  • a stronger & healthier body & mind
  • understanding the mental & physical requirements for weight loss & longer term weight management
  • for those with type-2 diabetes, learning how to control the symptoms, reducing the need for drugs & some people might be able to stop using medication completely
  • pain management using integrative treatments
  • better sleep; feeling more rested & calm
About Our Partner Hospital

Thonburi Thung Song Hospital is one of the newest and most modern medical facilities in southern Thailand. The hospital is part of the Thonburi Healthcare Group (THG) which was founded 45-years ago and provides medical care to Thais and visitors across seven hospitals, three heart centres and two wellbeing communities.

THG hospitals offer services in all the primary medical fields including; brain and neurology, bone and joint, obstetrics and gynaecology, gastrointestinal and liver, as well as cardiovascular expertise. The company also provides residential care services with a special focus on keeping seniors safe, healthy and active.

In addition, THG was the first private hospital group entrusted by the government to provide management services to improve efficiency at provincial state hospitals.

All of THG’s experience gave Aleenta Phuket the confidence to partner with Thonburi Thung Song Hospital in order to provide a first-class wellness program that will provide you with a lifetime of healthy benefits.